Rush Limbaugh rants over the cost of welfare for Amanda Berry's 6 year-old daughter

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were all rescued Monday night in a stunning turn of events which the nation is celebrating. Well, everyone with the exception of Rush Limbaugh who connects the Cleveland kidnapping to President Obama, then ponders the cost of welfare for Amanda Berry, who was rescued due to the heroic efforts of a nearby neighbor, Charles Ramsey.










Along with rescuing Amanda Berry was her 6 year-old daughter, obviously born in captivity after being missing for a decade.

Audio courtesy of Media Matters. 


Limbaugh’s assumptions are abundant as he declares that the three brothers who allegedly kidnapped the women, voted for President Obama, then goes on to say about the brothers, “One of who has a baby. Double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby. No, I don’t know. Fascinating that the same thing happened on Hawaii 5-0…and I guarantee you people watch it. It happened on T.V. It is for real.”

Incidentally, Amanda Berry was kidnapped over ten years ago. Obama was not the President. Is Rush Limbaugh saying that Amanda should have had an abortion? He’s also assuming that the kidnapper was on welfare, or that Ms. Berry will be.

  • Fiona Mackenzie

    The young women had numerous pregnancies, that didn’t survive for reasons we haven’t had confirmed, but may have been related to the beatings they sustained at the hands of the three sadists. It’s a wonder they didn’t kill this one at birth.

    Wait for Rush to bemoan the termination of the other pregnancies. Wait for it… Wait for it…. Uh, no, guess not.

    • Fiona Mackenzie

      For future reference, by the way, this kind of offender is almost always right-wing. We shall see if there is an exception among these men.

      • SusanK6461

        Thank you for pointing out the obvious Fiona :)

      • Austerity Sucks

        Downvoted — It’s inappropriate to politicize events like this unless a political motive is abundantly clear and part of the occurance. Claiming this guy (guys, including the brothers) was a right-winger smacks of the same ignorance that conservatives embody when they claim mass-shooters are all liberals.

    • Rowwdy Colt

      “The young women had numerous pregnancies,” Where did you hear (or read) that?

      • Donna L

        That was reported on Anderson Cooper today on CNN. They had other pregnancies and then were beaten until they miscarried.

        • Sally

          There almost had to be other preganancies. It isn’t like the guy bought contraceptives for the girls or used a condom. He raped all of them over and over again. And even if he is rightwing, they will jsut brush it off as ‘boys will be boys’ or ‘he’s evil, not one of us.’ Or just ignore the facts and blame Obama…wait, they already have.

      • BigWhiteDog

        Pay attention

  • Ruth A Lopez

    We really need to get Limbaugh off our public dime. OUR taxes are paying him for this swill to be broadcast to our troops overseas.

    The same military hierarchy that pretends to care about the rape epidemic in the military still has Rush Limbaugh on Armed Forces Radio – broadcast to all our service members overseas.

    This is intolerable.

    • Ms Jordan

      He needs to get off the air NOW.

    • formerlymiddleclass .

      Yeah, Rush gets tax payer dollars to talk crap. Limbaugh is the real “welfare slut” not single mothers.

    • Rowwdy Colt

      As much as I dislike Limbaugh, in all fairness…he does not get a penny from taxpayers. The NPR people are on the dole. Sometimes he is spot on, but sometimes he talks out his a$$ and this is one of the latter times.

      • Arnold Livingston

        His show runs on the Armed Forces network so yes, we DO pay for him to spew his filth.

      • Kellen Dunkelberger

        Every NPR station is funded primarily by listeners. Rush is being paid by armed forces radio.

        • TheMobGoesWild

          You tyrants would deprive our service members of listening to the windbag of their choice just because you don’t happen to like said windbag? So much for supporting our troops.

          • HoosierMomma

            That is sarcasm, I hope! :)

          • Flaco

            Tyrants? You sound like one of those teabagger wannabes. “The liberals are oppressing us! We need to run out and buy some more guns!”

            Grow the f**k up. Rush is a political propagandist and a liar. There’s nobody near as offensive on the left end of the spectrum on AFR and if there was, you would be howling with rage. What, Harry Shearer and Le Show?

            So go ahead and listen to Rush. We already know what kind of a man you are and aren’t.

      • Todd Schoedel

        Unfortunately this parasite on the body politic, benefits from getting money from his stint with the Armed Forces network. He never gets it right, calling women sluts, spewing his anti-global warming anti-scientific viewpoints. He called NASA’s lead scientist on global warming a “raving lunatic.” This scientist has intelligence that Rush can not even comprehend, his reading level probably doesn’t go much past 10th grade. He’s stupid and proud of it. He is a disgrace to our country.

      • Jim Hubbard

        Here is a link to NPR’s finances. Please show where they are “on the dole”.

    • Todd Schoedel

      Right-on Ruth!

  • Nina Bartoletta

    Really, who cares what that fat slob Limbaugh has to say? NOBODY.

