Author of Texas pro-birther bill argued against prenatal care because "they're not born yet"

The author of the radical anti-choice bill in Texas, State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (R), claims to be a protectorate of the unborn, however,  she’s also a very confused woman. Laudenberg said recently that rape kits can ‘clean a woman out’ while comparing them to abortions. In 2007, Laudenberg disregarded health care for an expectant mother saying, “But they’re not born yet.”

Nothing crazy to see here. Move along..

Nothing crazy to see here. Move along..









The Huffington Post reports:

But back in 2007, she made the case against treating the unborn as people — at least, when it comes to qualifying for health care services.

During a House debate on an appropriations bill that year, Laubenberg, a staunch conservative, put forward an amendment that would require expectant mothers to wait three months before they could begin receiving prenatal and perinatal care under the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, a program that helps cover uninsured children in low-income families.

Laubenberg’s amendment drew criticism from Democratic Rep. Rafael Anchia, who said the change would mean that more than 95,000 children, in utero, would be kicked out of the CHIP program. As the two sparred over whether that was true — Anchia cited CHIP data from hospitals, Laubenberg alleged it was “misinformation” — Anchia asked if Laubenberg recognized those in-utero babies as people.

“You do know, don’t you, that these are U.S. citizens?” Anchia asked.

“But they’re not born yet,” Laubenberg said.

Her remark confirms what most of us are aware of. The fetus is protected by Republicans until after they’re born then all bets are off.

Anchia said to her, “That’s the whole point, see? You have an anti-life amendment.”

Laubenberg responded saying that “no one is more pro-life” in the House than her, and Anchia’s data was wrong.

Laudenberg appeared rattled and said, “I will be back,. But right now, out of consideration for the body, I will pull this amendment down.”



More at the Huffington Post. 

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    Clearly an IDIOT! Idiots obviously VOTED for her; and she obviously REPRESENTS idiots! Texas is an embarrassment to the rest of the country! What’s FUNNY, is they seem to be pretty PROUD of that fact! LOL

    • PeppermintKiwi

      Mmm, yes, that’s what all those people in orange shirts have been doing at the Capitol (and across Texas): renewing their support for the GOP.

  • BanditBasheert

    Seriously? Prenatal care is for the health of the MOTHER and the fetus. But since mothers are women, no one cares and after the fetus is born, it can die without healthcare and none of them will care.
    These people are seriously deranged. Who voted for this braindead cretin?

    • rugs

      She runs unopposed in her district, usually

    • tiredoftea

      A whole district full of brain dead cretins!

    • rjcarter

      Ditto, with an emphasis on the AND between mother and fetus. Claiming a pro-life position and taking a stance that doesn’t promote fetal health is an unhealthy cognitive dissonance.

  • rugs

    And then last night she tabled an amendment that would have allowed women who carried their babies to term to qualify for food stamps and other assistance, to help feed those babies.

    • Anomaly 100

      Isn’t she precious?

  • alan carter

    WOW! Sometimes I really wonder if this an act? No one can be that DUMB can she?

  • Kelly McGee

    Infant mortality in the USA is 50% higher than all other industrial countries COMBINED. I am happy to know that my baby was one that didn’t matter because she hadn’t been born. Who cares about fetuses unless they are about to be aborted. I guess I should have stayed home and maybe I would have died too. She’s have liked that apparently :(

    • hmhighfi

      I am fully prepared to committing my life to doing everything I think this woman and her ilk would NOT like. I think that would be a worthwhile mission.

  • Jerry Critter

    Owwww! The stupid, it hurts!

  • rugs

    Several times during the debate last night, she referred to the abortion of nine-month old fetuses. Yup, nine months. AKA birth.

  • Kelly Cowan

    ALEC wrote this bill not this ignorant fool. Jodie Laudenberg can’t even begin to explain what this bill means, or what it will do.

    • rugs

      Yeah, she needed someone at both elbows last night to consult with whenever someone asked her a question

      • Kelly Cowan

        State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R) TX is the Texas State Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

        • hmhighfi

          State Representative Jodie Laubenberg (R) TX is About as Bright as a Chair (AaBaaC).

  • Kelly Cowan

    Laubenberg Named Texas State Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council

    by:Laubenberg, Jodie02/05/2013

    State Representative Jodie Laubenberg has been selected as the Texas State Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

    ALEC is a national nonpartisan legislative group founded in 1973 to promote the Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government, federalism and individual liberty. With more than 2,000 bipartisan members representing all 50 states, it is the largest individual membership organization for state legislators. The group also has more than 300 private sector members.

