Author of Texas pro-birther bill argued against prenatal care because “they’re not born yet”

July 10, 2013

The author of the radical anti-choice bill in Texas, State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R), claims to be a protectorate of the unborn, however,  she’s also a very confused woman. Laudenberg said recently that rape kits can ‘clean a woman out’ while comparing them to abortions. In 2007, Laudenberg disregarded health care for an expectant mother saying, “But they’re not born yet.”

Nothing crazy to see here. Move along..

Nothing crazy to see here. Move along..









The Huffington Post reports:

But back in 2007, she made the case against treating the unborn as people — at least, when it comes to qualifying for health care services.

During a House debate on an appropriations bill that year, Laubenberg, a staunch conservative, put forward an amendment that would require expectant mothers to wait three months before they could begin receiving prenatal and perinatal care under the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, a program that helps cover uninsured children in low-income families.

Laubenberg’s amendment drew criticism from Democratic Rep. Rafael Anchia, who said the change would mean that more than 95,000 children, in utero, would be kicked out of the CHIP program. As the two sparred over whether that was true — Anchia cited CHIP data from hospitals, Laubenberg alleged it was “misinformation” — Anchia asked if Laubenberg recognized those in-utero babies as people.

“You do know, don’t you, that these are U.S. citizens?” Anchia asked.

“But they’re not born yet,” Laubenberg said.

Her remark confirms what most of us are aware of. The fetus is protected by Republicans until after they’re born then all bets are off.

Anchia said to her, “That’s the whole point, see? You have an anti-life amendment.”

Laubenberg responded saying that “no one is more pro-life” in the House than her, and Anchia’s data was wrong.

Laudenberg appeared rattled and said, “I will be back,. But right now, out of consideration for the body, I will pull this amendment down.”



More at the Huffington Post. 

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  • noname

    Hey not all of us Christians are like her. I know what my decision would be, and no matter what the woman decision is I will still treat her with love and compassion, but at the same time I would let her know just to educate herself on her decision on either side life or abortion, before going through it, because it can’t be reversed. But I’m not going to bash her or judge her because I don’t know her situation.

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    Then vote the moron out of you have so much power! She’s an embarrassment!

  • christina

    She shouldnt be having a baby if she cant afford prenatal care herself.

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