    • Mel Haun Sr

      Unfortunately, he has a audience. One of them without any choice is the military.. But above and beyond that there are all too many who hang onto every word the turd has to say ( sorry turds ).

    • Arnold Livingston

      Let’s see – his deluded listeners like the ex-roommate – 5’3 weighing 400 pounds – who dotes on his every word while she wallows in her bed eating Hungry Man dinners (800 calories) and thinks she’s Marie Antoinette and the world owes her. Spewing hatred of those on welfare while she’s eating food from Meals on Wheels, getting bedside health care via Medicare and Food Stamps that she wants to deny the working poor. Typical Bagger.

    • scottyrob82

      That one crazy nut bag that down voted all of those that speak against said scum of the earth. I’d like to know the idiot that down voted you and the others.

  • dopper0189

    Someone needs to start a channel on YouTube where they post clips of Rush saying stuff like this, and then the ads by sponsors who aired during the show. That would be a great way to amp up the “Flush Rush” movement!

    • KristaBee

      organize it somehow! i work 10 hours a day and am too damn tired.

  • David R Velasquez

    This is exactly why he’s on his way out the door.

  • SusanK6461

    He’s also assuming they voted for Obama? I guess his consolation is that anyone stupid enough to still be listening to him actually believes he is a fortune teller.

  • Kimberly B Stone

    In order to have collected any welfare for the baby, they would’ve had to have had a birth certificate and a social security number for the baby, which, DUH, would’ve alerted the authorities to the mother’s whereabouts. He is a STUPID PIECE OF EXCREMENT.

    • Anomaly 100

      With all due respect, please don’t be so mean to excrement. It at least serves a purpose.

      • margaret bernhard

        Rush loses it completely here imo. TY, Flush Rush.

      • John Arena

        lol damn that was a good one

      • Konaruki Hirasawa

        So it means he’s worse than the appendix (which doesn’t really have any use).

        • Anomaly 100

          Well, when I think of Rush, I think of a cyst on the anus of a maggot, but even that’s far too kind.

          • Aaron

            lol exactly

          • Better


    • Todd Schoedel

      I share your estimation of Limbaugh. He rates right up there with Hermann Goering. He has misled people through his senseless, emotional, lie-based campaign against reason. I hope that I live to see the day he is gone from the airwaves.

      • Alan Batterman

        You mean Joseph Goeballs, the Nazi minister of propaganda.

        • AUD

          If you are going to correct him, do it right> It’s ‘Josef Goebbels’. And yes, Rush Slimeball needs to go! Been saying that since the first time I had the displeasure of hearing that madman’s rants!

        • DR Leland

          But he definitely resembles Goering….

    • Suki

      FLUSH RUSH what a wonderful thought, then we would be free of the constant idiotic hate mongering crap that he spews!

  • Karen Paetow

    Blimpy Limpy needs to stop talking out of his arse! He is so full of festering crap, hatred and ignorance, it’s pathetic to even attempt to listen to him. One has to really wonder the mentality of people who actually listen, and follow, and believe that P.O.S.!!!!

  • PamB1

    WAIT till these 3 girls and baby, SUE the police in Cleveland who came numerous times and merely knocked on the door, when they had reports of women inside at a window yelling HELP. THEN when they get millions, they will not need Limbaugh’s bullshit welfare.

    • Susan Thompson

      They should sue Limbaugh too, for slander LOL

    • Rowwdy Colt

      “when they had reports of women inside at a window yelling HELP”

      I’ve read at least 5 different accounts and not one said the above. You are as bad as the media….can’t keep to what is known.

    • BigWhiteDog

      Except so far non of those stories have panned out. I looks like the neighbors may have just let anything they saw slide.

  • Hether McGovern

    Sorry People I myself like Rush Limbaugh,and No I do not think he was saying she should have had a abortion.People out there really need to open their ears up more.

    • Anomaly 100

      Why don’t you share with us what Rush Limbaugh meant since he has your respect. He can’t be anti-choice and complain whether or not the kid got welfare, which is only an assumption and not possible anyway. The kidnapper would need to show the kid’s birth certificate, thus giving himself away to the authorities.

      • margaret bernhard

        I wonder if the baby even got a birth certificate. There wouldn’t have one if her birth were kept secret and she was forced to deliver without outside help.

    • Westsider50

      Why don’t you take your own advice and open up YOUR ears. How is it that you can listen to the vile crap that he spews? He is a Grade A moron and his listeners are idiots.
      You are an embarrassment to this country. It is mind boggling that you would defend this bloated sack of hideousness.
      I suspect that you aren’t very bright.

