Rush Limbaugh must be on drugs again, says he 'defines' President Obama

In typical delusions of grandeur-mode, Rush Limbaugh, the hate-wing radio talk show host, said that he not only opposes President Obama, he ‘defines him.’ It’s particularly odd that Limbaugh feels singled out by the President, who has pretty much ignored his rantings overall, with just an occasional well-deserved mention, if that.


Watch courtesy of Media Matters:


Rush Limbaugh certainly has tried to define President Obama using the most divisive and racist terms possible, always focusing on race. “Barack the magic Negro” will go down as one of the most appalling, jaw dropping songs promoted in the history of radio.

In 2007 Rush Limbaugh defined himself:


  • Jose Lopez Maldonado


    • Kevin McQuain

      Delusional. It’s important that we be better than the ranting morons on the right. My apologies for correcting. Google Chrome has spell check built into the browser.

      • Carla

        I had to listen three times because I thought he misused the word define. After much review I decided it was fine grammatically but a little surprised he didn’t go with something like “expose”. Define, gave me the “you complete me” vibe. Which I gave me the giggles.

  • BanditBasheert

    I agree that Rush is a drug addict but I find his Little Boy perversion sickening as well. To me, he represents the current GOP – nasty old addled white man.