Fox News Host says Trayvon Martin 'may have been violent' from smoking marijuana

Last week a guest on Fox and Friends alleged,”You could probably kill someone with a Skittle” in defense of George Zimmerman, the man who shot 17 year-old Trayvon Martin.Today Fox News host Gregg Jarrett said that Zimmerman might have been justified in killing Trayvon  because the teenager “may have been violent” from smoking marijuana.










Jarrett asked, “If an M.E. — a medical examiner — takes the witness stand and says he was high on marijuana based on toxicology, how does that play?”

Burns replied, “That’s a very good question.”

Jarrett said (out loud) “If he is high, he may have acted irrationally and may have been violent.”

Watch courtesy of Raw Story:


Come on. Has this guy never smoked a joint? Not ever? Maybe he just read about weed smokers. You know the ones. Gangs of weed smokers savaging our streets in pursuit of another hit.


More at Raw Story. 

  • JimmyPete

    Trayvon Martin is dead from violence, the firing of a gun at him.

    • ColeBastich

      If only the gun didn’t smoke a joint that day…

      • Anomaly 100

        Comment of the day. ^

      • JimmyPete

        nice the kid takes a bullet , there is an autopsy with no indication of drug use , smoking grass is not known to make you violent, but you justify shooting an unarmed teenager because he smoked grass in the past, might as well shoot 3/4’s of the country.

  • heychief

    It’s bad enough we have Nancy Grace

  • BanditBasheert

    There are no words.
    Any of us here could be the victim of a George Zimmerman.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    The only thing threatened by someone smoking a joint is the refrigerator…FOX – proving once again that stupidity can get a microphone and an audience

  • KarenJ

    That is jawdroppingly stupid.

    I can just imagine Fox and Friends watchers nodding “that’s right” at that idiocy, even the ones who sell bags to their friends (because, you know, marijuana affects “those others” different than it does us… [disclaimer: mockingly said]) .

    • BanditBasheert

      Perhaps because Faux and Friends uses a slightly different type of controlled substance. And they apparently have no sense of humor.

  • Hank

    Oh guys come on. It was rumored that I may have smoked my share (possibly even the shares of some others) back in the day. But “Back in the day” we were just different. We acted different. We behaved differently.

    The younger set nowadays get high and does stuff I would have never DREAMED of doing IF I had ever gotten high… was rumored. (Like work!!) We would have been more likely to get stoned, head to Burger King for one of everything on the menu then to the mall to stare at the black light posters and strobe lights at Spencer’s!! I mean, I would be mesmerized for HOURS by Pong on the Atari!!

    My Gosh!! Some of the screen savers today would have kept me in a stupor for days!!!

    Seriously, many of the younger set today get high and do things I (We) would have never dreamed of doing when stoned. Jarrett just LOOKS like he’s never partook, but what he suggests isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

    • BanditBasheert

      Did you leave little trails of breadcrumbs and empty cupcake wrappers on the floor? You are so right. All we did was EAT. Pot is way too simple for today’s younger set – they go for a lot heavier action and have some really bad outcomes sometimes.

    • Carla

      oh my goodness. Hank, were you guilty of bogarting that joint? That just made my afternoon.

      • Hank

        Nah!! We were all too cool to bogart!! 😉

    • Mike Hawk

      Wow. If not troll,then you must be out on the lawn shaking a rake at those damn kids.


      • Hank

        Really?? On this thread?? I thought we were all for the most part just having a good natured exchange. My bad!!

    • DaddyO_969

      So a guy that yells profanities and racial epithets and CARRIES a gun, in contravention of the law (no CCP) and chases down a smaller guy and shoots him dead; HE’s not the problem? Clearly whatever Fox and you have been smoking, it’s not marijuana. Probably crack or meth. Those drugs lead to the sort of paranoia Fake news is so proud to espouse. These guys can’t even come up with a partially sane argument to dispel their obvious hatred of minorities, including women.

      • Beth

        Very true DaddyO

        • Hank

          You agree?? Great! See my comment above.

          • Beth

            I agreed with “So a … Including women.”

      • Hank

        I based my comment on the experiences of my life. In the 60’s and 70’s, we got high and just enjoyed it. At least, those in the crowds I ran with.

        My REAL LIFE experience with the youth of today is they get high and do things WE would never have dreamed of doing!! THAT is the different mind set to which I was speaking and with some degree of expertise and experience.

        Your remarks seem to be based in some sort of paranoia and insecurity that others may not see the world as you do. And if they do, it HAS to be because they are somehow flawed!!

        Okay. Noted.

        • Hank

          I’ve got to add here……I took you at your word. That was a mistake.

          Zimmerman did have a permit. (Just Google it.) Such an egregious error would normally throw the validity of the balance of your comment under suspicion. Also, you state, “….yells profanities and racial epithets….” I have found no evidence of that. Would you mind furnishing a citation please?

  • Randolph Graier

    And that is why Fox News is dying.

  • Roxie Deaton

    Fox viewers tend older. These people don’t smoke pot. They take pain killers, then project their own behavior onto other people.

    • Larry911

      I’m 71. WTF ? Where do you get your info? We invented cannabis!!

  • Beth

    They top themselves every single day with their stupidity.

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    Violent on marijuana? Completely absurd on the face of it. Been smoking it for years, most of my friends indulge, and no one, not one single person, has ever become “violent.” Simply doesn’t happen. To suggest that there is even a crumb of believability in that assertain is absurd.

  • mgck59

    I am so sick of sad, sorry Fox News. Every time we turn around they are speaking off the wall crap. The FACTS: Regardless of how angry supposed Trayvon Martin was DID HE HAVE THE GUN NO, For him to have been so quote angry I would have thought him to be totting a pistol, knife, some kind of weapon….yeah right Zimmerman is a piece a work and he probably will get off scott free