Irony: Gun molester Adam Kokesh to run for President to ‘abolish the federal govt,’ but lives on disability checks

Adam Kokesh admits he is 70 percent disabled from his term of military service and lives solely on that money, yet he wants to run for President in 2020 and run on the platform of abolishing the federal government. Kokesh is the gun molester who planned an armed march on Washington D.C., then declared it to be a success, even though it never happened. What Kokesh did was sneak into Washington in the cover of night, then videotape himself with a gun, with none of the other eleventy thousand gun nuts alongside him as  promised, then said it was a success.  And now he seeks a presidential run in 2020, likely to garner donations from this bugfuck followers.

Kokesh in the Big House, not the White House, holla!

Kokesh in the Big House, not the White House, holla!









Kokesh did an interview from where he is  currently jailed on drug charges and is facing a firearms charge in D.C., to say he will someday run for President on a platform of hating on the federal gubbermint. Kokesh insists the magic mushrooms that were in his possession were not his. (wink wink)

On an aside: I was going to post someone significant but decided to mock Adam Kokesh instead for the lulz.

Shamelessly stolen from Wonkette:

The former U.S. Marine who served in Iraq plans to someday bring his anti-government views before voters. “


Yes sir, in 2020 on the platform of: orderly dissolution of the United States government.


Why is having a federal government a good idea at this point?”

Adam Kokesh believes the U.S. military is more harmful than helpful to American security, and the government — as a whole — has burdened its citizenry with debt.

Adam Kokesh is 70% disabled from his term of military service. He says he lives only on that money.

Do you guys see what we mean? He’s comedy gold. His schtick will LITERALLY never get old, because he will always step up his game with stuff like this. Abolish the government because the military is terrible and costs us all money but please to pay Adam Kokesh the federal gubmint military monies because otherwise he has none. There’s another type of government largesse that Kokesh is happy to partake of:

Kokesh is currently being represented by a public defender.

(my bold)

Watch courtesy of My Fox DC:

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Again, we rate Adam Kokesh as the biggest pussy in Murica. And so it is written….

H/T: Our hawt guy admin @ComgenKDT. 

  • tiredoftea

    Fringe righties, redefining stupid at every opportunity!

  • Carla Akins

    I for one, am truly happy you chose to mock Adam, to do otherwise is to do him a disservice when he has worked so hard to earn it. The house shown in clip was really nice, does Adam live at home with Mom? We already know he’s a pussy because he had to video his act of civil disobedience in the predawn hours instead of being arrested in broad daylight like 85 year old women in North Carolina. I have only one teesny-weensy issue, the “gun molester” in the title provided me with a mental image I’m having trouble ridding myself of.

    • Anomaly 100

      I apologize for that, but when I think of Kokesh, I see an image of him masturbating to a picture of his gun.

      • Carla Akins

        oh – that was not helpful. 😉

      • Sally

        I don’t think he uses a picture. I think he gets out the BIG gun, and well…

        • Anomaly 100

          Let’s just say that he’s a very anal person…

          • searambler

            Oh, thank you so much for that visual……….

          • Anomaly 100
        • Carla Akins

          oh you made it worse!

      • Bil Wood

        I bet he rubs “Gun Oil” on his big gun… Google “Gun Oil” and you will laugh.

        • Carla Akins

          thank you.

    • Helen Wheels

      His daddy is rich – he rips off people for a living. Daddy probably bought it for him.

      • Carla Akins

        that explains alot.

  • heychief

    This is almost as bad as peter king. bhahahahahahahah

    • Sally

      OMG..say him on Morning Joe yesterday..the guy would have us in a war on every continent tomorrow if he could. What a moron and a half.

  • Howard Hendrickson

    Isn’t the president PART of the federal government? So wouldn’t he be getting rid of the office he wants to run for? I know we aren’t supposed to make fun of retarded people, but HE put himself out there…

    • ComGen

      Most Wingnuts really don’t think past the Idea part.

      Plus long as he ” gets his ” as President I’m certain nothing else will matter. Since 2001 Presidential salary + perks: $400,000 annual salary, $100,000 travel, $19,000 entertainment and $50,000 annual expense account.