    Laubenberg said she is looking forward to her new role with ALEC. “At its heart, ALEC seeks to affect public policy that will ensure the powers of government are derived from, and assigned to, first the People, then the States, and finally the Federal Government,” she said. “While ALEC is focused on policy at the state level, it is just as firm a believer in the need for public-private partnership in order to best promote a successful free market system. The business community provides many of the ideas and resources which make ALEC so successful,” Laubenberg said.

    Texas House Speaker Joe Straus congratulated Laubenberg on the appointment. “I applaud Representative Laubenberg’s appointment to represent Texas as state chairwoman for the American Legislative Exchange Council,” Straus said. “Rep. Laubenberg’s commitment to advancing free-market and limited government policies in the Texas Legislature is well recognized and will be an asset to ALEC’s membership and board.”

    Laubenberg, a resident of the Collin County community of Parker, has served in the Texas Legislature since 2003. District 89 includes Fairview, Lavon, Lowry Crossing, Lucas, Murphy, Nevada, Parker, St. Paul and Wylie and portions of Allen, Plano, Princeton and Sachse.

    For more information on the American Legislative Exchange Council, visit the website For more information on Laubenberg and District 89, visit

    • hmhighfi

      Free market! Limited government! I think I shall be ill.

  • Anomaly 100

    “ALEC is nonpartisan.” I laughed.

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Sure – they have corporatist Repubs and Dems (mostly blue dog like Michael Bennet) among their ranks – they don’t care what party you are in…if you will take their money and push their agenda

  • flan59

    Laubenberg is an idiot, but I think that calling fetuses “citizens” is going way too far.

    • rugs

      Well, I think her opponent was just trying to underscore the argument that the pro-lifers tend to make.

      • rick

        really rugs? & what point was underscored? that he exposed an IDIOT?

        • Seriously


    • Elaine Underhill

      I this context, what they are debating is the right of the woman to have prenatal care. The program they are referring to is the CHIP Perinatal program, which provides access to prenatal care for women who do not qualify for Texas Medicaid, mostly due to their immigration status. Laudenberg is fighting against that program because she doesn’t want these women to have access to prenatal care because is government funded. No Texas Medicaid tax dollars are used to fund the program, the money comes from other grant monies. The gist of the program is that the mother is a vessel for the fetus, a child that will be born a U.S. citizen. Historically, because there was no Medicaid for undocumented women in Texas, they received no prenatal care and many, many of these babies were born with serious conditions that could have been avoided had the mother, the vessel, been given adequate prenatal care. Once these babies are born, they are citizens and qualify for Texas Medicaid. So instead of paying minimal costs for prenatal care to ensure a healthy baby, the burden of paying for very expensive care for very sick babies fell on Medicaid, and hospitals who had to write off the charges when the mother showed up to their hospital in labor. So, she fights against abortion to preserve the unborn fetus with her pro-life arguments, UNLESS the pregnant woman is undocumented. In those cases, the fetus “isn’t born yet” so doesn’t need any prenatal care. You are right, she is an idiot.

      • CT14

        Not just an idiot, a racist idiot. War against women AND Latinos.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Let’s force women to have babies even if it kills them but we don’t want to take care of them…Caring more about forcing the pre-born into existing than they do about the post born living

    Psychopathic, Narcissistic
    Today’s GOP

    • CT14


      But not if it means helping the woman doing the gestating, or the fetus, either. Just no way to access contraception or termination.

      • hmhighfi

        Pro-punishment! Why are all these women having all this sex anyway? I thought we agreed that that was gross, although the “Unmarried People Shouldn’t Get It On (esp. females)” bill sadly didn’t make it past the House. Let’s make life REAL hard for them.

  • Linda Silas

    “Pro-brither”? Is there a bill in favor of the people who think President Obama wasn’t born in this country?

  • dMnyc

    Linda, in this context, “pro-birther” means someone who only wants babies to be born, but could care less if they are healthy or cared for.

    • Lets-be-acurate

      * Couldn’t care less.
      If you Could care less, that kind of defeats the purpose of the phrase….

      • hmhighfi

        But maybe, if you couldn’t care less, it means you actually care a great deal, thus even if you tried you would not be able to care less than you do! If you want to get down to brass tacks, the only thing you’re left with is “don’t care.”

