Fox Hosts mansplain that women should pay more for insurance because of they have “uteri, ovaries and breasts”

August 27, 2013

On Fox & Friends the hosts, joined by Dr. David Samadi, discussed women’s health care and insurance while inadvertently displaying that there is indeed a War on Women, and Obamacare is far better than relying on insurance companies to do the right thing.

The following dialogue even took Gretchen Carlson aback as the other two mansplain why women should pay higher costs for insurance, because we have those icky uteri, ovaries and breasts.

The funniest part, is when Samadi counters Carlson’s explanation that that “men and women have babies together.”

Samadi says, “Not always.”

Yes Dr. Dummy, always.









The following video probably contains some of the most derpy Brian Kilmeade moments.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:


In terms even Dr. Samadi can understand: The man sperm meets the future Mommy’s egg after others failed the swimming contest. Only the most badass sperm will meet the egg. The reason the two meet inside the woman’s body is because no precautionary measures were taken for sexy-time, either because they live in a state that does not advocate for sex-ed, and/or birth control, or because they want to have a baby. If a woman takes birth control pills for example, there is no egg to fertilize. The fetus grows inside the womb (not the tummy), then after what seems like a gazillion years, a baby is squeezed out of the vagina.

Boom! There’s your baby which resulted from a man and a woman having sexy time.

Should I use picture cards?

You’re welcome ‘Doctor!’

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  • labman57

    Misogynists such as Samadi should have to pay a higher premium because they have testic … uh, never mind.

  • Jack Bone

    Freak Out Nation, I can tell this is going to be a liberal slant as they freak out over everything.

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