Fox & Friends asks why Obama's brother received tax exempt status for his charity and not Tea Party groups

The hosts of Fox & Friends delved into yet another conspiracy, this time regarding President Obama’s half-brother, Abon’go Malik Obama, and why he obtained tax exempt status, and Tea Party groups did not. What the hosts allege is that Obama’s brother received preferential treatment from the IRS.








Let’s look at that.

I’m not certain if this is the charity the hosts are speaking of or not, but this is what came up via Google.

From the their website, “The Barack H. Obama Foundation is committed to a wide array of development and humanitarian projects which will help mitigate social-shortcomings in areas of education and literacy, health and well-being, poverty, and lack of community infrastructure in such basic needs such as water, electricity, shelter and sustenance. It was the vision of Barack H. Obama, that efforts be made around the globe to address the needs of those most in need.”

Watch courtesy of Mediaite:


Gretchen Carlson said in reference to Jay Carney’s remarks, “It was a stump speech.”

Steve Doocy said, “Hey, why exactly did the president’s half-brother get a sweetheart deal? The Fox News host said that Obama’s half-brother, Abon’go “Roy’ Malik Obama, received tax-exempt status for his charity in one month while some Tea Party groups have waited for up to three years.”

Brian Kilmeade, “He had a 501(c)3 retroactive to 2010, even though he submitted the proposal in May of 2011. That is some good action.”

Steven Doocy, “That’s right. He operated his charity illegally for years, and yet the IRS rubbers stamped him.” 

Well damn, I’m going to guess that the Tea Party is political whereas providing water to areas suffering from drought is a charity.

For the record,”The George W. Bush Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.”

  • Concerned50

    Let’s get this straight – every application for non-profit status goes through a review process to see if they are eligible. So tell me what Social Justice the tea party is doing? Should we allow any organizations go tax free when our people are going hungry and homeless?

    Told you so! The IRS ‘Scandal’ Is a Crock and You Should
    Fight Back

    Why Should Any of
    These Groups Have Tax-Exempt Status?

    IRS Sent Same Letter to Democrats That Fed Tea Party Row


    Fraud and Abuse by non-profits especially C4’s PACs steels billions of dollars
    from those in need. Strengthen the IRS so they can go after the 32 Trillion in
    untaxed off shore accounts.. Strengthen the IRS to take away non-profit status
    for those organizations that have no social justice. Strengthen the IRS
    to go after billionaire fraud. Mandate
    the IRS to go after the big guys and leave the 99% alone.

    Republicans Complain About Incompetence After They’ve Spent Years Defunding the

    IRS Scandal Is Much Ado About Small Stuff While Karl Rove Gets Off Scott Free
    Small Tea Party groups were bit players—not so with the big dark money groups.

    At a time when the U.S. is struggling with a gaping budget deficit, nonprofit companies
    such as ABS and the Polo Association operate large-scale, profit-making
    commercial enterprises tax-free.

    Why Does the National Football League Deserve Tax-Exempt Status?

    “Stunning” Negligence: Non-Profit Trustees Must Personally Pay $1M in Fraud

    Thumbing Their Noses at Us: Election-Based Nonprofits Flouting Their Charters

    (Part One)

    Secret Donors vs. First Amendment: The Tricky Task of Reforming Election Abuse
    by Nonprofits (Part Two)

    Obama On IRS Scandal: ‘I Have Got No Patience’ For It

    Understanding IRS and Non Prophet 501c Laws:

    NOTE: A 501c4 is a nonprofit these political groups are
    using to proliferate their political views in the form that basically forces
    taxpayers to pay for their existence. This is wrong from either side of the
    political spectrum. This is out of an IRS explanation of this form of shelter:
    The general concept, however, can be expressed as follows:

    Organizations that promote social welfare should
    primarily promote the common good and general welfare of the people of the
    community as a whole. An organization that primarily benefits a private group
    of citizens cannot qualify for IRC 501(c)(4) exempt status. In Erie Endowment v. United States, 316 F.2d
    151, 156 (2d Cir. 1963), the court, in defining a civic organization, summed up
    the matter by stating that “the organization must be a community movement
    designed to accomplish community ends.”

    “I started 2 non-profits 20 years ago and it took almost a year to get
    approval, and each of us had a caseworker assigned to walk us through the
    process. The complaints from the Tea Party are bogus …. when did
    organizations and corporations get the rights of people.. when did target
    marketing become illegal.. when did having a most wanted list of fraud and
    abuse become wrong????”

    Here’s an idea – the IRS should target non-profit requests with the new Hate
    Speech Map Pinpoints Racist, Homophobic Hotspots Across U.S.

    • BanditBasheert

      Agree – it is difficult and it should be difficult to assure that the classification meets the legal requirements. It’s not TARGETING .. it is INVESTIGATING. It’s what they do.