      • Anomaly 100

        But isn’t he too disabled to work? I guess he thinks being POTUS is a cinch.

        • Sally

          Hey, if Sarah is qualified to be “President of the Senate” I’m sure these baggers think anyone can handle the big jobs.

      • BethDunham

        Some day one of them could win and be President look at that wonderful Child Molester in PA

    • BethDunham

      he is not retarded he is a Republican its not nice to say retarded no more

      • patchbran

        what about republitard? i like that one!

        • BethDunham


      • Aimee Barfield

        No, he’s a far right Libertarian Conspiracy Theorist. There aren’t many, save for a few in Texas, Republicans who would go near Koresh.

      • Howard Hendrickson

        same thing…retarded, republican…sorry, I just don’t see a difference…

  • MoDans

    Irony is so ironic

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Another narcissist heard from

  • BethDunham

    A lot of these losers are in the service to milk it,,, another Christian cry baby loser

    • nina bartoletta

      Absolutely have thought the same thing for a long time, a lot of these young guys are milkers/scammers, probably have fathers and uncles who have lived all their lives on “disability” while old people who can hardly walk anymore are still dragging themselves off to work to survive. This worthless loser makes me sick, as does the rest of the phony rightwing extremists.

  • Landomando

    sorry he is not the biggest pussy in murica…that title belongs to George Zimmerman…how must it feel for him to walk around as the biggest creme puff coward punk on the planet.

  • jimshannon

    I wonder what his disability is, and if he has organic brain disease as a result.

  • R-WOOD

    WOW!!! You guys are good at this. Mother must be proud.

  • jeff4justice

    The claim “Adam Kokesh is 70% disabled from his term of military service.” is not proven. Where’s the source?

    However he’s stated numerous times he supports bleeding the system.

    • Anomaly 100

      The source is linked: My Fox 5. FYI: Bleeding the system is bleeding us.

      • jeff4justice

        LOL the 2party system charade and its lie-based wars, slavery, pollution, and eradication of human rights is bleeding us.

        The linked page does not contain the quote.

        • Anomaly 100
          • jeff4justice

            If the 2party system of 16trillion in debt, half a nation in poverty, most people now supported by welfare, and more taxes for their failure is your example of a party than no thank you. Voting for the same 2partys system over and over expecting different results as this point is just willful ignorance. There are numerous alternatives to choose from and mainstream media will do all it can to ignore and evoke bias against them.

            Thanks for clarifying the source. It reads “Shamelessly stolen from Wonkette” and that link, as I mentioned, does not contain the quote. Also, in the report Adam is not quoted so it’s the reporter’s word on that.

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            “…most people now supported by welfare”. Really? Wow, I must have missed that welfare check.
            Could you be any more melodramatic and as wrong ? I really love the comedic touch. Oh, wait, you really believe this, don’t you?

            Seek help..
            Here is a great resource for you


          • jeff4justice

            I am no blind supporter of any public figure or group or ideology.

            Keep defending the less than mediocre 2partys system charade at your own peril.

            My comments don’t get published when I submit links so you have to look up the headlines yourself:

            cbsnews Census data: Half of U.S. poor or low income

            naturalnews The Welfare States of America: Government food aid recipients now outnumber full-time private sector workers

            I can imagine if I was defending such a pathetic system I’d be
            resorting to cussing tantrums too. Maybe Tai Chi can help you with that.

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            Obviously you are a blind supporter. So blinded by your own arrogance, can’t even catch a slow pitch from 2 feet away. Oblivious to your own actions.

            And obliviously to the tight rumination of your political OCD stuck on the whir of your own self referencing.

            So in love with your diatribe (as noted in every comment made over past 2 days on multiple sites)…even to the branded “2party” (patent pending? or copyright?), you don’t get it

            You have proven that you haven’t a clue…

            Here is a hint – doesn’t matter if it is a “2party” system, a million party system, a 3 party or 1 party.

            As I said, wake the fuck up or don’t. You make your own irrelevance.

          • jeff4justice

            You run your mouth online a lot to say a lot of nothing. As brilliant as you are I’m amazed you even have time for me.

