GOP Texas AG: After SCOTUS ruling, Voter ID laws to take effect immediately, redistricting won't need approval

The Texas Department of Public Safety has declared that because of today’s Supreme Court ruling which struck down section four of the Voting Rights Act, that mandated that regions with a history of racial discrimination had to get federal approval for changes in election law, effective immediately, voters must show identification before they’re allowed to cast a ballot in state and local elections.










Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican, said, “With today’s decision, the State’s voter ID law will take effect immediately. Redistricting maps passed by the Legislature may also take effect without approval from the federal government.”

This is the GOP’s attempt at minority outreach. Texas is so excited over the SCOTUS decision that the state couldn’t even wait 24 hours to pretend Voter ID laws are not about suppressing the minority vote.

Watch courtesy of WFAA 8 ABC:


H/T: Mr. Sweetie™ with thanks.

  • Carla

    Are you kidding, they got the ruling they wanted they don’t even have to pretend –

    • Anomaly 100

      My bad. I thought they were still going for that reachy outy thingy.

  • juicyfruityyy

    Like everything else they try to manipulate. This will back fire on them, as well. We really need to find them another country!

  • rjcarter

    Plenty of time between now and 2014 for every voter who doesn’t have an ID of some kind to get one.

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Actually, no, but always take the most sparkly overly exaggerated assumption and run with it, right?Tell a poor disabled citizen living in rural Texas that he just has to drive himself in and get one or the elderly shut in or the homeless vet OR are you going to run through Texas and magnanimously pick up each and every citizen and drive them to the nearest location to get one and prove they are in fact the person they say they are and pay for the ID for them?

      Tell you what – once the law clears to go into effect, I will send out your contact information on my dime – just send it to me and I will be glad to be a part of your program to assure each and every citizen 18 yrs and older can use your service and get their free ID – all expenses and travel arranged by you, captain

      • rjcarter

        Hmm. So we have people magnanimously picking up people to drive them to the polls, but not people magnanimously picking up people to drive them to get an ID? Seems like a half-measure to me. Why are people so very very against ensuring that the right for citizens to vote isn’t subverted by non-citizens voting? Seems to me that anyone who’s out to “get out the vote” should make legal registration part and parcel of their mission.
        So how can we make getting proof of legal citizenship as easy as possible?