While Dad is cleaning his gun, shoots 13 month-old daughter in the chest, Cops charge him with aggravated assault

In Tullahoma, Tennessee a 13-month-old baby remains hospitalized, and now her 26 year-old father is behind bars after the child was shot in the chest. On Sunday just before 11:00 p.m. Tullahoma police responded to unit the family’s apartment unit to find the baby shot in the chest.











The father, Kevin Sayre, was taking apart a handgun inside the apartment, when a 9mm round was discharged, striking the 13 month-old in the chest.

Initially the  child was transported to Harton Regional Medical Center ER, but was later flown to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, according to NewsChannel5.

Family members said they believe she will make a full recovery, and the child is in stable but critical condition.

Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell said the police see these  incidents far too often and owners need to be very careful when cleaning or handling their guns. The father is charged with aggravated assault.

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  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla

    Horrified and saddened as always but wishing a full and easy recovery for the baby.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.moellerliniman Cheryl Moeller-Liniman

      The baby’s best chances for survival is if she goes to live in a household with more responsible, caring people.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bess.moore.9 Bess Moore

    When will they learn! Stupid!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528940071 Fiona Mackenzie

    They do not learn because each of them believes the other tragedies were the result of people being less smart or less careful or less quick or less responsible than they are. They never, ever understand the fundamental fact: bullets move very fast.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528940071 Fiona Mackenzie

    Remember when you just left the room for a second, and turned around and caught your baby falling out of the high chair before he hit his head on the floor? Remember when you lifted your toddler from the bathtub and she was slippery with soap, and slipped out of your hands and if you hadn’t grabbed her, she would have cracked her head a lot more seriously on the tub? These things happen. When they happen with a gun, there is no turning and catching; there is no grabbing. There is a dead baby.

    • http://FreakoutNation.com Anomaly 100

      What you said:-)

    • http://twitter.com/CalFireNews Cal Fire News

      Baby didn’t die, it was an accident like any other accident… all accidents are preventable with enough foresight from baby drowning taking a bath to getting shot by dad…

      • Sally

        So he should not be charged for shooting his baby? I remember moms charged wheh there have been bathtub drownings. But gee, these NRA hoodlums are just tryin’ to clean their weapons. What’s the big deal? No one died.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Spencer-Leava/100000649387072 Spencer Leava

          Pointing this out here, this guy didnt intend to shoot his child, it was an accident due to incompetence. I dont think he should be given a serious charge if he agrees not to allow guns in the house, as well as inspections from child protection services. It is not comparable to bathtub drownings.

          • Samsam

            And drunk drivers do not intend to kill either. Why should this man receive less time when he is in the same boat: no intent, yet you expose society (and your own child) to a dangerous weapon that you clearly are not capable of operating. Should we let off drunk drivers who kill and only make them promise to do routine breathalyzers?

      • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.moellerliniman Cheryl Moeller-Liniman

        Except guns are manufactured for ONE purpose ONLY … TO KILL. Let’s not forget that fact. And in the hands of the immature, the neglectful, the untrained and the mentally unstable, it’s WORSE than being in the hands of a criminal.

      • scrzbill

        No this isn’t like any other accident. Why is there a loaded weapon anywhere near a child?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jenney.freeman.goodell Jenney FG

      she’s not dead.

      • http://www.facebook.com/BigDaddy1978 Mike Childs

        She’s not dead *yet*. Critical Condition means she’s still alive, sure, but she’s fighting for her life. That she’s not dead yet (or may possibly still live) makes the fact that she was shot in the chest, by her own father, so much better to you doesn’t it? Sure accidents happen, but you know what could’ve saved her from the whole ordeal. Him not owning a weapon. Or not keeping it in the house, or at the very least, not cleaning it at the house with his daughter in the same room. Gun advocates keep wanting to talk about “good guys with guns” but you continue to overlook the fact that accidents like these DO HAPPEN. And unlike, say, a car, whose function and design is for travel (where accidents happen and can kill), a gun’s sole purpose is to do exactly what it did, maim and kill. You people make me sick.

