Incredible Audio Captured Of A Teenager Rescuing Two Kids Trapped In An Oklahoma Elementary School

Jacob Lyles is a hero and he’s also a teenager. Lyles’ cellphone accidentally hit record while he was rescuing two young girls at Plaza Towers Elementary School Monday after the Oklahoma tornado hit. In the wake of the tornado, Lyles, who lives nearby, ran to the school without hesitation to see if he could help any of the kids.








Lyles entered the school to search for children by climbing through a hole only to discover a little girl trapped in the debris.

Watch courtesy of KFOR:

When Lyles’ cellphone turned on in his pocket, it recorded two minutes of his efforts.

Lyles said to the little girl, “I got you sweetie, OK. How far are your legs back? Are your legs straight? Oh no, you’re tucked right here.”

Trying to reassure the girl in a calm voice he said, “Look at me right now. Stay calm I’m going to get you out of here, OK? Alright, baby you got a wall on you, we are going to get you out of here.”

After pulling her out, the girl told him, “Thank you so much.”

KFOR reports, “The audio cuts off right as Lyles said he was pulling out the second girl.”


  • iwannahorse

    Bless you, Jacob. God put you in the right place at the right time. He knew you were the man for the job.

  • Vanessa Lee Knutsen

    Bless this guy. The strong should protect (rescue) those who are smaller, weaker.