        • dMnyc

          I think there might actually be some room for Republicans to care even less then they do now. They seem to be constantly inventing new ways to make things unimaginably worse for everyone.

  • dMnyc

    As the great George Carlin said, “Once you leave the womb, conservatives don’t care about you until you reach military age. Then you’re just what they’re looking for. Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers.”

  • scj

    so she contradicted herself…. doesn’t she believe life starts at conception? seriously get those people out of the Texas Legislature.

  • scj

    well that totally explains a lot so they just appoint stupid people that will be their pawns makes sense

  • Scott @ Lifencompass

    It’s actually embarrassing that these people are part of my country.

    • Wanda Cotter

      . . . or my century!

    • D. R. Chazan

      It is more embarrassing that she was voted in by what must have been literate voters!

  • ??? °?Lindsay?? °? ?

    The American Taliban

  • Carla Akins

    hmmm, so what I take from this is, she can’t answer, doesn’t recall discussion on important bills so it’s everyone else’s fault and she’ll pull the bill to move things along because she’s just such a good person working for the people. right?

    • hmhighfi

      You forgot: if you provide evidence and facts to counter her, the facts and you are misinformed.

      • Carla Akins

        of course, how silly of me to forget the facts mean nothing.

  • noname

    so let me understand this: they are pro-life but don’t want to give them healthcare? I love how she said the babies don’t count because they aren’t born yet, but then later when someone wants to have an abortion she will talk them that is a living person. I really think they need to make up their mind when they claim they are pro life. If you’re pro-life then you should be all for healthcare for everyone, minimum wage going up so people can be more successful, and no death penalty because its anti life.

    • hmhighfi

      I don’t think they’re pro-life at all. I think that their entire platform is based on shaming sex. They want to punish women for having sex by not giving them contraceptives, punish them for getting pregnant by forcing them to carry to term, punish them for giving birth by refusing any assistance. It’s the same people who are staunchly anti-gay – they obsess over the sinfulness of gay sex and try to legislate what can and can’t go on in a bedroom, who can or cannot love certain other people.

      That’s their whole platform. isn’t it pathetic and absurd? They will let our entire infrastructure come crashing down if they can just make sure no one has sex unless they are heterosexually married and it is only for procreation.

      • Luis Alfredo Martinez

        This sounds like what the Catholic Church and all other christian churches preach.

        • Seriously

          Troll much?

          • LiberalAria

            What? He’s saying that is what Christians preach. How is that trolling.

  • Gregory Susoreny

    What is needed is a credible service that keeps tabs on unreasonable, incompetent legislators–a one-stop nationally recognized compendium of out-of-touch citizens who would wish to represent us. This would make voting decisions a much easier task for voters.

  • Omar Spence

    So according to this latest bit of conservative “logic”, a woman must be forced to carry a pregnancy to term, but she cannot have access to the care she needs for it to be a healthy pregnancy and there should be no access to healthcare assistance for the child when he/she is born.

    • ComGen

      GOP In summary: forced to have child, marry rich CEO–on your own during and after, no fed/state assistance–food, health, education, zero can’t afford this stuff on your own – OH Well – freeloader !

    • Sally

      It is, indeed, baffling.

  • cabmanbxr

    There’s only one way to get rid of this self-righteous Reich wing douchebag, and that’s to vote her, and every single lousy Republican like her, OUT when the time comes.

  • Scottsteaux63

    That woman is an IDIOT.

  • Mmcphedr

    So, wait a minute. She’s against abortions, but thinks we can disregard prenatal care because the baby “isn’t born yet”? I thought they thought life begins at contraception, what the hell happened to that? Effectively, she just tacitly admitted that she doesn’t give a rip about unborn life, AND undermined her own position to boot.

  • Tom_Bl

    Laubenberg has a history of serving as Campaign Chairman for Congressman Sam Johnson. She worked to re-name part of US-75 for Congressman Johnson. And you know what he says about Democrats…

  • hmhighfi

    So many of these “moral” political sideshow acts are just against EVERYTHING. What’s going on here is that they don’t want anyone (mostly women) to have sex unless they’re prepared to have a child, so they don’t want any kind of sex education for young people or any sort of promotion of contraceptives and things that would reduce unwanted pregnancies. They’re against the government making laws enforcing universal contraceptive access because the government shouldn’t interfere with morals. But they believe abortion is immoral so they’re totally against letting women terminate all those unwanted pregnancies they were basically unable to avoid. And of course, they are chomping at the bit to make THAT a law and shove it down people’s throats.

