Glenn Beck: “I’m hemorrhaging money. I spent all of the money that I have because I believe in something.”

June 17, 2013

Glenn Beck on his radio show today continued to rail against immigration reform and urged his listeners to go to Washington, DC on Wednesday to stand with him and several Republican members of Congress who are seeking to permanently torpedo the legislation.

Please help Glenn Beck. He's "hemorrhaging money".

Please help Glenn Beck. He’s “hemorrhaging money”.











Right Wing Watch reports, “Beck became increasingly worked up as he went through the litany of massive projects he is working on, explaining that he is trying to “fundamentally transform the media” on television, radio, and the internet while building motion picture production and distribution capacities at the same time that he is putting on massive stage productions and even writing novels.”

Beck said, “I’m hemorrhaging money. I have spent all of the money that I have put away, because I believe in something.”

Beck continued to say “We’re on the Titanic, not all of us are going to make it and unless you have some urgency, we’re all going to die.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch: 


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