Rep. John Lewis on SCOTUS ruling, "We don't want to go back, I gave blood for the right to vote"

The Supreme Court struck down section four of the Voting Rights Act and Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who took part in every major civil rights event of the 1960’s, including the “Bloody Sunday” march on Selma, Ala., responded to the ruling.

Lewis says his initial reaction was “disbelief.” Lewis added, “We’ve made progress but there’s stil progress to be made.”

Lewis said, “What the Supreme Court did was to put a dagger in the heart of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. This act helped liberate not just a people but a nation.”

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Image: AP









“We don’t want to go back,” he continued. “I’m shocked, dismayed, disappointed. I take it very personally. I gave a little blood on that bridge for the right to vote, for the right to participate in a Democratic process.”


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  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Unfortunately, with the current crop of “judges” on the bench – at least Alito, Kennedy, Scalia and Thomas, we are going backwards.

  • Coletta

    Rep. Lewis is correct! This is a big step backward! It is deplorable that Justices are voting according to the wishes of their Big Fat Cats friends who are probably paying them handsomely so they vote favorably for the wealthy! This is NOT my idea of democracy at work. It is a bad example of Big Money at work! I guess the old saying is true: every man has his price. Give them enough money, and you’ll get what you want. We NEED some new judges on the Supreme Court.

  • F M

    Wall Street Journal. Quote:

    In practical terms, this will be very hard for Congress to do without including the entire country in its map of voting discrimination. As the Chief Justice noted in oral argument in Shelby County, the state with the largest gap between white and black voter turnout is Massachusetts. Congress will have to explain why the Bay State deserves to be treated better than Mississippi, where black turnout exceeds white turnout.

    End quote

    Maybe John would like to sanction Massachusetts for it’s plainly racist, anti-black bias? No?