Video: Gun fondler who planned armed march on Washington DC claims it was a success, but it never happened

Adam Kokesh, the guy who planned an armed march on Washington D.C., has declared it to be a success. Contrary to his claim of success, the gun march was supposed to be today, and it was cancelled due to the police chief explaining that an armed march is not legal in D.C. and she will meet them before they cross the county line.











Don’t be upset gun fondlers! Here is a Kokesh video where he’ll explain his success in a manly-man kind of way.


Kokesh says, “We will not be silenced, we will not obey, we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. We are the final, American, revolution. See you next Independence Day!”

Adam’s definition of  ‘success, must be that U.S. Park Police are aware of the video, according to a spokesman, and responded by going to Freedom Plaza to investigate the matter. Park Police officers did not find Kokesh, or any sign of a protest going on in the vicinity, nor can they determine how the video was recorded, and if and when Kokesh may have been to Freedom Plaza with a gun. And where are his fellow gun fondlers who are supposed to march beside him?

Tough guy Adam explained in May after the event was cancelled — meaning it never happened — that he’s promoting a march on 50 State capitols to overthrow the evil gubbermint.

What a pussy revolution. It’s appropriate  for me to call him a pussy especially after he appeared on Pete Santili’s show, the host who wants to shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina. 

H/T: @ComgenKDT, who does not molest his gun/guns. 

  • langranny

    Another airhead gun nut…

  • rewinn

    Success = getting attention.
    He’s a troll.

  • Gabby Parsons

    OOOOO he really frightens me.

    • Anomaly 100

      I’m askeered too.

      • Cosmic_Surfer

        me too! But not really. He is in and out of the Capitol before anyone sees him (probably reset the time and date on his camera to show July 4)

        • Anomaly 100

          No doubt, which is why I called him a pussy.

        • Carla

          I desperately want to make an inappropriate analogy about how quickly he came – and went from the Capitol with his “gun” and how short that video was – but that would just be a cheap shot. HA.

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            You mean he has the stamina and control as displayed with a 12 yr old having a wet dream?

          • Carla

            Yes, something exactly like that.

          • smscott

            Okay, you are now my new favorite on here LOL.

  • Luke DeLalio

    What a fuckin’ dick.

  • Carla

    For all his original bravado, this seems a bit cowardice. Sneaking around in the early dawn, where’s your convictions big man with a gun? And all your friends? Take a look down in Austin, see all those women – that’s how you make a stand.

  • BanditBasheert

    OOPS – another coward with a big mouth.

    • nina bartoletta

      These so-called “patriot” losers are all mouth and no brains. All of them. Im sick of their B.S. They all need to take a permanent hike.

  • RobiDon

    Silly me! I’ve been looking for freedom in all the wrong places – like my navel – when I should have been looking in the barrel of a rifle. Here I thought only political power came in the barrel of a gun. Mao Tse-Tung meets Wayne LaPierre and a the great leap forward of one gun toter was duly (and dully) videotaped.

  • Liam Bean

    Stone cold coward.

  • Some Guy

    Crazy Liberals. Only looking at half the information. He was obviously there with a shotgun. You’re looking at the video. The point wasn’t to hang out all day and get arrested, but rather to prove a point that if people have the desire… they can cross an arbitrary boundary with a rifle.

    There is a lot more in this act of defiance than you realize. Course I don’t expect many of you freaks to realize much past what your media gods tell you to believe.

    Next Independence day is the one you have to worry about.

    • Anomaly 100

      You need to learn how to read what you’re commenting about. There was no march. There is no confirmation of when the video was taken, however, it appears he opted out of taking it in broad daylight and instead, in cowardly fashion, on some random day, made the video before daytime.

      • Some Guy

        Sure there was… he marched himself to DC and openly displayed a loaded firearm. An act of Civil Disobedience… and he filmed it. Perhaps you should research what goes into a Revolution and how being in prison for 5 years doesn’t help your plans for one year from the date of your act of civil disobedience.

        What time of day does it matter? What day does it matter? Like somehow the day that he committed this act of civil disobedience has some bearing on the matter. In any case… you’re making whats called an assumption.

        You’re so brainwashed by the state to think the truth is wrong… that you must question integrity and physical video evidence in front of your face with wild media style speculation. Then when the real truth comes out… you’ll slink away or pretend to have believed it all along.

        Whats wrong with with what he is trying to accomplish that you just absolutely hate?

        • Anomaly 100

          Heh. Good try however, there were supposed to be 1,000 protesters marching into Washington DC. Not some guy slipping in with a camera before daybreak like a juvenile while saying, “We will not obey!” then scurrying out before he’s caught.

          • Some Guy

            Actually… the original plan was to have 10,000 supporters on Facebook in order to have a likely turn out of 1000 to DC. After approaching the idea of the March from many different angles… a conclusion was made that logistically accomplishing such an act of civil disobedience in such a short amount of time was unlikely to occur.

