Video: Fabulous George Takei hits marriage equality opponents for trying to stop their 'big gay wedding'

George Takei took part in a hilarious ‘Funny or Die’ video in which he uses a foreboding voice while focusing on Dale, a character who is a stauch opponent of same-sex marriage, and states, “The most offensive symptom of Dale’s ignorance is that he robs same-sex couples of their big gay wedding.” Takei adds, “No one throws a wedding better than the gays.”










  • Jeff Drake

    Dale reminds me of this actor I’ve read about, George. George is also a great guy, very funny. The difference between George and Dale is that George is actually extremely tolerant. He respects the rights and beliefs of every human being who thinks and believes exactly as he does. Of course, no one else deserves respect, because anyone who doesn’t agree with George is a bigot. That’s why George uses his money to make Internet videos mocking these bigots for having the audacity not to buy into George’s Orwellian view of the future.

    Thank you, George, for helping us understand how wonderful Big Brother really is. You are the most doubleplusgood person around.