Texas Pastor walks around town with his AR-15 Bushmaster rifle slung over his shoulder because guns

August 16, 2013

San Jacinto County, Texas Pastor Terry Holcomb Sr. is walking around with his rifle slung across his back, because Jesus carried a Glock or something.

Open carry is allowed in Texas if the weapon is a rifle, with limitations, and the Pastor hopes to change that. Perhaps he should pray for divine intervention because working in his profession to help the poor would be crazy.

Holcomb is seen in various videos he uploaded onto YouTube, walking into Double Dave’s Pizza, Starbucks, Jack in the Box and Walmart carrying his AR-15 Bushmaster .223 slung over his shoulder, behind his back with the barrel pointed down. He said the magazine was loaded, the chamber was empty and the safety was on. Amen.










But when Holcomb got to Walmart, within minutes a manager asked him to leave. Later when he visited Starbucks, a concerned customer phoned the police, according to KHOU

Pastor guy with a gun said, “Well, the Walmart in Huntsville definitely doesn’t honor 2nd Amendment rights,” he said in the video as he strolled into the store parking lot.

And now we know.

I, for one, have been sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if Walmart would allow me to go all Military Woman on their asses, strolling up and down the aisles, armed to the teeth.

Watch courtesy of KHOU:

One Starbucks customer who did not wish to be identified told KHOU, “Kind of scary honestly. It’s a massive gun.”

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  • notayot

    I guess he didn’t think God protecting him was enough? Kill in Jesus’ name? I thought a man of God fears no evil.

  • Cathy Henderson-Richardson

    The manager of the Starbuck’s informed him of Starbuck’s policy of no recording without express consent of EVERYONE involved.

    What would have happened if someone had been injured during his little charade?

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