Lest We Forget: Today marks the 866th day since John Boehner said jobs would be the GOP's top priority

As reported here yesterday, according to a new government estimate, the budget deficit for the current year will come in well below what was projected just a few months ago, in fact, $200 billion below its February estimate, which makes this the smallest annual shortfall since 2008.

House Speaker John Boehner is not paying attention. Again. He’s feigning concern today over jobs, and today also marks the 866th day since he claimed jobs would be priority one.











In a 2011 speech Boehner said while unveiling a Plan for America’s Job Creators, “Unfortunately, rather than joining Republicans in focusing on policies that create jobs and promote economic growth, the Democrats who control Washington continue to propose higher taxes, more ‘stimulus’ spending, and even more regulations” That was 720 days ago. 

Meanwhile after Tuesday’s revelation that the budget deficit is continuing to shrink Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi said, “It’s excellent budget news.” Zandi said the shrinking deficit “highlights the upside from the fiscal austerity. The stock market’s likely also helping to juice tax revenues.” But, he said, “the much lower deficit for this year represents a gamble with aggressive fiscal austerity.

Meaning, John Boehner was wrong in his 2011 statement and remarks made previously in 2010.

While the ‘look over here, there’s a shiny thing!” seems to be the new GOP tactic while embracing conspiracy theories, lest we forget, when the Tea Party swept the House, thus taking control, Boehner said:

Helping Americans get back to work is our number one priority, and we’re going to do everything we can to help create jobs and to boost our economy.”

That was 866 days ago, or 123.714 weeks. 20,784 hours. Years worth of time, spent on failed attempts to repeal Obamacare.

But instead of living up to his promise, Boehner tweeted vow to spend more taxpayer dollars, on another attempt to repeal Obamacare, instead of creating jobs or even creating a better replacement for a health care system, such as a public option, which Republicans shut down immediately.

We’ve been keeping track of the days since Boehner made his promise and we’ll keep doing so until he fulfills it, or is out office and takes the Tea Party with him. 50 million was spent on failed attempts to repeal President Obama’s signature legislation, but apparently that means nothing to spendthrift Republicans.

Thanks for reminding us, John.

Image: NY Daily News.


  • BanditBasheert

    Very timely article … what time wasters they all are.

  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla

    Wow, 50M is serious money. I think that would be painful. teehee.

  • Hawaiilatino!

    LIER!!! Wasting our money and time with crap…can’t handle the fact that President Obama IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512484011 Schuyler Thorpe

    I love how the GOP screwed us by “promising” to create jobs when they were actually more interested in shafting the President at every turn.

    And the majority bought into those lies. I hope 2014 is different and we’ve learned our lessons from 2010…

  • Sea Why

    Keep on voting for the Democrapic Repuglicant party and nothing will change.

  • idic5

    The Senate just passed a huge jobs bill that will give millions of new jobs to needy people–but unfortunately, the recipients of their largesse will be Indians and other foriegners in the form of the millions of additional guestworker visas for them that is contained in the recent Immigration Bill.

    After all, Americans do not have an employment problem and in fact there is a shortage of american workers and that is why the Senate added millions of new guestworker visas to make access to america for 3rd world foreigners safe, easy and cheap. We need to make sure they are employed and taken care of.

    Enough of the sarcasm, please Call you House Rep and ask to remove guestworker visa increaes to be removed from the Immigration Bill in the House. OF at least for teh H-1b visa, the hi tech visa which might be the most important due to the real access to the middle class that this type of visa affords americans, and which increases would displace americans from this middle class path, demand that they put a $100k minimum comp level to reduce the displacement of Americans.