Totally not racist man takes down Confederate flag, replaces it with Nazi Flag until Obama is impeached, resigns

June 29, 2013

73-year-old Joseph Sincavage insists on flying the Nazi flag in front of his home, even though the police have asked him to remove it. The Stratford, Conn. man claims he’s flying the offensive flag in protest of President Obama, “I am going to keep flying [the Nazi flag] until Obama changes his policies, resigns or gets impeached.”

The former marine is flying the Nazi flag alongside the American flag, A U.S.M.C. flag, and a Vatican flag on his Connecticut home. According to neighbors, the Nazi flag was put on display, replacing the Confederate flag that usually hangs between Sincavage’s U.S. and Marine Corps flags.









According to the Stratford Star, Sincavage decided to fly an Israeli flag also, “so Jewish people won’t think I’m mad at them or anything like that.” He immediately ordered one and said, “It’s on the way.”

Sincavage insists on leaving the flag up, “I am going to stay with it on the basis of my First Amendment rights.”

He continued, “I didn’t realize people would take it as offensive,” and conveyed to the Stratford Star reporter  that he is not a member of any type of group associated with the flag.

“I have no animosity toward Jewish people,” he told The Star. “They too are being given an unfair deal by President Obama. The founder of my religion was a Jew.”

One of his neighbors said to NBC Connecticut, “He’s just a racist. That’s the bottom line. What would you have an American flag next to a Nazi flag? That makes no sense?”

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  • Joseph Vissarionovich Rothbard

    He should just burn those damn rags if he can dry them off. The US flag and the Nazi flag are both drenched in the blood of innocent people.

  • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

    then it should represent the disgust one would have with the Current Dictator in Charge and how is actions and lack of proper actions have gone to far….

  • GOD

    I pray this man and people that call there selves real Americans get an education, its so sad that these nazi skin heads are still living in the 40s, it must kill them to see a black man in the white house lol

    • disqus_oHbhrVpFTp

      1 your spelling shows you need an education or slow down… and 2 that “black man” in the white house is as much black as he is white but his politics and actions in the whitehouse is no different then the way Hitler did things… he already said he would side with the muslims…not Americans

  • sideshow1

    Karl Marx…. Democracy is the Road to Socialism, Naziism was just right wing socialism.

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