      • Jim Kaye

        Well if you are so smart then why does health care cost so much??? If it was like a 7 eleven it would go out of business!!!! It’s because the government has healthcare on it’s payroll!!! Medicare and Medicaid. How long would a hospital be in business if the majority could not afford your services not very long they would have to file bankruptcy and then start performing services at a much lower rate that the majority could afford. Look at the price of college tuition since the government took them over. The government does not add anything to the economy they are just a leech that sucks it dry. Look at the states with big governments. Illinois failing bc it can’t borrow printed money has some of the highest taxes in the country and they are closing schools left an right because they refuse to take a pay cut. Same with California and a few other states. Look at Detroit. It’s not because of the private sector Unions it because the local government sucked the resources out of the economy and forced business to close or leave to another part of the state. They offered all sorts aid to help out people till it all collapsed. They creaed a state of dependency. Well the Federal Government has an advatge that the states don’t have is that they can borrow more money from the Central Banks!!! When they do this it causes inflation. Inflation is what puts lower income earners on welfare. They stole all the wealth of those people. There is also another insidious effect of inflation. The US dollar is the worlds reserve currency for now and because of that almost all trade is done in US Dollars. That means we export our inflation out to other countries. If countries have weaker economies where the people make virtually no money. How much food can you buy your family if you only make 2000 dollars a year. We force poverty onto people all over the world. Why so we can steal their assets for our paper money!!!!Inflation is a tool to steal the wealth of the citizens so only the wealthy can afford to buy assets!!! If you don’t own assets and work for pieces of paper doesn’t that technically make you a slave and the people of other countries that take our money for their assets. We used to be the world biggest creditor and now we are the worlds largest debtor!!! We owe trillions to other countries. We are on the verge of collapsing the dollar and 5 of the top 10 countries as many smaller ones are transferring their assets trying to protect their sovereignty when one of these currencies fail they all will. The dollar ,Euro ,and the Pound!!! Only made by possible by fractional Banking and the tax we pay called inflation. Inflation on the dollar steals the value of the dollar at a rate of 23% a year annually!!!! Not to mention what we pay the IRS so the phrase that states the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is true because they steal it through inflation!!!!

        • Westsider50

          Yawn…..I fell asleep reading your rant. You lost me at the first pile of bullshit and I stopped reading after that.
          Rush Limbaugh is a fat, piggish bore and he has obviously rubbed off on you.

        • Flack

          Equating health care and a 7-11 is moronic and I stopped reading your rant from that point forward. The fact is, Americans pay more for health care with worse outcomes than nearly all European countries in which health care is either government funded or far more heavily regulated than here. Stop listening to Rush, and start reading comparative health care outcome statistics from WHO. You are confusing propaganda for reality and it hurts everyone.

    • Mel Haun Sr

      Most sane people don’t want anything he has to say to touch their ears..

    • Heather Gray

      maybe yours should open up to someone who doesn’t demean women, including you, with every third word he speaks.

    • Carla

      I believe the outrage here, and yes I’ll assume to speak for the rest of us that don’t like Rush is how he gave the impression that somehow these girls might be culpable (the dig about living with) and having babies for welfare (like this was the girls plan) that any of this had anything to do with a fictional television episode which had been written at some point in the past when this miracle of survival was happening right in front of our eyes. A moment of joy, bittersweet joy but still joy and he belittled it and twisted it and he did intentionally. That is why he is so reviled here.

      • gooeydoug

        “…somehow these girls might be culpable…” Limpbaugh’s entire screed is just a thinly-veiled rehash of the “blame the victim” canard. In Republicans’ alternate reality, it’s *always* the woman’s fault–rape, domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, bankruptcy because unexpected medical expenses, etc.. The list goes on and on and on…

        • Carla

          I agree, Rush must have some serious deep rooted issues to hate himself to such an extent. But for Heather’s benefit – change is slow and no one will listen when they’re being pummeled. Sometimes the only hope is to find a foothold and plant a little seed. I know, I spent much of my life as a Republican.

    • retasueus

      You really are a heartless so called human being if you like this despicable man. You must have an empty soul. You are disgusting! You need to open your ears or are they so closed off because you are filled with hate.

  • Laura Nicholson

    This guy is an idiot and a joke…….

  • esther

    This guy is a nutball who is just out of his mind.

  • Gail Anderson

    Instead of being thankful that they were found alive and ok is a miracle in itself, but this blowbag scum has to bring welfare into it. What a fucking lowlife he is. It should happen to people like him for he is no dam good anyway What is his purpose in life??? HE HAS NONE other than spewing out bullshit after bullshit from his big fat pit mouth.

    • buricco

      We need to mute this windbag who calls himself Rush Limbaugh, and the sooner the better.

      Other such politards on talk radio need to go down too.

      • Okiecrat

        Is that “mute” or “mutilate” as in “emasculate”?

        • buricco

          Just plain mute.

    • John Arena

      i agree gaili thought i was the only that couldn’t stand that raging elephant.feels like i’m in good company all the post R good & true

  • Humma Kavula

    It’s long since time to pull this fat f**k off our public airwaves.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      Please be kind to fat people. Rush is a piece of rat Sh*t. Don’t hate on fat people….

