GOP Rep Louie Gohmert: Gay Marriage Signals Collapse of Civilization

Rep.Louie Gohmert (R-TX) at a press conference,  attacked the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruling today, claiming that gay marriage always emerges “at the end of a great civilization.” Gohmert continued saying the “holy quintet” of the Supreme Court has gone “against the laws of nature and nature’s God,” and now America will suffer the consequences.













Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


  • Sally

    The only suffering this nation is enduring has come at the hands of the religious right and the Kochs. God created people, Louie, all, brown, female, gay…you know, all of us who don’t look like you male white rich control freaks. Get over yourself. Unless the GOP has plans to blow up this country next, this ruling does nothing except admit gays into the equality ranks. But then. the GOP doesn’t believe in that, do they? No equality for minorities, women, girls, gays…after all, the precious Founders were all white males, right? Fortunately, they had a lot more sense than the current unruly class does.

    • DaddyO_969

      You are so right, Sally. These people are the freaks of nature that should be denied a voice. You can thank Gingrich for this lunacy.

  • Paul Lewis

    Yet another GOP ass-hat!

  • DaddyO_969

    Clearly this moron (are those really his eyes??) is a charter member of Westboro Racist/Bigot Baptist Coven (my apologies to Wiccans everywhere, this guy must belong to a Satanic coven). The end of civilization? Rome’s empire lasted for 200 years, Greece for much longer and both civilizations celebrated all types of relationships. This is yet another example of the extent to which the religious wrong will go to force their ideas on others, regardless of the value of those ideas or the Constitutionality. How are these people still in office when their very existence is treason to this country? If all they want is a country with white males and subservient women where no one is welcome and every act is scrutinized, I wish the’d go to Iran or Afghanistan, where this behavior is celebrated. But in any case: LEAVE here.

  • J.J.

    Let’s see … immigration would hurt this country, minimum wage would hurt this country, interracial marriage would hurt this country, women voters would hurt this country … and yet we still survive. Louie’s a dumb ****.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Gohmert reads reality like a mad hatter sitting in the hattery as the mercury fumes eat what little brain he has,

    What has happened at the end of great civilizations has been their need for resources to support their power center and perpetuate their control over other peoples – by spreading their armies so thin in their imperialistic aims, they crumble under their own weight – Britain, France, Greece, Rome, USSR – even Germany and Japan.

    Once Rome failed in Gaul and Asia, their military was pulled back into the city to keep order in a civilization wrought with corruption, greed and poverty and a citizenship angered by their abuse- the governments eliminated their own “posse comitatus”. The people were not to be trusted said the “ruling classes”

    The failure of the US to hold the “power” it once attained is in its exceptionalist hubris and refusal to learn the history of those who went before.

    We cannot see the lessons because we believe it cannot happen here

    • Paul Sullivan

      You Nailed it! Thank You

  • Carla

    I have given this some considerable thought, at first I thought maybe one of those earwig things burrowed into his brain and was just eating it’s way across but it’s gone on too long. Then I thought perhaps it was untreated syphilis which I understand can make you lose your mind and is difficult to detect on a normal physical.

    Alas, I am afraid there is no excuse for his behavior and attitude except that he is small minded and intolerant to the extreme. Bad news is, he has a lot of friends and some of them have a lot of money. That and the fact they are true believers makes them very scary people.

    He is one goofy ass man and I can’t help but laugh every single time he opens his mouth – but somebody gave him a law degree and then somebody made him a judge (Rick Perry) and then a whole bunch of somebodies voted him into office. I truly hope last night’s filibuster was as inspiring to the voters of Texas as it was to me because this type of agenda has to stop.

  • Jonathan Scott Spicer

    Here`s an idea for Ol` Looney Louie,You want to protect “traditional marriage”? First follow the laws God laid down concening adultery and divorce(if you read carefully you`ll find more statements against those two than against homosexuality,especially the adultery it`s one of the 10 biggies). Once you clean up your own house then you can start screaming about the rest!

  • Stephanie Palmer

    Nah! Gohmert, wrong again. The downfall of this nation started with his birth. Big mistake.