            We don’t know what the impact of a multiparty system in the USA would be because it’s never existed in modern times here. We do know that some of the alternative parties like the Greens do not take corporate donations.

            Now if you think voting is futile because of hijacked voting machines or you think government should be dissolved like Adam does or you believe in a NWO or Illuminati then that’s beyond what we’ve addressed so far.

            In any case as much as you’d like to take your frustration on life out on me, I am not your enemy and if you spent less time ranting like a child and constructing a coherent viewpoint then I might understand you. If the gist of all you have to say is “you don’t think like me so you’re a bad person” then this convo is futile. Let me know if you need any more of my attention.

          • Carla Akins

            Natural News? The wacko anti-vaxxer website that also portends Big Pharma is creating “mass shooters”? Never mind, every word you’ve uttered now has no credibility.

          • jeff4justice

            Refute with evidence. There’s things I dispute Adams about but his info on the economic downfall appears legit. You have no credibility to me so we’re even ; )

          • Scott Belen

            people never should argue with stupid people such as you…. you just bring them down to your level and beat them with experience

          • jeff4justice

            Scott, sticks and stones may break my bones but your inability to refute or develop a coherent argument will never hurt me – except when you vote.

          • JEHill674

            Natural news? Mercola’s snake-oil site? Are you fncking kidding?

            Hell, why not just cite The Onion? One is about as credible as the other.

          • jeff4justice

            Refute with evidence. There’s things I dispute Adams about but his info on the economic downfall appears legit.The fact that most Americans live in poverty has been reported by all mainstream news outlets including so-called liberal and so-called conservative channels as well as alternative media.

            Why you deflecting from the issues? You think most Americans are not in poverty? What’s your beloved source? You think the 2-party system is not ruining this country? Where’s the proof?

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            Oh, and if you think Kokesh is someone to hold as hero of the “movement” try for someone who isn’t a narcissist and hypocrite.

            As far as passion – great, use it but your diatribes are beyond over the top. Wake the fuck up or not and continue to be led around by a paranoia and angst you appear to embrace.

            With the above link, try this too

          • Anomaly 100

            The Tea Party is what happens if we have a third party. Bring a party to the table that’s not out of its collective mind, then I’ll reconsider my views.

          • jeff4justice

            Wrong, both the Tea Party and Occupy were futile attempts to change the system from within. There’s no fixing it from within.

          • Anomaly 100

            Occupy did some great things for this country, one of them bringing income inequality and Wall Street corruption into the conversation. Another being, helping people whose homes are being foreclosed.

          • jeff4justice

            Occupy is noble but like the tea party futile. Obama did not even address their concerns in his last state of the union speech.

          • Anomaly 100

            I’d have to watch it again but I think the President’s support of Elizabeth Warren speaks volumes. She’s a warrior, feared by the left and the right. Yes, I am a Warren fangirl. More like her and our country could go Icelandic on bankstas.

          • jeff4justice

            Anyone within the 2partys system who does not follow their marching orders will be ostracized as we say with Dennis Kucinich.

            While I don’t know much about Elizabeth Warren, with her allegiance to the criminalization of drugs she does not impress me. Here are 2 progressive evaluations of some of her not-so-progressive views:

            nakedcapitalism Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran

            commondreams Progressive Democratic Hero Elizabeth Warren Enlists to Serve AIPAC’s Pro-War Agenda

            My posts don’t show up when I include links so you’d have to look that stuff up.

          • Biting Reality

            Whoosh – flew right over your head

            That sonic boom was truth gone by and you missed the scream.

            You obviously never got it.

            Know absolutely nothing of Occupy. “changing the system from within”

            Occupy refuses to accept “the system” -they just do.

            But I suspect you can’t even comprehend the concept. Always have to “fight” the system? That is loving the fight and living the dream of the system. Entrenched intransigence to the point of irrelevance

          • jeff4justice

            I don’t speak incoherent gibberish sorry.

          • Aimee Barfield

            Koresh and if you identify with his ilk are nothing but Libertarian conspiracy theorists. Koresh gums it up when Alex Jones has him on the air. Sad and pathetic little boys, the lot of you and I am being kind.

