Report: Out of the 900 'dead voters' Fox News claimed cast ballots, as it turns out, there were none

Fox News talks the game of voter fraud, but then it falls flat when facts come up. If you recall, Fox claimed there were 900 ‘dead voters’ casting ballots in South Carolina. They knew if for a fact because a guy said so. As it turns out, out of the 900, there are no dead voters.

Media Matters has a detailed report which concludes no voter fraud.

Future Fox host

Future Fox host









A few excerpts:

The South Carolina “dead voter” claim sprang from testimony from Kevin Schwedo, the director of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, who said on January 11, 2012, that more than 950 residents were recorded as having cast a vote after their reported death date. Schwedo made clear that this could have been the result of data errors or voters dying after casting an absentee ballot, but the state’s Republicans, led by Attorney General Alan Wilson, seized on the report as evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Wilson took his campaign to Fox News, where he received a platform for softball interviews from several anchors. The network used the “dead voter” story to promote South Carolina’s voter ID law, which had been blocked by the Justice Department.

Again, these claims were always dubious – deceased voter fraud claims are often revealed as unfounded, the result of data errors or other explanations.

Indeed, on July 3 the public release of an investigation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) provided the answer we anticipated: No voter fraud was found, no charges filed. As of noon E.T. on July 8, Fox had not reported on those findings.

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Those sneaky Republican wabbits.

According to the findings of the State Election Commission, which had looked into the 207 votes that had been called into question that occurred during the 2010 general election, nearly half were the result of “name recognition errors,” where, for instance, when a father who was deceased but whose name still appeared on the list would be marked as having voted when his son of the same name had actually cast the ballot. The balance was due to other types of clerical errors and individuals casting absentee ballots before their deaths.

Those ‘fiscal conservatives’:

Hutchins explained the result of this effort by the GOP and right-wing media — which he labeled the state’s biggest waste of public funds for 2012– was that the investigation “hammer[ed]  away at the time and resources of the understaffed and underfunded State Election Commission — even when that agency has repeatedly said there are no documented cases of someone impersonating another at the polls in the Palmetto State.”

We can easily conclude that this project was a tax burden as well as another attempt at voter disenfranchisement which we’ve been saying since the onset of their attack against minority voters.

Fox Hosts were probably masturbating  just after the SCOTUS struck down a key provision in the Voting Rights Act.

More at Media Matters. 

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  • mrsgunka

    All bills for these investigations need to be sent to the GOP to be paid out of their funds. Maybe they will stop making these accusations!

    We get mail-in ballots. I withdrew my husbands name as he has dementia and has no idea what a ballot even is. Now I could have just voted for him if I was dishonest. But I have a conscience. Wouldn’t put it by some people to do something like that. Our County Clerk has letter from our doctor when we asked for write-in ballots as neither one of us could stand in line to vote. We were both taken off the jury pool list by a doctors request. Seems like a good way to keep track of people who might die between elections. Don’t they check social security numbers in Ohio? Time to send those election judges back to school! We had to attend judge school every year!

    • Gary-D

      I and all in my County, vote by Mail in. No, they need to have their voting rights removed, after they are released from Prison for fraud.

  • Anomaly 100


    • searambler

      I’m guessing Gary means the Republicans in SC need to be jailed for fraud, then disenfranchised…..

      • Anomaly 100

        Thank you for clearing that up! Whew!

  • TurboKitty

    They need to be sued for treason for spreading propaganda, taken off the air and imprisoned …

    • Joseph Sinkovic

      Or beheaded which I prefer.

  • jdubhub68

    Of course, all Republican ideologues will remember are the unsubstantiated initial claims of fraud and cite those claims on equal footing with lack of actual evidence of voter fraud whenever Voter ID laws are discussed, as if claiming something is the same thing as validating it empirical evidence.

    • WAAngel

      They never present a follow up of facts. As long as they can get away with saying “some people say…” and follow that with whatever propaganda BS they are spreading that day the viewers of Fox will remain ignorant.

  • rewinn

    Q: How many debunkings of phony scandals does it take to persuade a conservative that he is being conned?
    A: It’s a trick question; NO amount of debunking can do that. Today’s conservatives LIKE being conned!

    • Jason Tadd Jackson

      Most neo-cons only listen to fox as all other media is considered part of the liberal agenda. When fox makes a “mistake” they only put the retractions on the website which many of the viewers don’t read.

  • johnnywisc

    For some reason bunking always > debunking.