Democrats and Protesters Aborted Republican Attempts to Silence Sen. Wendy Davis

The nation watched on Tuesday and into the early hours of Wednesday while Democrat Sen. Wendy Davis and hundreds of protesters defeated the Republican attempt to shut down abortion clinics in Texas. The tricks and underhanded tactics after calling a special session were done while eyes from American voters were focused squarely on Texas. The Texas legislature voted after midnight much to the dismay of those watching the events unfold but protesters and Wendy Davis stood their ground.

Protesters outside the Texas Senate chamber cheer as Sen. Wendy Davis leaves on June 26 (via Texas Tribune)

Protesters outside the Texas Senate chamber cheer as Sen. Wendy Davis leaves on June 26 (via Texas Tribune)











It was a night to behold, watching the subject of Davis’ topic get called on over whether it was germane. It was confusing. Apparently Roe vs. Wade is not germane to the subject of abortion. Davis was allowed three warnings over whether her points were germane. She was given two and they tried to shut her down.

Democratic lawmaker Leticia Van Putte slammed her male colleagues for trying to silence female lawmakers.



Republican attempts to warn Davis over speaking over mandatory sonograms was called out by Van Putte, “Do they do a sonogram for a tonsillectomy? No. For an appendectomy? No.”

Sen. Kirk Watson stood up, taking to the floor, seemingly stepping in for Davis in an attempt to stall the bill.

In one of the more amusing tweets, Lizz Winestead, co-creator of the Daily Show weighed in:

The Texas Tribune captured the last ten minutes of the special session in 26 seconds.



The roll call did not begin until 12:02 am, still yet, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and his fellow Republicans claimed the vote started at 11:59 pm. Even though Democrats asked for computer logs to be checked, Dewhurst tried to shut the proceedings down but Democrats and reporters circulated the logs. Evan Smith is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune:

The Texas Tribune reports:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said he was “very frustrated” with the night’s results, after officially declaring near 3 a.m. that the bill could not be enrolled. “An unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics” derailed legislation that was intended to protect women and babies, he told reporters. “I didn’t lose control of what we were doing,” he said. “We had an unruly mob.”

Cool story, bro. Nice of him to attempt to demean Texas voters but America was watching the events unfold.

President Obama weighed in:

In case you missed it, the best line of the night:












Every time Republicans try an underhanded tactic or create a scandal it fails miserably. For example, Wendy Davis is now a hero.

Loud chants broke out, “Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!”











  • GraceAlexander

    I am air fist pumping right now. How amazing. Go Wendy, go Leticia, and thank you, Mr. President. Go women of Texas!

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    YAY! And Wendy for the Win! A grateful sisterhood thanks you! And anyone claiming to be for civil rights, justice and self-determination do too!

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    I guess Perry, Deull and Dewhurst will have to cancel the TI’s planned for their new offices in the vaginas of the women in Texas

    • Anomaly 100

      Dewhurst is being slammed on Facebook right now.

  • rjcarter

    When fans rush the field at a football game, they stop the clock for a reason.

    • DaddyO_969

      This is not a football game you asshole. This is politics forcing people to believe in their twisted morality. You’re so hypocritical that this seems perfectly OK to you. This ‘unruly mob’ are AMERICAN citizens and voters. Watch what the mob does to you at election time. Protecting women and babies? Liars. Disgusting liars. You people don’t give two shits once the baby is born. No healthcare, no education, no jobs. So all you fascist bastards can go fuck yourselves. The sooner you breed yourselves (or shoot yourselves) out of the gene pool, the better the country and world will be.

      • rjcarter

        “You people don’t give two shits once the baby is born.”
        You presume much, and you are too easily given to violence. You’re not helping people see your side. And if you don’t think politics are a game, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

      • Joseph Sinkovic

        You hit the nail on the head DaddyO. It is my humble opinion that those Baptist pricks should stick their Bible up their ass. They only use it to self serve.

  • DaddyO_969

    What a total travesty. Repbuli-thugs will do anything in an attempt to force their sick, disgusting view of the world on everyone else. You should have learned when Pastor Perry prayed for rain and got more drought, or when you seceded from the Union and got your asses kicked by the Mexicans and the North. Read this very, very clearly: GOD IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. You talk about what God hates? Look in the mirror. God hates YOU, every ignorant, blasphemous, lying one of you BECAUSE you are all those things and still try to portray yourselves as Christian.

    • rjcarter

      So yay for Wendy. 13 hours in pink tennis all in the name of not having to upgrade health care standards and the right to kill 20+ week old babies. Kudos.

      • Cosmic_Surfer

        So, captain …guess what. 2 years ago, you didn’t get a vote on the matter. Today you don’t get a vote on the matter. It isn’t for you to say squat until you can actually carry a fetus to term and give birth to what is then a baby. Read the law – babies aren’t persons until they are bor. Child-bearing not your burden, not your choice, not your voice

        • rjcarter

          So, Wahine… guess what. In Texas, even the legislature didn’t get a vote on the matter. Because after back-braced, catheterized Wendy finished, mob rule took over.

          But do go on about the laws stating unborn babies are not persons. And then tell me how such a non-person can be a victim and covered under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004.