    So they’re against having sex, which causes more unsafe sex, and they’re against contraception, which causes more unwanted pregnancies AND more abortions, plus they’re against abortion. THEN, they’re against any kind of handouts for those awful zygotes/fetuses they extol as precious and un-abortable. And especially, they’re against handouts for the impoverished (or soon-to-be impoverished) parents who didn’t want a baby in the first place, but now have to have one. And if the baby makes it out alive, I can bet you this woman would find it horrifying that this horrible out-of-wedlock child is running around soaking up taxpayer resources because its mom was some kind of sex maniac and couldn’t say no.

    They hate women, they hate children, they hate preventing children from being born, and they hate accepting responsibility for them before OR after they’re born in the form of health care, education and any kind of public services.

    They’re so quick to tell people that they need to be responsible for their own actions, but they are essentially forcing the worst possible options on people and then stripping away their ability to deal with the outcome. I can’t see how this isn’t all about control – stripping people of any agency over their own lives and then making them feel worse than dirt for everything they do, want or say.

    • Navybrat

      You are so right!!!!

  • Stacey Shoemaker

    The pro-abortionists always think they’ve got us for hypocrisy when we want the law to forbid murder without requiring the redistribution of wealth to create a cradle-to-grave welfare state. It’s an absurd accusation, but, as it often does, their moral blindness leads them into crass stupidity.

    • txsaint

      Boy, it must blow your little mind to he confronted with such strangeness as facts. FACT: 60% of women getting abortions live below the poverty level. Fact: prenatal care reduces the chance of disabilities and complications resulting from pregnancy which are much more expensive to treat later. Fact: anyone using regurgitated right-wing soundbites like “redistribution of wealth” needs to turn to eff off Fox News and read once and a while.

      ddisability and illness in children. Fact: inecpensive

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Wow – all those regurgitated talking points in one little post. I’m impressed. You must have practiced long and hard or that is all you know.

      SO much silliness..where to start.

      #1 – there is no such thing as a “pro-abortionist”. No one wants to have to make a choice to have an abortion – contrary to the little bubble in which you see yourself in constant self absorbed reflection.

      I can cite study, text, scientific fact and psychiatric thesis and research as well as humanistic, philosophical and constitutional scholar but it won’t make a damn bit of difference to an ideologue

      #2 “redistribution of wealth to create a cradle-to-grave welfare state”. – do you even know what that means? I doubt it.

      Tell you what. You don’t want a “redistribution of wealth to create a cradle-to-grave welfare state.” starting right now. Stop using all utilities to include natural gas and petroleum products – no plastics, no fuel (all the oil, gas and power from hydro to nuke in this nation is sourced from the people’s property and mineral rights – all those appliances and little containers that food comes in…you can’t use them either). Stop using the roads, don’t call the police for any reason or fire department, sheriff, Hwy patrol or get on an airplane, No mail either – it travels on those welfare state roads. No electricity, no TV (so you can’t watch all those faked Housewives, unreal “reality” shows, stupid videos, bad romances, or soaps or TLC stupidity). And while we are at books, movies or anything else for you….not even a kerosene lamp Oh – and that house. You don’t own it. Out of there too. That “money” you use. Give it back …all part of the evil “redistribution of wealth to create a cradle-to-grave welfare state.”

      Money is minted by the people to be used in exchange for goods and services received. It has no intrinsic value but is the concept of the state (socialist). The roads, the utility delivery system, your internet all is at the behest and with support of that evil “redistribution of wealth to create a cradle-to-grave welfare state.”

      You are worth only what you put into the system…no more and no less. The fact that the government through the con of your preferred assholes has stacked the deck against 99% of the people should make you as mad as shit but no..
      You, a woman, who would prefer your delusion instead of comprehending that we women fighting for the right to choose are saving your particular ass. Yes, Your sorry butt.

      We speak for all women to be in control of their own destiny. You don’t get a fucking vote on what I do with my being no more than I get a vote on your being and their is no fool in a state house, judge bench, talk show, pulpit, or hidden behind a computer screen that has a say on what anyone else does to and with her body. You don’t have a right to anything but for you.

      As far as “moral”. You don’t have a clue. Until and unless you are confronted with the reality of a fetus deformed and dying that is creating death to the parent host, or a fetus so deformed that mere existence outside the womb is sheer and bloody torture until blessed relief through death, or a child impregnated by one of 10 men in her immediate family.., or you are brutally raped a gang of testosteroned psychopaths, or a woman who is a drug addict in her 6 month of pregnancy, a child who unknowingly got pregnant fearing the beating she will get by her abusive father, you don’t even comprehend “choice”
      Morality is respecting the rights of each and every individual unconditionally accepting their unique being as an equal part of all uniqueness and the universal one.

