Texas Gov Rick Perry mistakes Lebanon for Libya, then says liberals don’t know much

June 15, 2013

The Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference went as swimmingly as Gun Appreciation Day. While trying to demonize President Obama for what occurred in Benghazi Texas Gov. Rick Perry said,  “I fear where we’ve come to in America, where our administration won’t make one phone call to save our men and women in a embassy in Lebanon.”

Yeah Obummer, why didn’t you make a phone call after the attack in Lebanon that didn’t happen?!









Ironically, Perry said during the closing of his speech, “Smile when you disagree with a liberal. Shake your head as Ronald Reagan once said, he said you know, liberals know so much that isn’t so.”

Yes, yes we’re so stupid. Oh lookie, a map!








Watch courtesy of ABC:


  US News


H/T: FON’s admin and map guy @ComgenKDT .

Image: DemocraticUnderground.

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  • Sally

    Articles? I don’t think they teach grammar in Texas any more…it got dumped with critical thinking.

  • Dana Logsdon

    Too much Jesus. Too bad he doesn’t have a personal relationship with reality.

  • Susan Thornton

    Bless Pretty Rick’s heart; he’s doing the best a low-C average Aggie can do, like his predecessor. Gubnor Goodhair, or P.Rick, displays the effects of too much hairspray on a daily basis. Let this be a warning to the chirren!!

  • agr8wrld

    This clown has been governor since 2000 and W was four years before that! Ann Richards was the last decent governor they had. I keep hoping they’ll wake up and realize this guy doesn’t do squat for the constituent. It’s all about the corporations.

  • ecooper62

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  • deosbo1

    oops! How many oops moments does one idiot get? Embarrassing smart Texans everywhere, you know the liberal kind.

  • fairandbrave

    and rick perry is one of the smarter texans lol

    • Jimmy

      I am offended by that statement. Not all Texans are as stupid as Perry. Just the one that get elected to office.

      • Sally

        Right. So if the only stupid ones are the ones in office, just who voted for them? Smart Texans?

        • Susan Thornton

          A guy named Gerry Mander. Google “Killer Ds” or “Texas Redistricting + Tom DeLay.” You’ll find your answer there.

      • lobo214

        Fortunately not all Texans are as stupid as Slick pRick Perry; just most of the ones who get elected and the idiots who vote for them.

  • AttilatheBlond

    Or the crony system in Texas? Last thing all those Commissioners want would be a governor who can light up an EEG.

    • Susan Thornton

      True. The Texas Governor isn’t supposed to have power; they wrote the constitution of the state that way, so the actual bidness of the state is done by the Railroad Commission. About all a Governor can do is help or hurt education and the state’s reputation. Ann Richards was the last one to do both; Mark White helped education, too, but was too bland for national attention. But Shrub and Pretty Rick have both done serious damage to education and the state’s rep. But Texas will be blue in 2 election cycles, so hopefully, they’re the last of the inbred breed.

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