          • jeff4justice

            Cute how no one in this comment thread can communicate anything other than petty name calling. No coherent, useful, insightful thoughts or refuting. I’ve interviewed Adam on my YouTube channel and challenged him on many of his views. Unlike you appear, I am not afraid to engage with people of all walks of life.

          • Aimee Barfield

            I’ve seen all I need to see of Koresh to last me a lifetime. I was a little harsh towards you, mea culpa. I’m speaking the truth about Koresh, he’s a conspiracy theorist driven Libertarian. I am not without knowledge on Koresh or his ‘movement’. By the way you defend him, you appear to be an admirer of his, I am not. I don’t speak about in ignorance. I would say I speak of him in contempt but that would be giving him more of my energy then he really deserves. I feel like he’s taken up enough of it.

            He backed out of his ‘march on DC’, he then told his followers to march on State capitals, that failed spectacularly (and miraculously he never speaks of it) and now he gumming up for another march next year. He’s tiresome. He’s tired.

            My greatest hope in the world is that Libertarians would wake up to reality. You haven’t been able to, I’ve read your replies through out this thread and you have been oh so wrong on so many things.

          • jeff4justice

            I am a blind supporter of no public figure or political ideology as there are flaws in all of them. I find Kokesh to be thoughtful and interesting and on the other hand I disagree with some of his world views such as anarcho-capitlaism. Regarding Alex Jones, he’s obviously a problematic figure and I asked Kokesh about him when I interviewed him and Kokesh made clear he’s no blind follower of Jones either. I despise Jones inciting anti-LGBT sentiment in partiuciualr yet I find some of the info he puts out as valuable and ahead of game compared to mainstream media. What’s more, I am not as bothered by what you seem to negatively label as conspiracies. One need not be a conspiracy theorist to see how the 2-party system charade is beholden to corporations and is a perpetual instigator of lie-based war, slavery, poverty, pollution, and eradication of human rights.

            Regarding Libertarianism, it’s as flawed as the cults of the Democrat and Republican parties. At least they have it right though regarding live-and-let-live social issues.

            The world is controlled by evil people using fear-based systems of control to play god while the masses engage in trying to big-brtoher/nanny-state their own neighbors to death. The struggle is between live-and-let-live, golden-rule people of liberty and those fearfully obsessed with controlling other people.

          • Sherri G

            Absolutely agree…..they are some scary folks!

          • Anomaly 100

            I opened the link. My eyes, my eyes! They’re BURNING!

          • Sherri G

            This is the same group of whackos that are fighting the War on Women, gerrymandering and trying to restrict voting rights for anyone NOT white, blue-eyed and “Christian” according to their definition…..

          • Anomaly 100

            Oh right, you mean Republicans! Yeah, they’re pretty intolerant:-)

          • JEHill674

            There will never be any more than two viable parties in our system, so your third-party dreams are just that: pipe dreams. The way our Constitution is written precludes it.

            As for your other outrageous nonsense like, “…most people now supported by welfare…half a nation in poverty…”

            What are you? Stupid, FFS? Hyperbole, much?

            Your “alternatives” are no more than electoral masturbation designed to promote an hidden agenda for one of the two viable parties. Party politics has never changed us for the good; movement politics HAS, and it has from inside one of the two majors.

            Get a clue, mmm-kay?

          • Joe Downey

            The Constitution had no mentioning of Parties they and the Support systems are Creations of Party leader

  • CherMoe

    This guys eyeballs look as crazy as some of the more recent serial killers.

  • Helen Wheels

    That nutburger couldn’t even manage a march on DC …. kinda doubt he could run a lemonade stand.

  • Marty Susman

    Great republican.

  • Joe Downey

    Let me guess PTSD and he was a Company Clerk (like RADAR on MASH)

  • Willa Spatz Cartwright

    Well, I guess you could say he makes about as much sense as any other conservative / libertarian nutter.

  • BethDunham

    He is going to be on the new Zimmerman show on FOX called honey lets shot the FU*K*NG kids

  • FredC1968

    He’s an attention whore,