        • http://www.facebook.com/tess.avis Tess Avis

          I wish I could like your statement over and over again! My stomach turns every time I hear about another ‘accidental’ shooting and the bleeding heart NRA fans bleat about ‘guns don’t kill people’ tripe. I would love to copy and paste your reply and send it to everyone I know!

        • http://www.facebook.com/larson.walton Larson Walton

          Yes Mike not owning a gun, not having it in the house and not cleaning it with his daughter in the same room would have worked. I was brought up with guns and competed on a rifle team at age 15. Even won my first match. I had to take a gun safety course before I could compete. The very first rule is to never point a loaded weapon at anyone and the second rule is to treat every weapon like it is loaded. My wife was a Military weapons expert who taught troops how to use their weapons. After reading this I was just smh and asking her who cleans a loaded weapon! You would have to have brain damage to do this. When you look at this sort of behavior you have to realize you are looking at some of the stupidest people that have ever owned guns. Most of us never have anything like this happen because it cannot happen if you use good gun safety. This man not only failed to unload his weapon but he had to have pointed it right at his daughter for it to have that trajectory! So when you extrapolate this incident do consider you are talking about the most stupid, reckless, foolish kind of behavior. A gun’s sole purpose is not to maim and kill or all of mine must have malfunctioned for the past 40 years. Any weapon can maim and kill including a rock or a pencil. I read where cars mow down people in crowds from time to time. Accidents can happen to anybody but many more “accidents” happen when people act without thinking intelligently. This was tragic but it truly was the fault of the father.

          • Rhys

            Um, so what else do you use guns for?

            They don’t make good hammers, nor are they particularly good to use as a dinner plate.

            Nope, they’re pretty much just good for accelerating a small bit of metal to an extremely high speed. Some of them look a little pretty, but that’s an entirely subjective point, and aesthetics isn’t the point here.

            The purpose of accelerating said bit of metal is to facilitate a transfer of the massive amount of kinetic energy and momentum from the metal into what it’s flying towards.

            If that’s a living thing, the result is injury or death. If it’s a non-living thing, then it’s damage or destruction.

            That’s not to say that there aren’t circumstances where death, damage and/or destruction are the desired outcomes- surely there’s times when someone or something needs to be shot. There’s a skill in being able to put that bit of metal where you want it to go every time, and I certainly respect that, and the development of it- something that can’t really be simulated.

            But, end of the day: Guns are for killing. Every definition I can think of for a firearm boils down to ‘projectile weapon’, and the key word in that is: weapon.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jenney.freeman.goodell Jenney FG

          You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. In your little mind you have decided I am the NRA, or that I think this is no big deal. Hush up. You’re hysterical and practically enjoying yourself. I just don’t like liars and people who jump on the body of a toddler so they can wave their political agenda around. People like YOU make ME sick.

          • omigrad

            “Jump on the body of a toddler” to, “wave (a) political agenda around?” You are serious, aren’t you?

      • scrzbill

        Just seriously wounded for no reason. Suffering the ignorance of yet another “cleaning” accident. No one cleans a loaded weapon.

    • Marcvs-Antony Gvzman

      except when the baby is expected to make a “full recovery”

      • scrzbill

        Who cleans a loaded deadly weapon? Lets shoot you so you will have a “full recovery”, OK?

    • Selu

      Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. Who the ever-loving-eff cleans a loaded gun, ever? Or even points a gun – loaded or not and in the process of disarming it or not – even in the *general* direction of their own child, or anything alive for that matter?
      If you have something in your possession that’s specifically designed to kill living things with a fairly high rate of success (this excludes bathtubs and high chairs, which usually have other primary functions) it should be expected that the number of mistakes you make with them are nigh zero. But I guess that’s not a priority to most gun owners.

  • Doug Waters

    …and damn well he should be charged. What the hell is he doing cleaning a loaded weapon especially anywhere near a baby?

  • http://twitter.com/CalFireNews Cal Fire News

    Why is it an accident when cop shoots someone accidently but aggravated assault when a citizen shoots someone accidently?

