It's A Trap: Rush Limbaugh wants to meet with President Obama to (wait for it) move the country 'forward'

Rush Limbaugh believes he’s being singled out by President Obama, and while voicing his concerns narcissistically, he elevated himself — as if his ego could take anymore inflating — to the status of being possible confidante to the President.

It’s a trap!














After calling the Obama administration a ‘regime’ among many other things, the GOP blowhard continued to bloviate about himself, then Limbaugh said, “In the spirit of doing whatever I can to move things forward in this country,” Limbaugh said Tuesday afternoon, “I would like to make myself available to the president of the United States to sit down and talk with him at a place of his choosing and discuss the problems facing the country, and maybe working together, since I am the opposition, since I am the obstacle, since I am the reason he can’t get things done.”

“I’ll be glad to sit down with him, any time, any place that he wants. Perhaps we can hash this out and come to a … mutual understanding or agreement of how to get things off the dime and to move things forward.”

And yes, he said all of that out loud. If you can bear it, I added the audio here. If you don’t want to listen, it amounts to Rush saying,”Look at me! Look at me!”



Rush seems to believe the President has spare time in the midst of the economy, Syria and fabricated controversies to meet with some racist bugfuck who has impeded progress daily by causing division, to discuss the country ‘moving forward.’ His ratings must be taking a beating.

  • Gary Stuttle

    To Anomaly, Rush Limbaugh has called the Obama Administration a “regime” since January 2009. So whats new about that!

    • Anomaly 100

      Heh. I meant right before he extended the ‘invitation.’ But you’re right!

  • Carla

    Wow, how incredibly selfless. He openly acknowledges that he (and evidently he alone) is the obstacle for the country moving forward and he is willing to open a discussion with the most powerful man on the planet. His generosity know no bounds.

    • That Guy

      First he’d have to look up the definition of forward. That’s a foreign word to republicans.

      • Carla

        Can he use a dictionary?

        • That Guy

          Well no. Doesn’t he have a secretary or subservient wife around to take on the monumental task of looking up a word?

          • Carla

            Silly me, I’m a woman of course I didn’t think of that…I’m so brainless.

  • William Carr

    Yup. His ratings must be desperately low if he thinks THIS would help him.

  • Rodney Neal Powell

    Why would Obama lower himself to meet a racist drug abusing, college dropout parasite?

  • Joe Corbett
  • Patrick Bittel

    I was told by conservatives during the last election that “Forward” is a communist word. Does this mean that Rush is a communist now??

    • Alan James Carvalho

      yeah, and other communist words by the GOP definition, “global warming”, “universal health care”, “higher minimum wages” “doing what’s good for the country”. As the GOP stated during the Bush Administration, as Dick Cheney stated, it’s TREASON to be against the President, it’s downright unpatriotic to vote against our President…we all REMEMBER THAT, don’t WE????

  • wolfendenpackleader

    he overestimates his self-importance too much.

  • heychief

    The only thing he could do to move the Country forward is to quit and stfu

  • Boodie Ifeanyi Ugwumba

    I’m sure the president has better things to do.

  • Jamesdee

    To the president, Rush is like a gnat on an elephant’s ass.

  • Jo Hargis

    LMAO! Obama could have oodles of spare time and he would never lower himself to meet with this “racist bugfuck”, as the article so aptly names Limpballs. Obama would never demean himself like that.

  • Darrell West

    Lord Jesus help us all

  • JimmyPete

    I thought Rush only made himself available to teenage boys.

  • Lamar2221

    Folks it’s all to shine some spot light on his self if u ask me he needs to get off obama’s nut sack every show he has done since Obama has been president has been about Obama . He seems to be obsessed with him perhaps he wants to take Michelle’s place .