      But, it appears you prefer your little self absorbed narcissitic exceptionalism to the real world – that is your right. But you have no right to tell any other person that they don’t have a right to self determination.

      • searambler

        Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap………

      • Anthony

        call the burn ward

    • Jeca

      I am not pro-abortion. I am pro-choice. Quite frankly I’d rather pregnancy not happen to anyone unless the mother wants to become pregnant. I think for a woman to choose abortion must be an dreadful decision that most don’t take lightly. I know I would not have wanted to have to make that decision. What I object to more than anything is a legislator making a law that will limit my rights. I think that more than anything that is an anathema to me. What will be next? I’d like to see these men limiting men’s rights but I know that will never happen.

      • Stacey Shoemaker

        if you have ever had any experience in a “Family” court, you would know what a ridiculous statement that last sentence was.

        • Navybrat

          Stacey, all of your comments have been ridiculous.

    • Sarah Santos – abentwookie

      No we don’t think we have, we DO have you. You claim that the fetus is a human life from the moment it is conceived and should be protected and yet you don’t actually want to pay for prenatal care to ensure the child and mother’s health? lol That is the ultimate hypocrisy. What I want is for republicans to finally have the courage to admit that they don’t really care about the fetus any more than they care about anyone else. I want them to finally admit that this is all about control women, like most of the other policies. Equal pay for women? Not a chance because then a woman would be better able to provide for herself and her kids. Food or health assistance for poor women? No way. Basically all of their policies are built around the idea of making women dependent on men again.

  • Sally

    I cannot like this enough. This woman, Jodie Laubenberg baffles me with her lack of information. She can’t even defend her own bills without looking misinformed. Who exactly is she a puppet for, I wonder?
    Anyway, thanks for your powerful words, they are spot-on.

  • Frederick TheReckless Wilcox

    The hole in which she puts the pie. She must shut it.

  • Frederick TheReckless Wilcox

    The hole in which she puts the pie. She must shut it.

    • Melissa McCann

      I LOLed out loud.

  • Jeca

    In essence, the Texas legislature is creating a society of poor, uneducated people who can be used as “slaves” to the rich in Texas.

    • Molina

      At last someone has seen the elephant in the room :)

  • Jennifer Fennessy

    The unborn baby is unborn …. HOWEVER, the MOTHER HAS ALREADY BEEN BORN and deserves PRENATAL CARE, because it may take a lot of worry away from her — hence ensuring a healthier pregnancy! Are people really this thick ?

    • Kama

      CHIP is strictly health care for children, and as such anyone over 18
      doesn’t qualify – thus if you’re arguing that prenatal care is solely
      for the mother, she won’t qualify for CHIP. If you’re arguing it’s for the baby, then you have an in to allow for prenatal care.

  • Kelly McGee

    prenatal care saves the lives of both woman and baby, and lack of it often leads to disasters. Its not just worry that it takes away, but the risk of severe complications. Not that she cares, apparently

  • Melissa McCann

    Proof positive that a fetus is not a human being. If it was, conservatives would not give a shit what happened to it.

  • Brent

    Has she got Straw for Brains ~ what a twit!! Where does Texas get ’em! Walmart after Midnight??

    • Barbara Walters

      I think they get them from damaged Cracker Jack boxes in the clearance section of Walmart at Disneyland.

  • killer3000ad

    America, how do you elect such mor0ns to you be your representatives???

    • Torgofjungle

      i dont know dude…. i just dont know

    • Syn

      Just another nail in the coffin. These crazy, religious, republican boomers are going down, never to rise again.

    • Caley Woulfe

      I don’t. I am a DEMOCRAT and *D* proud of it.

  • John Dillinger


  • christina

    She shouldnt be having a baby if she cant afford prenatal care herself.

  • Rhonda Lowenstein

    Then vote the moron out of you have so much power! She’s an embarrassment!

  • noname

    Hey not all of us Christians are like her. I know what my decision would be, and no matter what the woman decision is I will still treat her with love and compassion, but at the same time I would let her know just to educate herself on her decision on either side life or abortion, before going through it, because it can’t be reversed. But I’m not going to bash her or judge her because I don’t know her situation.