  • TurboKitty

    All the crap the GOP throws against the wall to see if it sticks, makes me dizzy. There’s so much going on it’s hard to concentrate on what the real issues are … I suppose that’s the point however … at this point I just want them to go away to the dark place they came from …

    • Keith Davies

      There seems to be a lot of crap with this president. When Bush was president there were hardly any scandals and the one’s that were called were bogus! For Example the Scooter Libby nonsense when Scooter did nothing wrong but was put away for “lying to investigators” but the original allegations were bogus. The only other so called scandal was the attorney General firing other attorney’s which he was entitled to do but the Dems created another stink out of nothing.

      Obama deliberately flouts the constitution, ignores the courts when they rule against him. Only implements laws he likes and ignores laws he does not like. He executes “Executive Privilege” on a the Gun Running scandal, he funnels money from Acorn illegally, Sibelius the Heath Secretary shakes down Insurance companies, the IRS targets conservative groups, the administration lies to the American people concerning the events surrounding the Benghazi attack and the administration as we now see openly admits that it was incompetent in it s running the security at the diplomatic mission in Libya and this was the reason for lying before the presidential election.

      In a democracy we have a loyal opposition, this is what makes America free and keeps checks and balances.

      This should make you dizzy, because you can not seem to recognize that we have a very incompetent and corrupt President along with his administration, he makes Nixon look like Mother Teresa.

      I am an independent and I cannot stand the GOP either because many of them are corrupt but only not quite as corrupt as our current regime.

      • That Guy

        Your selective memory is showing. First there is no proof that Obama knew of the IRS targeting tea party groups. They also targeted left leaning groups in the present time as well as during the Bush administration.

        Don’t make excuses by saying you’re an independent. Your bias is showing which puts you on the left or libertarian side. When you use the word “regime” you sound like you popped right off Glenn Beck’s chalkboard.

        • BanditBasheert

          From experience, it is very difficult to obtain a 501(c)3 designation – there are many hoops to go through and it takes about 1.5 years to get approval. When approval is granted, it is backdated to the application date. This is how it is done.
          This is a 501(c)4 designation – courtesy of Citizens United – which allows political organizations to collect money for political campaigning and not pay taxes on it.

        • pnad

          You did good, Guy. I think Keith want to cash his checks and the rest of us have to balance them for him.

        • Betty S

          Hey– That Guy– in case you didn’t see it on the major media, the IRS APOLOGIZED for targeting tea party groups and Obama knew WAY before it was released–

          So decide: did Obama lie or is he so out of touch with everything going on (Benghazi, AP, IRS, Fast & Furious…) that he is incompetent to be Commander-in-Chief?

      • alan carter

        Right, Keith Davies you are an independent. And I’m Superman. Your “independent” logic is showing. Your forgetting a little scandal like the Bush brothers stealing the election. Like the WMD and whatever….

      • BanditBasheert

        Oh look…someone masquerading as an “independent” who thinks that someone convicted of PERJURY did nothing wrong.
        Acorn? You are STILL on Acorn? Wow .. you must have missed the latest TrollTalk!

      • cheeriogirl

        “Hardly any scandals”? Would that include the war he lied us into using false information to sway public opinion and Congressional votes- which resulted in over 4,000 American soldier’s deaths- and over 30,000 injuries?

        • F M

          Lied? Then President Clinton “lied” about Iraq/Saddam too. As did all the other countries who believe the same about Iraq.

          Here’s Snopes on all the quotes from Clinton and other Democrats:


    • John B.

      How do you call yourself an American? If on we could systematically eliminate people like..

  • John B.

    I want to give a big shout out, and THANK YOU to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. The American people, media, and fellow democrats are witnessing the real Obama. Its very obvious his views are anti-American, however, I can’t believe it took 5 years to expose him!! He makes Bush look a saint – Amen.

    The tides have officially turned. I don’t know about you guys, but I am looking forward to 2014!!

  • TurboKitty

    There seem to be a lot of defenders of the Corporatist Agenda on this thread … =/

  • Gabby Parsons

    Sorry sweetie,l but the US is witnessing a very organized concerted effort to obstruct the President is any and everything he does. Umbrellas are a scandal???? PUH-LEEZE. Show me one other president who has faced total obstruction from the opposition party. Save your time. You won’t find any.
    Besides if you think Bush now looks like a saint, your glasses need adjusting.

  • Steve Vince

    Amen, Alan! The trolls are out…

  • T

    Y’all did it to bush and if u let the gov do it to tea party or anyone your next so get ready

  • hawkmo99

    This…this will all be buried by 2014…the IRS scandal…Benghazi…Fast and Furious…all swept away… Watch. These people have no right to be where they are…yet…there they be. Nobody is going to do anything. Left or Right…they have all been compromised…and are allowing this is continue…. You need to ask yourselves where this is going…and why?