      • Raeann Thomas

        Kurt, please stop insulting rat shit.

      • Heather Gray

        or f*cking, for that matter…

    • gooeydoug

      Now, now. Be nice. That was an insult to fat f**ks everywhere.

      • Humma Kavula

        Point taken, guys, and thanks.

        Rephrasing: It’s long since time to pull this pill-popping sex vacation lover off the air.

  • Older_Wiser2

    He probably thinks all 3 women “had it coming” as well. What a misogynistic piece of shit he is.

    I hope the day will come that he’ll lose every dime he’s stolen with his hate speech. He’s already lost the majority of his sponsors and is leaving Cumulus. Advertisers mean revenue. Bet no other mainstream company picks him up.

  • willietrohut

    Freedom of speech. Anyone can be a dumbnassed freakazoid f*ckface and say anything that they want to spew. It is sad. This crapface is scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to say. GD you Limpball, you are a disgrace to the human race. Excuse me while I vomit. Dear God, can you do something with this f*ckfaced-d*ckhead, quick? Please?

    • Arnold Livingston

      I’m in favor of a serious stroke that leaves him a thinking, but speechless lump trapped in his own blubbery body.

  • Economist2011

    oxycontin for brains


    Fiona ur an idiot. the hell with right or left wing. those ass holes are felons who need to be placed in a cell with men that will make them their bitch.

  • Edythe Redmann

    Sponsors pay this moron 82 million dollars a year for this babbling crap! Everyone needs to make a list of these sponsors, and boycott them as well as his show!

  • labman57

    Here we go again. Another right wing bombastic, bellicose blowhard attempts to use “6 degrees of separation” methodology to establish causal relationships between completely disparate events.

    Rush “to judgment” Limbaugh needs to do a better job of regulating the flow into and out of his “pie hole”. Whenever he opens his mouth, either mass quantities of apple pie are crammed in, or mass quantities of cow pie spew out.

    This is what happens when you see the world through sh*t-colored glasses, an affliction facing Rush since he spends so much time with his head up his ass.

  • Raeann Thomas

    Rush Limbaugh is a sociopath of the worst stripe, encouraging and then living off people’s fears. He ought to be ashamed of himself, but sociopaths never are. He’s probably just jealous that those men were successfully able to pull of this horrific crime for so many years.

    • Heather Gray

      when he got nabbed for bringing unprescribed Viagra into the dominican republic, to play with his favorite underage dreamgirls.

      • Caroline M. Corman

        No Heather, little boys. If you dig, you will find that his past comes back to haunt him.

        • Arnold Livingston

          He’s on what – his FOURTH beard now? The man’s so far in the closet, he’s got a clothes hanger up is azz. What would his precious followers think if they found out he likes little boys?

        • Raeann Thomas

          What is it with wealthy, powerful, politically conservative men? Remember that whole Boys Town scandal back in the 80s? Seriously, have you found information about him molesting boys?

    • Raeann Thomas

      Hey down-thumber, just curious, are you thumbing me down because you think Rush is right in this instance? You really think that these men kidnapped, held captive, beat and raped these women for 10 years because people voted for President Obama?

  • Duperclay

    Anyone who listens to this pig and sides with what he says is just as despicable as he is.

  • Kynthia Alice

    Seriously ? Does this guy have an app on his I(diot) Phone that lets him know what the most inflammatory things to say are for the day ? Theres an app for that ?

  • Mel Haun Sr

    Unbelievable obvious nonsense with a complete disconnect from reality.

    It is time to shut this guy down ,,,

  • deedee2die4

    Re: Gush Limpbag- Courtesy flush.

  • Deloris Ann Hicks

    he is dog poop

  • Rushshutyourmouth

    If you haven’t had a child as a result of rape…then Rush, please shut your mouth.

  • Alisa Gremore

    Is this man human??

    • gooeydoug

      You have to ask?

  • Susan O’Connell Wolfe

    With any luck the advertisers will pull out completely. Perhaps he has crossed a line that he can not cross back over!

  • Richard Shwedo

    Would it be considered cruel and inhumane if someone sewed his uneducated mouth shut? He could be fed via a tube up his A/H then he would get a taste of his own s**t…

    • KaeylynHunt

      Richard,in order to get the Feeding tube to fit,he’d have to have surgery to remove his Head first!Rush has the worst case of cranial/rectal Inversion I’ve EVER seen.He starts out every morning by looking at small intestine to get going,as well as being a Contortionist with his Foot in his Mouth.He MUST have a window in his Belly Button to get around,otherwise he’d just fall all over himself.Oh,wait..Maybe Circe de Soleil will hire him?? ;)#hadenoughRush

  • Angela Johnson

    What a super piece of s*it!!

  • Angela Johnson

    IMO, he is beyond disgusting..

