North Carolina Republicans in a voter suppression frenzy, now pushing even harsher restrictions

North Carolina is amping up on voter suppression by Senate Republicans who unveiled a new voter ID bill Thursday that would further restrict the forms of photo identification accepted at the polls totalling the elimination of at least half of IDs required. Early voting is also targeted, as well as same-day registration.

Eliminated forms of identification include cards from UNC system colleges, state community colleges, local governments, private employers and law enforcement agencies. The bill would take full effect in the 2016 elections.

Image: Eclectablog

Image: Eclectablog










Charlotte Observer reports:

The new measure would require voters to show one of seven types of photo identification issued by the government, such as driver’s licenses, passports, non-driver IDs and military or veteran cards


The major rewrite came two months after the House approved its voter ID bill and a week before the session’s scheduled end. The disagreement is the latest example of the legislature’s majority party ending up divided over how to deliver on a major campaign promise.

The prohibition on college IDs will draw the most attention – particularly given President Barack Obama’s reliance on the youth vote to win North Carolina in 2008. The large number of college students in the Triangle area helped push him to victory and kept the margin of defeat close in 2012.

The Nation reports:

According to the state’s own numbers, 316,000 registered voters don’t have state-issued ID; 34 percent are African-American and 55 percent are registered Democrats. Of the 138,000 voters without ID who cast a ballot in the 2012 election, 36 percent were African-American and 59 registered percent Democrats. The new draft of the bill does not allow student IDs for voting, making it among the most restrictive laws in the country. It’s worth noting that voter fraud in the state, which the legislation purports to stop, is incredibly rare; there were only two prosecutions of voter impersonation between 2000 and 2010, when millions of votes were cast.

A number of other harsh voting restrictions—such as cutting early voting, ending same-day voter registration and penalizing the parents of students who vote where they go to school—could still be added to the bill or considered separately by the legislature before they leave for the summer.

What next North Carolina, separate voting lines for blacks and whites? When black Americans get to the end of the line, y’all can just chuck ’em in the cotton field. At least be honest and admit what you’re doing, Republicans. We saw this coming ages ago.

  • StraightGrandmother

    It’s a war. College kids don’t change their drivers licenses to their school addresses. They just keep mom & dad’s address.

    Then to eliminate early voting, they effectively shut college kids off from voting.
    The only way for a college kid to then vote is to drive home on election day.
    This is a dirty dirty war the Republicans have hatched.

    • Anomaly 100

      The funny (not really funny) thing is when Dems wanted background checks, Republicans believed they would have their names in a registry. But if it disenfranchises minorities, they’re all for it. If Obama did something like this, their tinfoil hats would go spinning off their heads.

  • mea_mark

    You could almost come to the conclusion that the “red states” want an internal civil war. Why people would want to cause so much disruption in their own state makes no sense. It is like some mass mental illness is gripping a large chunk of America.

    • tiredoftea

      Yes, and the mass mental illness is called Republican!

  • Carla Akins

    They are just so blatant about it – they may as well call it “we don’t want minorities and poors to vote” bill.

    • fmouse

      A little democracy is a good thing. Too much is dangerous!

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    North Carolina, Texas, Florida,.Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan. It isn’t just southern states proving their hate of non-whites, young, elderly and middle class

    • searambler

      No, it’s every state with a Republican majority legislature and a Republican governor. Which, unfortunately, is something like 30. After they were swept into power in 2010, they started pulling all of this shit. Over a thousand anti-abortion bills presented at the state level in just the last three years alone. Voter suppression laws. Anti gay marriage laws and amendments. They are doing their level best to roll back this nation a hundred years or so. And with their truly fucked up gerrymandering of their in-state districts, they have a real shot at maintaining their legislative advantage in those states. They have perverted the state political system in this nation in a most disgusting way…..

  • fmouse

    Unfortunately, Americans love their guns. If this trend continues, it won’t be long before the only way to vote will be with a gun.

    • tiredoftea

      That would pretty much what the right wing fringe wants!

      • fmouse

        Well I guess. And they’ll probably be the ones to fire the first shots, although it really doesn’t matter. When the killing starts, everyone loses. This reminds me of the buildup to the American Civil War.

        • tiredoftea

          All too true.

    • countryrose

      That’s what they are aiming for!!!

  • heychief

    When President Peter King takes office he”ll probably make it federal. No worries though I’ll be living in Iceland.

    • tiredoftea

      OMFG, you just destroyed my appetite for the rest of the day!

      • heychief

        I’ll try not to mention his name again. He embarrassed himself on Morning Joe

        • tiredoftea

          Thank you! He embarrasses himself everytime he goes out in public!

  • Debby Berg

    The lunatics need to go back to their cells and quit making so much noise. They scare the doctors.

  • cabmanbxr

    And these Republican racists claim they’re anything but. There’s only ONE reason for Voter ID, and it’s because the bastards know they can’t win a fair election.

  • DJD11

    Really just despicable.

  • juicyfruityyy

    The Re-thugs are in the news, constantly. With bizarre laws. I would like to see and hear more about counter reaction, from out Dem Party.