Gov Bob Ultrasound’s wife is being probed and the results stink

Virginia’s first lady Maureen McDonnell, as it turns out, twice purchased thousands of shares of stock in Star Scientific, a spokesman for McDonnell’s legal team confirmed on Friday night. Governor Bob McDonnell’s friendship with Jonnie R. Williams Sr, CEO of Star Scientific, afforded Williams access to the apex of political power in that state.

Suddenly probing is not his thing.

Suddenly probing is not his thing.










McDonnell and his family were provided with a taste of the good life, including an engraved Rolex watch, a $15,000 wedding, a $15,000 shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman, and other lavish gifts which he did not disclose. This does not include the ones he did disclose which includes a $25,000 trip to Puerto Rico.

The Governor who pushed for mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds for women, is being probed and so is his wife. Ah, sweet, sweet karma.

The Washington Post reports:

 The stock was bought and held in the same time frame that she and Gov. Robert F. McDonnell were taking steps to promote the dietary supplement company.

Spokesman Rich Galen said the first lady did not inform the governor either time she purchased stock, which Galen said she bought for herself and her children.

McDonnell’s relationship with Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the chief executive of Star Scientific, is now at the center of ongoing federal and state investigations.

The relationship has been the subject of intense public scrutiny for months, but this is the first indication that the governor’s family held a personal financial stake in the success of the struggling supplement company.

Any evidence that the governor acted in an official capacity to indirectly help his own interest in a company could increase his legal jeopardy in a potential criminal case. Persons with knowledge of the case have said Williams is cooperating with investigators.

How does it feel Governor, to have your wife probed? The government is now all up in that.

More at Washpo. 

  • BanditBasheert

    I remember I had to have one as a diagnostic one time – it was not for an ultrasound prior to abortion. It was miserable. God knows it was designed by a man – in fact I’m sure it was used during the Spanish Inquisition. It HURTS.
    In all honesty, every governor who agrees to this – and every legislator who promotes this as a “tool” should have it rammed as far in as possible before they sign anything. I will leave it up to them to decide WHERE to ram it, how hard – and to make it a requirement.
    It is simply one more tool to denigrate women and exert power over them. In all honesty, I would suspect people like this jerkwad do it just to hurt people.
    The GOP Governors (the male, pale ones) are sadists. Pure and simple.

    • Carla Akins

      Me too, when I had my hysterectomy. I saw it sitting there and thought, sweet jesus what do they plan to do with that? It reminded me of going to the dentist when I was young and all the instruments were lined up on the tray. It’s fear inspiring.

      • Cosmic_Surfer

        Yep…and in conjunction with a cystoscope, they are equivalent to anything used in the Spanish inquisition

        • Sally

          Not to mention the mammogram machines, which always have a CORNER right where they want you to lean into the machine. And we won’t mention the joy of having your boob squished down to three inches when you’re a D cup.

  • Jim Cook

    As I suspected, this crap has nothing to do with “pro-life”. With the repubs, it’s *ALWAYS* pro-money.

  • Diane

    A thief is a thief is a thief. There is no gainsaying that this is the absolute truth. Bob and his wife are thieves and scoundrels. Watch him try to squirm his way out of this stuff. And the Cooch is as disgraceful. I think Cooch spends all his time staring at reproductive organs and salivating.

  • Mister_Mean

    Hope that they get to “enjoy the good life” inside a federal slammer.

  • Jim Wetherell

    A fine example of an evangelical, born again, fundamentalist, bible thumping crook.

  • juicyfruityyy

    I guess their argument for their case would be: They didn’t feel or realize that they did anything wrong. What they received, they believe that were entitled to have. They both are lying for Jesus crooks.

  • Michelle Roberts

    I really wish folk would stop perpetuating the lie that these folk have any relationship to Christianity or with Christ.

  • Critic46

    The GOP is the largest organized crime organization in the US. No surprises.