Take That GOP: White House Releases Full Set of Benghazi Emails (Enclosed)

Wednesday the White House released the full set of emails surrounding the attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. In response to continuing accusations from Republicans in Congress that there was a massive political “cover-up” of what actually occurred,  the emails  show that the CIA, rather than the State Department, drove many of the changes to the talking points that were ultimately used by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. And the emails echo exactly what the Obama administration previously stated.

Image: ABC

Image: ABC









Behold: 100 pages.

Via Huffington Post:

White House Documents Relating to Events in Benghazi, Libya

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  • dusaa1975

    So the white house releases ‘ a full set of emails’…. I assume that to those of the leftist persuasion, ‘a full set’ is something like ‘handfuls’ , ‘some’ , ‘quite a few’ and ‘ a whole bunch’…

    But ‘ a full set of emails’? can anyone give a Liberal’s definition of that phrase?