  • James C. Flowers

    I believe in free speech. I just think you should think before you speak. Rush seems to be losing this ability. Maybe it is time for him to leave the air. Those woman as he calls them, should receive all the help they need.

  • Sheva Bree

    Can I point out that to receive any kind of government benefits you must have a valid social security card and valid birth certificate? This man is a moron.

  • retasueus

    This sick subhuman needs to be removed off of the air immediately. How can anyone like this man. He is either completely devoid of human feelings or he is drugging again or both.

  • nidur

    Rush is an example of the fact that money doesn’t buy happiness. He has more money than all of his listeners combined, most likely. Does he help the poor? I doubt it. He,and multimillionaire Hannity, as well as the others have done tremendous harm to this country.

    • rjprime

      What harm are they causing. I dont hear the hate filled retoric from them that I see here on this page. You Libtards want to silence anybody who doesnt agree with you!!! Your all just like your President!! Commies!!!! You people get off on hate!!! You use it impress your friends and try to silence your enemys. Let your enemys talk!! You might learn something other then how to be an OBAMA Sheeple!!!!

      • Idon’thaveapolitcalparty

        You went a little crazy there didn’t you? Here’s the thing, sure everyone has the right to their own money and yeah awesome for you if you managed to make millions! However when you’re making so much money that you have MILLIONS of dollars maybe just maybe you should try giving back. Expand a business, raise employee wages, try to be a decent fucking person. People don’t need millions of dollars to survive and there are soooo many people these millionaires could be helping instead of just sitting on the money and buying fast cars and giant houses. And I hope you realise that the biggest thing about communism aside from everyone being FUCKING EQUAL is the fact that there is no religion. Obama isn’t telling you you can’t worship god anymore so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Also you wanna talk hate? Really? because you Chicken winged conservatives are far, far more hateful than any political group I’ve ever seen. I’ve had 15 of you attack me on a facebook page because I asked a simple fucking question. I had people tell me that my beliefs meant I believed in nothing, I’ve had people tell me that since I’m single mom I’m what’s wrong with this country. I’m a single mom because my daughter’s father was an emotionally abusive jerk who I didn’t feel like putting up with anymore. I read online every single fucking day about how right wingers don’t think women should get to choose what to do with our bodies. That if we’re raped then it’s our own fault. The extreme sexism that is prevalent in the conservative parties makes me shudder for my daughters future. I’m also sick of you conservatives going on and on about how you need assault rifles because what if the military starts killing us all. Do you realise that the soldiers are human beings and the vast majority of them would rather go fucking AWOL then kill the people they signed up to protect? Do you realise because of the tax cuts and budget problems in the past the soldiers in the military went over six months without pay? Some people lost houses, couldn’t afford to feed themselves and couldn’t get unemployment either. You’re an idiot if you think the conservative right wing parties don’t engage in hateful spewing of words visit a Gay rights page and look at all the people damning them to hell, calling them names, telling them to kill themselves. That’s just ONE example of the conservative hate I’ve seen but there are SOOOOO many more so maybe you should stop being a conservative SHEEPLE and start actually realising that spewing opinions doesn’t mean you’re fucking right. It means you have an opinion and maybe if you back it up with real ACTUAL facts people might believe you.

  • teanorton

    I think the only reason he still has his job is because he IS such a jack ass. This whole debacle just boosted their ratings through the roof,and no matter what the reason that’s what it comes down to. IT IS DISGUSTING. Rush makes guys like Howard Stern look like a Boy Scout. I get the idea of shock value. I might not like it. So I don’t listen to it. But the idea of the evil that spews from this pigs mouth ever finding its way back to one of these girls who have already been victimized sickens me…..I don’t know if he didn’t get breastfed ,or if he got teased for being a bed wetter or being chubby little boy it doesn’t matter why;he is a mean spirited nasty bully who is REWARDED to behave that way. Ughhhh…..

  • Caroline M. Corman

    Rush is rapping the air waves.

  • retasueus
  • Christie

    Is he just STUPID or what????????????????? What the hell is he talking about?

  • Sandra Chung

    Someone give him some scotch and his precious oxycotin. He makes a better drug addict/drunk than he does a human being or ‘radio personality’.

  • formerlymiddleclass .

    Limbaugh is a disgusting, sick , vile, excuse for a human being. Bush was in office when this girl was kidnapped and obviously raped and pregnant as a result.( despite Republicans denial that this can happen.) My God, the Republican party has gone whacko! I’m beyond disgusted with the entire right wing!

  • DK

    What did rush say that was so wrong? He didn’t rant, he didn’t accuse, he didn’t claim to know what was going on. He didn’t say anything significant at all.

  • Olio

    Rush was a sick idiot 10 years ago. Now he’s becoming totally irrelevant… except to other sick idiots.

  • Crochetshannon

    Rush is not anyone this country should be proud to even acknowledge he is American. He is a hypocrite and if he is religious and I doubt he has ever read the bible he needs to try reading it again. Because the trash he spews out of that oraface on his face is utterly nauseating and leaves me thinking he has the iq of a rock.

