Whackadoodle Neocon writer appears to conclude, writing about bigotry makes you bigot

An article on PoliticusUSA authored by Sarah Jones begins with, “If there’s one thing Republicans know how to do, it’s get out of hot water by getting in deeper” and just to prove that point, a Conservative writer just proved her point — albeit likely just for page views. Bqhatevwr.

We can publish the wrong pictures too.

Possibly Eric, possibly not. You decide.









Sarah Jones writes:

Currently Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the revelation that “leading Hollywood Republican” David Stein is actually David Cole, a Jewish Holocaust denier. Yes, you read that right. The Guardian explains that in the 90s, gas chamber denying Cole was “a vilified guest on chat shows hosted by Phil Donahue, Montel Williams and Morton Downey, among others, and was depicted as a neo-Nazi on news shows such as 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.”

How do you smear the Holocaust denier and prove that you, a Republican, are not a bigot? Oh, I don’t know. Probably by asking how they were supposed to know that the “Jewish guy with the nasally voice was a complete liar and a fraud”.

Neoconservative Eric Golub wrote that phrase for the very right wing Washington Times, after complaining that the media will now call conservatives names again, “The media now has another baseball bat with which to beat conservatives over the head. They presume that anything negative said about conservatives is true and silence is taken as acquiescence.”

“David Stein fooled everybody. In all the time he attended RPA functions, he never once spoke about anything other than Republican politics and getting drunk. There was no way any of us could have known that this Jewish guy with the nasally voice was a complete liar and a fraud.”

Ms. Jones’ article portrays the Republican mindset of dismissing charges of anti-Semitism by being anti-Semitic. (That’s nice talk for what we call being a dick).

So, what does Eric Golub do? Mr. Man (We shall refer to him as Clown Shoes from here on out) publishes an image of Sarah Jones, which is not her, but actually a different Sarah Jones, possibly the cheerleader who was arrested after sleeping with a 16 year-old. I’m not certain if that’s where Clown Shoes is coming from because thinking about his disconnect from reality vacuums IQ points out of my head.

Not Sarah.

Not Sarah.










But that’s the nice part.

Golub Clown Shoes ‘reports‘, “Only two days after a scandal broke involving a former member of a Republican social group, a leftist blogger decided to put politics over principles and side with pure evil.”

Pure evil I tell you! Friggin’ Sarah Jones reported a story, the horror of which will keep me awake at night.

C.S. (our new nickname for Clown Shoes) further writes:

When the original allegations broke internally, we did not immediately rush to condemn Stein. Unlike Sarah Jones, we were more interested in the truth. Upon seeing videos of a young Stein, I was personally unable to definitely conclude that he was David Cole. Only after hearing him did his identity become a certainty. His “nasally voice” is an unmistakeable character trait, in the same way the late radio personality Wolfman Jack had an unmistakeable voice. Stein’s being Jewish is vital because nobody would have suspected that a Jewish guy would be a Holocaust denier.

Uh huh. Just like Mr. Shoes’ reporting on Benghazi before the facts came in.

On no, now he’s going all “Earth to___” on us.

Earth to Jones: Stein is not the victim. “Smearing” is what Stein did to Jews globally and Jones did by attacking the RPA.

Well we can be juvenile too you big ol’ Meanie Pants! Jones did not present Stein as the victim.

Republicans were violated by Stein, and Jones made the most immoral stand a human being could possibly make. She attacked the son of Holocaust victims rather than the denier that such atrocities ever took place on the scale they did. After all, Holocaust revisionism is less of a sin in her world than being a proud Republican.

The violated Republican concludes, “That makes her as big a bigot as they come, in addition to being an irresponsible blogger.”

Mr. Shoes confirms Jones’ report:

Republicans are trying to distance themselves, as Hollywood Republicans really can’t afford any further stigma of bigotry. Seriously, to be branded as attending social gatherings headed by a guy best known as a Holocaust denier in the 1990s in Hollywood is not the best career plan. Hollywood isn’t nearly as “liberal” as Republicans want you to believe.

Cole/Stein of course sees this as the real persecution, not the gas chambers, which may or may not have existed in his mind. He told the Guardian that conservatives in Hollywood are a “persecuted minority” attacked by “intolerant liberals”. Yes, Cole/Stein thinks that hippie liberals are running those big studios owned by even bigger corporations.

My conclusion: Mr. Shoes and Stein have much in common.

For the record….

This is Sarah.

This is Sarah.









  • Also not Sarah

    From the image he’s better looking than I thought he’d be.

  • Not Sarah

    Ah, the old ‘you caught us so you must be one’ routine.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Mr Clown Shoes is a fool but than anyone who makes the grotesque assumptions he makes proves to be delusional enough to warrant a 90 day hold at the finest Bedlam (for those who don’t know the history behind the term, it was the first institution for the mentally ill – founded in 1247 in the UK))

  • Also Not Sarah III

    So, Eric’s argument is: We aren’t bigots, we’re just led by a bigot and sound like a bigot and write like a bigot and smell like a bigot.. Oh wait. I guess we are bigots.

  • http://mollysmiddleamerica.blogspot.com/ Middle Molly

    I think I’m starting to give up. In how many ways, with how many different words, can you write: :”These people are basically insane.”!