Video: 72 year-old woman aggressively arrested during Wendy Davis’ filibuster because Murica

June 27, 2013

72 year-old Martha Northington was arrested in the Texas Senate gallery while participating in the protest as State Sen. Wendy Davis took part in a 13 hour filibuster. Ms. Nothington was aggressively arrested for no apparent reason, then booked at the Travis County jail, and charged with at least one felony — assaulting an officer — as well as resisting arrest, according to Burnt Orage Report













Elizabeth Willmann captured the arrest on video which shows that Ms. Northington was not resisting arrest nor assaulting an officer.

Via Burnt Orange:

State troopers were sent in by the dozens while the gallery was in uproar over what they believed was an overreach by Senators who hell bent on ending the filibuster and taking a vote before the 12am deadline.

An eyewitness in the booking room says that though she was originally charged with at least one felony, they were later reduced.



Obviously this fragile looking old lady’s brutal Hulk-like strength felt threatening to the officers from across the room.

Meanwhile, why was no one arrested after fraudulently changing the time stamp on the roll call, to make it appear as if the GOP legislator made their midnight deadline?

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  • Edward50

    Will she be number 501 to be executed?

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