  • John_St_John

    Does that bloviating sack of human detritus even stop to think about what he is saying anymore? His insane, paranoid anger at President Obama is really getting out of control. He needs to be yanked off the air waves like last week.

  • Tracey

    He’s just fishing for attention.

  • padraige

    You do realize Rush gets paid something like 30 million dollars a year to spew his bullshit, right?

  • Arnold Livingston

    Just when you think the fat bastard can’t get any worse. When’s he moving to Costa Rica again?

    • Mary Withers

      He’s not. He discovered that they’re Socialist. (They are! And they’re pretty successful with it.)

  • Slightly Twysted

    Sounds like all the Viagra has gone to his tiny brain and made him wildly stupid.
    He would find a way to blame President Obama for that whole Eve apple eating thing if he could.

  • eau

    Why does anybody listen to this guy? who the hell cares?

  • Corey James

    He’s using again, right? No sane & sober person would actually try to make such an asinine statement as this.

    This fool (Limbaugh), never ceases to amaze me with the evil he conjures up.

  • Rob Montague

    I don’t know why he keeps going on with this stuff. He’s already absolutely guaranteed his cabana at the beach on the Lake of Burning Fire. Unless he wants them to move the cabana INTO the lake?

  • Jerry

    Rush Limbaugh is am example of an oxygen thief. Rush is one of those implied prejudice people that instead of coming out and saying he is prejudice, he just implies it by attaching welfafe to every minority group and state tyhat President Obama is a welfare president. Rush, and the top Republicans and Congress are on federal welfare. If no one knows it, the money Congress is fighting over and the deficient is merely the taking of the poor mans tax dollars over a projected time period, and when the money is not there from un-employment they get scared, because that is their wages.

  • Robert Hanson

    Every day Rush and the rest of the reich wing talking heads become more and more irrelevant. So every day he needs to say something even dumber than the previous day.

  • Liz Ernst

    Scumbag. He realizes his jig is up, Clearchannel is deep in the red and everyone is pointing at Rush as the problem – he’s like a death row inmate with nothing to lose. Rumor has it that #ArielCastroListensToRushLimbaughReligiously. Tweet that. “RushLimbaughisArielCastro’sPersonalLordandSavior

  • Dana Drapkin

    i’m from Canada, as far as i know Limbaugh hasn’t had any air time there in YEARS. i remember he had a brief tv show, back in the late 80’s or early 90’s and then it was off the air, i didn’t even know that he was still commentating. and after hearing his bullshit-schpiel i can understand WHY he is no longer given airtime back home. the man is a total moronic lunatic, with the brain capacity of a stale piece of cornflake. i can’t even understand how anybody can listen to this. but i can now see where all of these conspiracy theorists are getting their idiotic information from. first of all, ASIDE from quoting a FICTIONAL Tv show, how can he NOT know the way the welfare (or bureaucratic) system works? how can people CLAIM for welfare if there is NO record of them? you need a Social Security Number, an address, a name if these sick bastards who held these girls captive, applied for welfare on their behalf then i would think a red flag would go off in the computers stating that theses girls were missing. this man’s propaganda bullshit, is what’s fucking up the country, because for every idiot like him, standing on his soap box filled with his own skeletons, is another moron listening and swallowing it up, and spewing it forth to his or her identically idiotic offspring.

  • Cindy Gibbons

    Oh my God I hate this guy and i’m not a liberal…dumb bastard almost every crime show is about women who are kidnapped and torturd or raped or held in captivaty. I’m so pissed right now that’s all I can say!!!!!!! except…getta rope!

  • Pam

    Yep I’m with ya “FLUSH RUSH” what a jerk. Let those girls alone. They have so much to deal with they don’t need your crap. This is not their fault, I say we give them all the help they need. They were cheated out of their youth. We’re Americans and they are family, we are here for them.

  • rjprime

    Talk about Hate speech!! Wow!! You Libtards are just so self rightious!! I dont agree with the statements by Rush Limbaugh. But I want to hear the entire unedited version. Sites like these are only here to spew the Libtard Hate agenda. You people are so scared of Rush it is unbelievable. Thats why yall want to see him dead or crippled by a stroke that leaves him able to understand but not speak in his bloated body, as one commenter put it. This is why the world is the way it is today. Because the left cannot handle somebody who speakes their opinion when it is not the same opinion of the Left. BY the way. I hate Obama as a President. I guess yall will now take shots at me and call me a racist and wish me dead or worse!!!

  • Evelyn

    Why does he say 3 “people”…it was 3 women/girls who were kidnapped. What an ass. Is he really really stupid? How do people listen to him?

  • D Riordan

    STOP with the “ALLEGEDLY” crap. It’s OFFENSIVE.

    • Anomaly 100

      We call it our rights. Until proven guilty, etc.

