Glenn Beck: "I'm hemorrhaging money. I spent all of the money that I have because I believe in something."

Glenn Beck on his radio show today continued to rail against immigration reform and urged his listeners to go to Washington, DC on Wednesday to stand with him and several Republican members of Congress who are seeking to permanently torpedo the legislation.

Please help Glenn Beck. He's "hemorrhaging money".

Please help Glenn Beck. He’s “hemorrhaging money”.











Right Wing Watch reports, “Beck became increasingly worked up as he went through the litany of massive projects he is working on, explaining that he is trying to “fundamentally transform the media” on television, radio, and the internet while building motion picture production and distribution capacities at the same time that he is putting on massive stage productions and even writing novels.”

Beck said, “I’m hemorrhaging money. I have spent all of the money that I have put away, because I believe in something.”

Beck continued to say “We’re on the Titanic, not all of us are going to make it and unless you have some urgency, we’re all going to die.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch: 


  • Frances R

    Stay on the ship, Glenny! Sail away!

  • Older_Wiser2

    Short Glenda: I’m broke. Send me some.

    • Anomaly 100

      And if you don’t, “We’re all gonna die.”

  • BanditBasheert

    Send Money Now.

  • Remain Anon

    What happen to personal responsibility?? Get a job! Your problem, you fix it, ya douchebag!

    • dizlz

      Maybe Palin will put a buck under his chair. Nah, no way. She’s already out that $27 she doled out to those ungrateful grads and it will be a while before she gets over that.

  • Carla

    Skywalker like? ROFLMFAO. There’s delusional and then there’s delusional.

  • Carla

    If this is the big announcement, I want my money back.(I didn’t really pay any money)

  • sdpt45

    Wait, didn’t Beck put all his money in gold?

  • Daniel Kalban

    The sooner he goes off air, the better this nation would be

  • Sally

    Well, since Beck was dying 6 years ago, and going blind before that, and selling gold and ‘survival kits’ all the while, I doubt he is either broke or scared. His listeners want to be frightened. To distrust authority. To send money to a Mormon creep who plays them for every cent. People like him used to be run out of town the minumte their frauds were exposed. NOW, they just rake in more and more money. Beck, Palin, Rush, Fox…if America is going down, those folks are the cause, not liberals.

    • Linda Manning

      What does his being Mormon have to do with anything?

      • Gale Abernathy

        Nothing, really, but he DID say he only became a Mormon because he wanted sex.

      • dizlz

        Well he does like to give secret coded Mormon messages. Seems he is the one giving that church a bad name.

    • dizlz

      Wasn’t this the week, or was that last week, that he was going to break some huge news that would tilt the planet’s axis?? Chickensh*t Little is who he is and as long as he can keep convincing his loyal contributors that the sky is falling, it won’t.

    • BanditBasheert

      You missed his vocal cords being paralyzed about 10 days ago!

  • nellpost

    I’d LOVE to know which fool sends him $$ first!!!

    • kurtsteinbach

      So would i because there is a Bridge in Brooklyn that I’m selling, and I need investors….. LOL!

  • Sean Bagley

    Who will mow his lawn in New Canaan if he doesn’t want immigrants anywhere in sight?

  • gailillly

    This guy is a full blown idiot. And anyone that believes in him is just as crazy as he is OMG he shouldn’t be on the airwaves spewing out bullshit that yes some people believe and he is scaring them. Oh what a god dam moron he is.

  • Rob Carlson

    Go out and see the real America…. The ones who built this country…..The day you think you can just sit there and tell others how you think and make millions is ridiculous…When you tell others you spent all your MONEY to get what you want….means you did nothing….. and you are just having a little fit because you lost the meaning of real life.

  • Monica V Lucas

    Good luck living in poverty in the world you helped create.

  • c-bass

    Glenn’s newfound hemorrhaging money problem will hopefully catch-up to his hemorrhage of fear and bullshit.

  • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    boo hoo are we supposed to feel sorry for this idiot?

  • Cherie Fleming

    Damn, he’s knocked himself down to upper middle class. Now he’ll have to pay taxes, poor thing.

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Only because his gold investment scam was found to be just that

  • Randall E. Winn

    “Pay attention to meeeee! Send me money! I am impotent!!!!”

  • Derp

    I think I speak for most when I say I’m willing to throw in a few bucks to help this guy….to leave this country. Some can help pack his bags, some to help arrange a plane ticket to …anywhere but here. Maybe he would like to visit Mitt Romney’s money down in the Cayman Islands. Maybe he can go visit Edward Snowden over there in Hong Kong with all the secrets he sold them. I thought Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent were also leaving… can we get some volunteers to help them out also?

  • Mrs. Stant

    Poor Beck. Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me account to send him on a nice long vacation?

    • kurtsteinbach

      I was thinking Bellvue Mental Hospital in NYC. I hear they have some really nice jackets for the residents there with arms that tie in the back….

  • Mister_Mean

    I thought he was going to leave the USA? Git going Glenn (take Rush along too).

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Reminds me of when Oral Roberts conned $9 million from parishioners because God told him he would “be called home” if he did not raise $8 million in 3 months.,8599,1677098,00.html

    Con men can thrive when they catch the attention of uneducated and fearful people

  • DrV57

    “We’re all going to die.” Yes, that’s part of the human condition.

  • Jo Hargis

    Oh, nozzzzzzzzz!! We all gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • kurtsteinbach

      No Glenn, hopefully just you will fade away….

  • Grant_Devereaux

    Another no talent guy who will be robbing the dry cleaners soon.

  • DisqustYouOut

    Well, of course we’re all gonna die

  • Kathy Mayo

    I’d love to see this guy unemployed & homeless!! What a fool!! They pay him to tell people they’re going to die? Brilliant! .. ;(

  • Clavell Jackson

    Glenn Beck is the 21st century’s PT Barnum.

  • tiredoftea

    Can you hemorrhage any more quickly?

  • Susan Thornton

    “Instant Karma’s gonna get you.” I doubt that he’s in any real danger of poverty, but if so, it would be justice to have this man finally learn that safety net programs are not evil: they are in fact non-discriminatory and help even those who are in a cash-challenged predicament through their own foolishness, though the majority who rely on such aid do so because of systemic causes.

  • AL_Nemesis

    Yeah, right… he’s just doing a pitch so that his gullible listeners will send him donations or buy into one of the companies he regularly promotes, which will increase his revenue stream. He’s not going broke.

  • Jim Rue

    Get a job.