            Not to mention both DC, Philadelphia and Arlington were actively doing everything within their power to stop the march. So much so that they actually illegally arrested its organizer and falsely charged him with felonies that carry a maximum of 5 years in prison. He literally did nothing wrong to deserve the arrest other than attend a Marijuana protest and speak at it. All of this information as well as video of my claims are readily available on the internet and on the organizers Video Web sites.

            As a result of the pressure and the changing dynamic of the action he released a statement from Prison (whilst assuming he was facing a long drawn out persecution) saying that the march as originally planned was cancelled and instead was to take place in all 50 state capitols.

            From the inception of the march… he merely said he was going to conduct an act of civil disobedience and that anyone that wanted to come participate or march should come do so in support of his actions.

            At no time did he profess to be leading an active armed march on Washington (so to say leading an army or anything of the like). You’re getting part of the information as I stated earlier. You don’t understand the intent from its inception and how it evolved.

            He did exactly what he said he was going to do.

            Nothing brave about being arrested and falsely accused and imprisoned for crossing an arbitrary boundary set by government with only the centralized authority being protected. He never said he was even setting out to get arrested. He said he would bring a loaded firearm to DC and walk around with it to prove a point. And if after being confronted by police, he would peacefully surrender his firearm and submit to arrest.

            No police. No arrest. He did exactly what he said he was going to do.

            If you are as open to the truth as you probably profess to be… at least look at his youtube channel or his website and see what happened.

            Just because it didn’t go down the way YOU envisioned it in YOUR mind doesn’t mean he is a coward or liar or anything of the sort. Got more guts than you’ll ever have.

          • Anomaly 100

            Nice spin. But untrue. Adam, is that you? Other people poured into his page when he backed out. They were upset. So, his credibility isn’t so hot right now from either side of the aisle.

            I embeded his video. I used his words. The words that come out of his mouth. That’s what I published.

          • Some Guy

            I don’t dispute that you used his video or his words to help formulate part of the view. Its just limited in its scope. Its biased reporting. I gave a better reply but its awaiting moderation… not sure why… probably for link content. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to recover most of what I have written and reply sans links.

            And no… this isn’t Adam. Just a guy who is concerned about our country… same as you.

          • Some Guy

            Oh… one more thing… if you wanted to actually talk to Adam about it… I’m sure he would be glad to grant you an interview. Maybe over skype or something… I dunno. But you should give it a shot. You can get a hold of him on his website.

          • Anomaly 100

            I’m sure you’re right. He does seek attention but I think we’ve given him enough of your site. Thanks just the same.

          • Some Guy

            Well, I guess go ahead and keep doing your dishonest half arsed reporting using limited understanding and resources.

            Looks like that post I was talking about never made it past moderation…. probably contained too many facts.

            Anyway… I hope your site fails and that you are hit by a car or something for being so dense stubborn and ridiculous.

            Have a crappy day.

        • Anomaly 100
    • Cosmic_Surfer

      Blind ideologues usually don’t bother with actually reading the article – You make it so easy to be made a prime example

      • Some Guy

        And getting your information from only one source is folly when trying to create a more broad picture. Maybe go to the source. Maybe see what the whole point was from the beginning and how it evolved the way it did and why it evolved the way it did.

  • Dam Spahn

    Gun fondlers. Such class.

  • DJD11


  • John_St_John

    Typical Rethug mentality, sneaking around behind the scenes and calling a non event a resounding success. Can you say Mission Accomplished?

  • Linda Starr-Spires

    A “real” man with ittty-bittty testicles. Such buffoonery.

  • juicyfruityyy

    He recorded the video in the basement with a fake background. His success was finishing the video by July the 4th!

  • Some Guy

    Ahhh the political left… championing equality by chastising everything that doesn’t feed into their world view. Pathetic.

  • Some Guy

    And we shall bring equality by taking everyone’s money… and forcing compliance with the end of a Government gun…. the only responsible parties able to have firearms should be Government or government trained persons.

    Free stuff for anyone that qualifies… all we have to do first is take it from that group over there.

  • smscott

    Real “civil disobedience” means being willing to take a risk to stand for your beliefs. Sneaking in and back out before anyone catches you does not count.

  • Some Guy

    A direct quote from Adam Kokesh in May after his felony arrest for free speech: “When it comes to this event being executed properly, when the government has already escalated the violent tactics against me personally as an organizer, I can’t in good conscience go forward with a plan that is so centrally dependent and not open source.”

  • John Saseen

    Can we say Adam Kokesh is a Bombastic blowhard and sniveling little coward. Yes we can.

  • Some Guy

    I hope there is a revolution and ever commenter on this page (myself dis-included) dies within it.