      Speaking of offensive, your republican caps lock is stuck. Kindly liberate it.

  • D Riordan

    MICHELLE OBAMA got RICH chasing POOR PEOPLE away from the EMERGENCY ROOM of the hospital that employed her so as to justify the FAT SALARY of $400K/yr that they were paying her.

  • D Riordan

    The reason AERIAL CASTRO listens to RUSH is that LIBS HATE RUSH’S RAP and, so, by LEARNING IT from listening to the radio, if Aerial is ever THREATENED with DISCOVERY, he just starts talking LIKE RUSH and the LIBS RUN AWAY leaving him in peace with his captives in the basement.

    • Mary Withers

      That didn’t even make sense. You don’t sound bright enough for it to be satirical. And you use the word “Libs” a lot.

      I get it. You’re just an a-hole.

  • Jodi Marie McCrady

    he’s an ass!

  • wingnutbuster

    Obama wants to confiscate your basement dungeon, Rush.

  • Jameece McLaren

    And did no one else catch him saying “All were teenagers when they disappeared”…? Their ages when they were kidnapped were 14, 17 and 21….. He can’t even get that straight…

  • David Chappy

    I am sorry, but at a certain time, death is incumbent on some.

  • Todd Alexander

    It’s all thinly veiled code for “I hate poor and brown people”, as usual

  • Cynthia Olson

    Time for a nice burial service for ol’ Rush.

  • patriciaannporter

    For those who have not noticed…..Rush is a PIG!!!

  • Humma Kavula

    there’s a boycott going on right now of the Cleveland station that carries Limbaugh’s show, WTAM-1100AM.

    Great station, but I refuse to patronize their airwaves until the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Pundit is jettisoned.

  • chanceofrainne

    Pretty sure user:themobgoeswild was being sarcastic. Hence the use of the word “windbag” in reference to Rush. Take a breath.

  • Antonio Quinones

    It is mind boggling how anyone can report on ANYTHING that RUSH LIMBAUGH, ANN COULTER, SARAH PALIN or MICHELLE BACHMAN SAYS… I don’t get it. Stop giving these people attention and they surely would stfu.

  • Lori Parault

    How wonderful for this piece of $#!^ that he is omnipotent and knows, that the men voted, for whom they voted, and what their finances are. I guess he is upset that Amanda wasn’t beaten into a miscarriage like the other women reportedly had been. Why is he still on the radio?

  • Ughhhhh

    He does not say they voted for obama, he says Cleveland did. He did not say have an abortion. He was stating that there was correlation between the TV show and this event. He was saying how they could double collect on a person under 18 having a baby. OMG! Please quit trying to create drama, there is enough in this world. I am not a Limbaugh person. I just think people should listen without placing words in peoples mouths. Ugh

  • Trish King

    Rush is doing what Rush always does..starting controversy. He knows exactly what to do to push people’s buttons. Even the people who HATE him pay attention to him. He is a flaming gasbag and proud of the fact. They will never ‘flush Rush’ as long as he is making people watch and bringing in the bucks.


    So what if she needs some help. She was held captive for 10 yrs, everything she had known has changed. She is gonna need lots of mental health care, along with the other 3. The system failed these women once, we can’t fail them again. They didn’t ask for this.

  • reenilou

    IDIOT. Why would he focus on this?

  • P.I. Becky

    Rush Limbaugh is an ASSHOLE!

  • Georgio Rogers


  • Idon’thaveapolitcalparty

    I already replied to you previously and I’m gonna do it again cause ‘eh, why not?’ Listen here sweetie, us liberals didn’t start getting violent until our opinions no longer mattered. The government is control by who has the most money to lobby it. And I suppose you could call me left but I don’t really identify with any political party as I don’t always agree with everything they have to say. I’ve had many a people on the right condemn me for believing that everyone should have equal rights, that it’s not my fault that I was raped, that it’s not single mothers who are destroying this country but the fathers who refuse to support the child. I sick and tired of seeing people like you with such blinders over their eyes, talking about how us liberals are terrible and hateful and completely ignoring everyone and everything in on the right that smacks of oppression and hatred. All the liberals seem to want is for people to start acting like fucking human beings, start giving back what they’ve been given, to start trying to help the world instead of hoarding their wealth. Rich business owners care more about filling out their bank accounts than they do about the health and care of their own employees. I realise not all rich people are like that but it’s what you hear the most about. You don’t get to come here and judge people for speaking their own opinions on a man whose ignorance and desperate lack of knowledge is obvious. By doing what you’ve just done you’ve become the thing you’re condemning. People are allowed to express themselves however they want to as long as it’s not illegal and yeah I get that you have that right too I just want you to think long and hard before you lay fingers to keys or open your mouth in the future you fucking hypocrite.