    • http://www.facebook.com/larson.walton Larson Walton

      Terminology becomes confusing. Accidently shooting someone means you did not intend to shoot them. That should go to motive but it should not negate your culpability as to being the shooter that caused harm. This is where we should be looking at reasonable person standards or at police protocols. I believe neither have gun laws enforced enough. Remember Dick Cheney shot someone in the face while he was intoxicated and wasn’t even arrested.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.elliott.1000 Mark Elliott

    You aren’t put in jail and charged with aggravated assault for an accident. There is more to this story, I’m sure.

    • kennyddd

      yea must be maybe the baby wasn’t quick enough or loud enough to warn stupid “good guy” dad

      • Sally

        The baby forgot to load her tiny pink gun before playing in the same room as Daddy.

    • bazwat

      ‘aggravated’ in law usually means that there were elements of the crime that could have been prevented with care. a charge can take place not just on intention, but also through recklessness or negligence. It ‘s not enough anymore to place people in harm and simply say ‘but I didn’t mean it!’

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=574401415 Denis Freeland

    Which continues to reinforce the message that “accidental” (i.e. avoidable / preventable) shootings kill 70% more people than “good guys with guns”.

    And an armed homeowner is stilll 4.5 times MORE likely to be shot and killed in a home invasion than an unarmed homeowner.

    If you want a gun “for fun” or because you “enjoy shooting”, go ahead. But if you try to argue “self defence or safety”, then you are irrational, and shouldnt be allowed anywhere near such a dangerous weapon.

    • Mark Elliott

      Where in the world did you get these statistics?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Spencer-Leava/100000649387072 Spencer Leava

      You are confusing suicides with accidental. About 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides AND accidents: mostly suicides.

  • washco

    You can’t fix stupid!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave.j.mulcahy Dave J Mulcahy

    Why was the dumbass cleaning his gun while it was loaded. And then you wonder why they’re trying to take our guns away

    • http://www.facebook.com/SWIGGY1957 John N Swegan

      I’ll agree with him being a dumb ass, but I have yet to discover anyone trying to take away our guns.

  • Mark Elliott

    Yes, with reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child or something along the line of ‘too stupid to own a firearm’. Aggravated assault implies intent. I still say there’s more to it.

  • kennyddd

    another “good guy” responsible NRA member Ill bet

  • http://www.facebook.com/BigDaddy1978 Mike Childs

    The title of this article should be, “13 Month old fights for her life after penis enlargement tool prematurely discharges.”

  • Common Sense Mike

    I feel this is the type of person who should be banned from ever owning a gun. He failed two cardinal rules of gun ownership. He didn’t check the gun to make sure it was “UNLOADED”, and He did not maintain that it was NOT pointed at someone or something that He didn’t want to shoot. With great power, (GUN), Comes great responsibility. I’m a NRA life member, but I know not everybody should have a gun.

  • Lou

    I own a couple of guns, and the first thing that you do before you clean a gun with bullets in it is you empty it and make sure that the chamber is empty, this person apparently does not even know these simple procedures, he should not own one at all, if he is this dumb.

  • scrzbill

    Another day, another shooting of a child “accidentally. I never read how a gun prevented a gangbanger from breaking down a door a raping a wife. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN!!!! But every day we read of an eleven year old shooting a nine year old or something as STUPID.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jenney.freeman.goodell Jenney FG

      Wow. Another lie. There are plenty of articles about people defending themselves and their homes, just not in Mother Jones Magazine. The father in this case is either a moron or he did it on purpose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dick.robbins.37 Dick Robbins

    NRA Darwinism-Ignorance can be cured with education; there is NO cure for stupid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/martinmoselarsen Martin Mose Larsen

    Americans want to have their cake and not get shot! well guess what: it does not work that way!

    Where there are guns there will be murders and accidents. Deaths and injuries.

    And this: potential innocent victims and loaded guns in.the.same.room! I don’t have words for this tragedy!

    Except that one day the buffalo and the Native Americans will have their land back! [no smiley]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000788117675 Cathy Moore Casper

    Glad the father was charged. Why would be cleaning a loaded gun, much less in the same room as your 13 month old!