Tea Party crowd cheers as Republican Congressman rejects little girl’s request for help

August 17, 2013

DesJarlais, who is a doctor and anti-abortion, has had numerous affairs, including with some of his patients, and once pressured a mistress to have an abortion. But, he says that “God has totally forgiven him” for that.

Good to know, right?










Got to love these family values Republicans and their hypocrisy, and their callous treatment of those who are not like they are.

Watch the video below. DesJarlais is up for re-election in 2014.

Please share this wide and far to expose this piece of work for who he really is.

The description under the video reads, “Josie rose and took the mic, and in a trembling voice, said “Mr. Desjarlais, I have papers but my daddy doesn’t, what can you do to make sure he can stay?” Rep. Desjarlais rebuked her request to a round of applause from the audience, but Josie and her family will keep on fighting to stop his deportation.”

Editor’s note: Information previously obtained by FreakOutNation confirms DesJarlais’ hypocrisy, in so many areas. 

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  • Hank

    I’m not a fan of Desjarlais. But I am even less a fan of people that pimp their kids for political purpose.

    • DaddyO_969

      Children become adults. Children are far more perceptive than you think. This POS has no business in politics or considering himself a leader. Neither his ancestors, nor yours, nor mine were invited here. That makes us all illegal immigrants. Maybe you should consider the actual beginnings of this country and WHY people attempt to come here. And, BTW – they do NOT take your job, unless you’re willing to pick fruit, cut lawns and other very menial tasks.

      • Hank

        You have the right to pimp your children if you want to. That is not a choice I would make. And it is obvious what people that do are trying to accomplish.

        Regardless of what you or I think of him, he has been elected twice. Once after all the controversies came up. By y’all’s criteria, that would appear to give him some sort of a stamp of approval!!

  • Genesis A. Slaughter

    So true Constance. This happened all over the country and many are sorry for it. BUT, 2014 is just around the corner, let’s make it happen. Keep talking to people and posting here. We will win 2014 and 2016

  • http://alternet.com/ George Schmitt

    I think girls should carry an ice pick in their pants for a real “Rapist’s Delight” right in the belly button.

  • http://alternet.com/ George Schmitt

    The Indians were the first to arrive from Mongolia 10,000 years ago. There were many blacks here 400 years ago to work the plantations. DesJarlais is a French name which means that his ancestors probably came to America after 1600. Now who is the new immigrant? And remember many Mexicans have lots of Indian blood in them. Where is your green card Cracker immigrant

    • juicyfruityyy

      These people believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Their history books/bible do not speak the facts/truth. And, they only read the parts, that advance their agenda

      • Hank

        Really? What people would that be? Did you poll the crowd?

  • juicyfruityyy

    This young lady, will always remember this moment. This moment, is also going to come back to hunt, Tea-bagger DesJarlais. People are watching and they vote.

    • Hank

      Yeah. The moment some adult drug her to a political event and prompted her to allow herself to be used.

      • jonathan

        the problem with your comment is that you can not say they are lying. the fact is the republicans do not mind separating a family and that is what is sad. once again the gop comes across cold and heartless.

        • Hank

          Regardless, I don’t think you should be pimping your children for political points. And your characterization of Republicans or any self respecting, reasonably decent person INCLUDING most liberals ;-) advocating separating families reeks of bias and little else. On the other hand, many Americans oppose ILLEGAL immigration.

          • DaddyO_969

            It’s NOT political when it affects her personally and directly. Get over your conservative horse shit. NO ONE was ever invited to this country and white men have done everything in their power to turn it into a bastion of Puritan thought. Which is ludicrous, farcical, and damaging to everything it touches. The child has a vested interest in her father being able to stay in this country and they came here almost certainly for the same reasons your ancestors did. Republicans are clearly interested only in control. Most politicians of whatever stripe are, but at least progressives think and act as Christians, whereas the Tali-bagger, right wing conservative ‘christians’ patently do not.

            • Hank

              Really not much to address there as it is for the most part editorial commentary.

              I will point out though that at least, horse sh** has substance. Which is more than I can say about that flatulence you are spreading.

      • SheltieJim

        Yeah, and if *your* family were being threatened, I’d bet you’d be just fine with grabbing your 6-shooter to defend them. But having a child speak the message? No, that’s different. Somehow.

        • Hank

          Okay. You’re going to have to explain that one as it makes absolutely no sense at all. A valid comparison would be me asking my child to grab a “six shooter” and defend something,…..which by the way, I would not do.

      • Kathy Hasty Rutledge

        You are making a HUGE and possibly erroneous assumption that the little girl was ‘pimped’ for political purposes. There actually ARE involved, intelligent, articulate children in this country who have a desire to be heard and aren’t afraid to place themselves in an adult forum in an adult world to ask adults adult questions. Too bad she couldn’t be given the courtesy and respect of an actual response.

        • rjcarter

          Unless they’re bused into Albuquerque for an abortion demonstration… *ducks*

        • Hank

          I think it’s a reasonable “assumption” to think not too many 11 year olds wake up and ask their mommy to take them to a political event.

          Also, you can’t have it both ways. If you are going to assign to this young girl some degree of legitimacy in asking this question, then why should the Representative not give her an honest answer?

          To me, that is what people are complaining about. She asked a question and was given an honest answer.

          Still, I maintain you shouldn’t pimp your children for political points.

  • rick dalton

    What would be new if you ever found anyone in the tea party member who isn’t a racist bigot and brain dead? This proves they are a total nut cases

    • BanditBasheert

      And don’t forget, this man coerced his patients into having affairs – and was still elected. The requirement to be elected to Congress in the GOP is to be a low as pond scum, have affairs and be rich. That’s it – and the TBigots eat it up….not realizing that this jerk doesn’t give a damn about them. In fact I would bet that most of the GOPer House Members spend most of their spare time laughing at the yahoo nimrods that vote for them.

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