    • rjprime

      I actually dont agree with his comments as I said in a previous comment. And yes you and I both have a right to our opinions. But lets get one thing straight. I listen to both sides as you do. I go back and forth with some of my cousins about who spits out the most hate. When I look on these post I see some (very few) that are intelligent. Most are so filled with hate that the intelligence is lost. Calling somebody stupid, or a slut is different from wishing them dead or crippled for Life. Im just saying that in the Lib world I see the most hateful things said, and then the same people turn around and criticise somebody for saying something mild like ” The President is a Commie”. That says I dont like his views or the way he is steering the country. It doesnt say I want to see harm come to him, like many of the post here do. Oh by the way. The government is not controled by who has the money. It is controled by the person who can control the media. And as far as I can see that has definitly been the White House. If it were controled by the people with the money President Obama would have never made a 2nd term. Its controled by the media and the people on the government programs.

  • Nancy Ellis

    He missed his oxycotin fix.

  • Idon’thaveapolitcalparty

    I think you need to realise that there really wasn’t any correlation between the show and event aside from the kidnapping premise. He doesn’t even know why these girls were taken, which was for them to be sex slaves to these three men. He alludes to the fact that these men could get welfare of these woman and the only surviving child out of all their miscarriages, when if they even fucking tried the jig would be up for them immediately. Also after he mentions this welfare bullshit he goes on to state these terrible men are from cleveland which ‘Voted Obama, I’m just saying.’ Maybe you should stop listening to just the words and try to interpret the subtext might make you life a little bit easier later on in life.

  • Sally

    So is he saying Amanda should have had an abortion after being raped? Or maybe her health care plan should have included contraception? I know, she should have stolen an aspirin and put it between her knees.
    Or, gee, maybe she ‘wanted it’ so she could collect welfare when and if she escaped, and so her body didn’t ‘shut it down.’ How does anyone take this moron seriously? Especially females?

    • Theodoor Westerhof

      I guess it are the fellow morons,

  • Aaron

    Limbaugh needs to STFU and blame Ariel Castro for the ‘welfare costs’
    of the daughter. Amanda Berry had no choice about bringing that child
    into the world and she is an absolute saint for keeping and (obviously)
    loving that child (you can tell by her body language in the hospital
    photo that she loves that child). Keep in mind that Rush also supports
    the conservative party, which preaches that women should be forced to
    bring children into the world even in the event of rape. What a
    disgusting hypocrite he is. Also, there will no doubt be a victim fund
    set up for the women, so they probably won’t have to depend on ‘welfare’
    – you think his rich a$$ would donate? Probably not.

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    Why does anyone listen to this fat, drug addicted, right wing blow hole?? He should shut his trap for once! These women were kidnapped, tortured, and raped for 10 years! It isn’t like birth control was available to them! But then again, Rush would have just called them sluts for that anyway! Since he is a member of the “pro-birth” party, he should probably be more upset by what happened and the fact that these women were raped repeatedly and then beaten until they miscarried! Piece of garbage; FIRE his A$$ already! I am so sick of this histrionic idiot!

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    And speaking of welfare you fat piece of sh%t, how is that 40 MILLION dollar contract treating you that you don’t deserve and didn’t EARN??

  • luckynoho

    He really is ignorant!!! He just proved it!!!

  • John Michael Defalque

    She was missing and presumed dead for a decade. Rush hasn’t a clue how the system works. You must show up the office ocassionally, submit to a job search, everything you earn will be clawed back, cost of living while going to school wil be clawed back, paperwork has to be regularly submitted. If anyone of these women aren’t immediately ready to work after their liberation-have some understanding and some sympathy, if they need a long vacation, some counselling, time to be with their families-so be it-they just came out of a dungeon.

  • Alexander Cardosa

    Oh my mr. lost my marbles is mad about something. Who would have guessed. Must be a slow week with him.

  • working guy

    Rush should engage his brain before he engages his mouth The kidnappers should get the electric chair . Have a national lottery on who gets to pull the switch and give the earnings to the victims. No prison costs or welfare. The victims will be set for life and it would save the tax payers millions.

  • pattreid

    Is this asshat held accountable for nothing?

  • AllergicToGunNuts

    Oh, Rush? mm-bye. Costa Rica is waiting for you.

  • Rodney Neal Powell

    I’m with Wanda Sykes: I hope Limbaugh’s kidneys fail

  • Jose Lopez Maldonado

    I can assure you that these three young ladies will not have to worry about finances, they will be on syndicated talk shows, book deals, Lifetime will probably make a movie.

    • Robyn Kern

      you got that right, they may also sue the state or local government as the the young lady who was kidnapped for 18 years who got a settlement from the state of California. No, these girls will not need welfare.

  • Thesnake

    Gee, it took eight whole days for the “welfare” thing to hit. I’m surprised Rush wasn’t on that on day two. POS!

  • Drew

    I Agree ,Flush Rush

  • treestar2010

    There’s nothing to say any welfare was ever involved. As for now, I guess Amanda should just get a job! (sarcasm). Or, that’s what conservatives would say.