Stevie Wonder announces he will not perform in states with the Stand your Ground Law, until abolished

July 15, 2013

While performing in Quebec City on July 14th 2013, Stevie Wonder responded to George Zimmerman Not Guilty verdict, after the shooting death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. Mr. Wonder announced, “Unless the Stand Your Ground Law is abolished in n Florida, I will never perform there again.” The iconic singer added further that he will no longer perform in any other states that adhere to said laws.
















I’ve been blessed. I’ve had the opportunity to see Stevie Wonder in concert a couple of times, once on his birthday in New Orleans. He played for 5 hours straight. Florida,  you’re missing out.

One of my favorites.


Yeah, I’m dancing like Elaine in Seinfeld. Don’t judge me.

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  • Laura Brennan, an alias

    I seriously doubt that Georgia allows deadly force to protect one’s car.

  • Patricia Dryburgh

    If you are driving a car irresponsibly and are in an accident in which your passenger dies, you will most likely get charged with vehicular manslaughter. You will also have your driver’s license suspended.
    But, in Florida, and other “Stand Your Ground” states, if you are not yet a felon, you can carry a gun and kill anyone who you see as suspicious. What could be more suspicious than a teenager walking in the rain with his hoodie up??? If you’re George Zimmerman, that kid is “up to no good.”
    I guess you’re not as dead if you’re shot by a wanna-be cop as you are if you die in a car accident.

  • Jill Suttie

    I can’t get over the Zimmerman verdict. A man armed with a gun stalks a teenage boy, and when the boy notices the man’s stalking him and he can’t get away, he turns to fight and gets killed in the process. The man claims self-defense and gets off without penalty. This is justice? I feel sick. Florida, DO SOMETHING!

  • Renee Nealy

    You are so right. I think this will call a lot of people to action because, the system does not seem to be working. When we vote we have power. I think a lot of people will wake up after this and start to vote and do the civic duty by going to jury duty. This way we can get diversity and have a well rounded group of people serving on jury duty.

  • searambler

    I’m sorry, but change will or will not happen regardless of whether or not Stevie Wonder performs a concert in a particular state. I think you ascribe way more influence to the man than he actually has. And I think that his fan base, the ones who would actually pay for concert tickets to see him, are NOT the George Zimmermans of the world….

  • Laura Brennan, an alias

    loosen up, willya?

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