Leaked: Texas politician’s anti-gay rant caught on audio, “It’s disgusting”

San Antonio, Texas Councilwoman Elisa Chan was caught on audio participating in an appalling discussion about the gay community on May 21 in her City Hall office, where she was meeting with members of her staff to discuss the city’s proposal to update its nondiscrimination ordinance, adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

The recording was captured by iPhone.

Just learned that others can actually record on their iPhones.

Just learned that others can actually record on their iPhones.









28 year-old James Stevens, an aide to Chan at the time, but quit this week, released the audio to the San Antonio Express-News.

My decision to record in the first place was that, during the staff meetings, we weren’t really discussing the ordinance itself,” Stevens told me. “We were really just talking about ways to appeal to the (voting) base and to get them fired up as opposed to analyzing the ordinance.”

Chan “is only focused on her political future,” he continued. “She’s not focused on the policy itself and how it’s going to really affect the city. We spent 80 percent of that meeting talking about how disgusting homosexuality is.”

Chan says in the recording, “You know, to be quite honest, I know this is not politically correct. I never bought in that you are born, that you are born gay. I can’t imagine it.”

San Antonio Express News reports the dialogue, “As the talk shifts back to pansexual people, whose sexual orientations encompass all gender identities, Chan asks, “How can that be?”

“I will say, ‘Strip down! What equipment do you have? I’m telling you. Crazy. We’re getting to crazy realm.”

Chan says, “That’s why I never would say that outside because they kill me. When I say that it’s … behavioral preference, they say that, ‘No, you’re born with it.’ But I never bought into that.”

(my bold because neener!)

An aide suggests that homosexuality could be linked to biology: “Americans can, with almost a 90 percent success rate, identify gay people by their face alone.”

Chan said, “No, that’s because they shave. And I also think they could take hormone shots.”

The conversation shifts to the possibility of Chan submitting an Op-Ed, presumably to the San Antonio Express-News, regarding her stance on the non-discrimination ordinance.

“Become a culture warrior on this one,” advises Jeff Bazan, who was Chan’s chief of policy at the time of the recording. Bazan now works as chief of staff to District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg.

(Earlier in the recording, Bazan warns, “The road we’re going … incest and being able to marry animals, that’s all going to happen,” echoing red-meat Republicans such as Rick Santorum.

(Late Thursday, Bazan gave a statement: “I was basically explaining the viewpoint that some people have on the gay marriage issue. What I said was wrong and I deeply regret it. I can say that those comments, which were intended to be purely political, do not reflect my heart. Councilman Nirenberg, whom I currently serve and support, has made it clear that discrimination is not negotiable, and I am proud to work for him.”)

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Back to the recording.


Bazan said, “You get the most political points by standing up for traditional values on this one. This is not an economic argument. This isn’t a small government argument. This is a social, cultural argument right here and … you’re going to score the biggest points by taking that stand.”

Chan said, “This is my philosophy, guys. Whatever you want to do in your bedroom is none of my business, but do not impose your view on other people, especially becoming policy … because personally, I think it’s just disgusting just to even think about. All the definitions.”

“But I don’t want to go against, necessarily” she said, “I don’t want to beat up anybody. Maybe what we can do, can we maybe throw some questionable confusions like, OK, this ‘transgender,’ because the definition is so broad… Maybe I say I was not educated on what transgender is about.”

Chan later said, “By the way, this is politically incorrect. I don’t think homosexual people should do adoption. They should be banned by adoption. You’re going to confuse those kids. They should be banned.”

“If you wanted to choose that lifestyle, we don’t want to discriminate you, but you shouldn’t affect the young people,” she continues. “How terrible. … They’re going to be confused. You see two men go into a bedroom. You see two women kissing. Is that not confusing? It’s confusing.”

What’s actually confusing is Chan being all over the map.

She continues, “It is actually, what you call, suggestive, for the kids to be corrupt, which is against nature. I’m telling you, anything that is against nature is not right.”

Chan continued, “Can you guys come up with a draft?” she aska her aides. “Come up with draft with all the good, those arguments we talk as a speaking point, in terms of we’re addressing an issue that is not an issue. This is national politics again at the council level.

“This is another layer of bureaucracy, that we have not heard any discrimination,” she continues. “And then add in the family value in there. … Maybe I’ll use the industries, that we have a trend, that is, maybe I’ll use we have water rates and CPS rates to worry about.”

Above all, Chan says, she does not want to be seen as disdainful of people’s “choices.”

“We do not want to attack any group,” she says. “I’m respectful of their choices, right? Even though I don’t believe that, but they’re free people, they can do whatever they want to do. But … don’t just come back and say you’re being discriminated.”k,

Holy smokes. Well Chan just learned a valuable lesson: the Internetz is a thing, holla!

There’s a lot more here. 

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  • rjcarter

    This reminds me of the scene in “Alien Nation” (the series) where the black cop gets angry at the newcomer alien janitor, and goes on a small rant about them getting “uppity.”

    • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

      I loved Alien Nation. (Big sci-fi fan)

      • rjcarter

        I was disappointed when the film (which I saw after seeing the series, which I have on DVD — including all the telemovies).

        • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

          I’m a huge sci-fi junkie. My favorite (besides all the others) was Battlestar Galactica.

          • rjcarter

            I liked the older BG. Just couldn’t get into the “Cylons in Nylons” version. Lately it’s all been about Misfits… and, of course, Doctor Who.

          • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

            Of course Doctor Who, DUH! Just about everyone affiliated with this site is a huge Who fan, including the admin, co-admins and our resident mad scientist.

          • rjcarter

            Common ground!

          • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

            Any ground is safer than politics.

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            always at least one atom of dust withing the universe that can become common…who knows, your right eye might be star dust from the same exploding galaxy from which my left brain comes

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            The Doctor rocks, rocked, will rock (have to provide for the time jumps)

          • Cosmic_Surfer

            District 9…Texas reminds me a great deal of District 9 but then the US in the Middle East and Guantanamo seems to be the best present day comparison

          • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

            ah, frak

      • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

        Speaking of Alien Nation:

        “[a group of human Purists have are protesting the admission of a Newcomer student by blocking the school door]
        Ms. Purist: They’re unnatural. They’ve already taking too many jobs, our jobs! If we let her in here now, there’ll be a hundred more next week.
        Protestor: We don’t want them mixing with our kids. Their quarantine wasn’t long enough. The ACLU got them released too soon. How do we know they’re really safe?
        Ms. Purist: I say we run them back to Slagtown!
        [Matt fires his gun and the crowd falls silent]
        Matt: Why stop with running them back to Slagtown, why don’t we just kill them?
        [fires his gun again]
        Matt: Teach them a lesson. Keep them in their place. Keep America pure.
        [crowd cheers]
        Matt: We don’t even need to paint little stars on them to recognize them, do we?
        [cheering stops]
        Matt: Hell, they’ll be easy to round up. Look at them, they stand out even better than the Japs that we threw into concentration camps back in 1942. This will be a piece of cake. And if enough of us get together, it’ll almost seem legal, won’t it? Put little white pointy sheets on our heads and hang us a few Slags, huh? Let’s start with this little one right here.
        [takes Emily’s hand and winks at her]
        Matt: Just ’cause she’s an American citizen, that doesn’t make her a human being, does it? So what if she’s a little brighter than some of our kids? We can beat that out of her. Discourage her enough, she’ll give up. So what if she might have come up with a cure for cancer someday? She’s not *civilized* like us. So why don’t we just put a gun to her head and end it all right here, huh?
        [starts offering his gun to the crowd, but no one will take it]
        Matt: Come, pull trigger. Come on, take it. Come on!
        [to the rally leader]
        Matt: How about you, Ms. Purist? I know you want to come pull the trigger. Get down over here! Come on down!
        [Ms. Purist doesn’t move]
        Matt: What, I have to do it myself? Okay.
        [cocks the hammer on his gun]
        Protestor: No, we don’t want her dead. We just want her back where she belongs.
        Matt: [uncocks gun’s hammer] She belongs *here*.
        [holsters his gun and turns to the crowd]
        Matt: Aren’t you shamed of yourselves?
        [faces a black man in the crowd of protestors]
        Matt: Aren’t *you*?
        [the protestors and the teachers come out to meet Matt and Emily]
        Matt: Anybody gives this little one any trouble answers to me, got it?
        Principal: Yeah, I do.
        Matt: [to Emily] You okay?
        [Emily nods]
        Matt: Good girl. Now, go in there and show them your stuff.
        [the teachers take Emily into the school and Matt turns back to the protesters]
        Matt: Party’s over people. Anybody still here in three minutes will be under arrest for the violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

        • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

          I’m askeered.

          • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

            Sure has a familiar tone, huh?

          • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

            Indeed it does.

  • mea_mark

    I guess she is going to have to give up her political career in San Antonio. For that matter it may be toast, I don’t know where she could go. Who wants an oriental in the US that doesn’t like gays?

  • juicyfruityyy

    Well Chan, I’m sure that Fauk Noose (Fox News), will hire you. You sound like their kind of gal.

  • AkiraAkira

    How can people BE this ignorant

    • Tad_Kimball

      by being a republican…anti-science, anti-fact, anti-reality….

      • BanditBasheert

        And living in Texas. Being a “Gohmert” evidently rubs off.

        • Tad_Kimball

          Not on all of us… Unfortunately I live in the sorry state of TEAXASS!! But I am still fighting to turn us BLUE!!

  • TrinainUS

    ‘People aren’t born gay’ ‘They could get hormone shots’ What a disconnect.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    “Americans can, with almost a 90 percent success rate, identify gay people by their face alone.”….and the color they wear too, right? Bigotry isn’t always obvious but usually bigots hang themselves if one allows them to keep talking – the blatant stupidity has a way of bubbling to the surface kind of like methane.

  • http://utahhoneypot.com/ Dagbert Young

    This is so fun to listen to. They have no idea about anything. It’s like listening to elementary kids debate where babies come from.

    Oh wait, these are policy makers; now it feels less funny and more terrifying.

  • carlmiller

    It is hard to believe that there are still people this ignorant.

  • atunionbob

    Incest is best…put your sister to the test…bah bull shit. That is NOT going to happen.

  • DJD11

    Everyone in that room is just plain stupid.

    • DaddyO_969

      Not everyone. One person recorded this ugliness and outed her for it.

      • DJD11

        Good point.

  • sue hutson

    It’s NOT a choice, and it’s NOT a lifestyle, and it’s NOT anyone else’s business! There is more than anyone’s lifetime of learning and wonder in this world, and we spend all this energy worrying about someone else’s sex life????????

  • Maddiesmomma

    Your elected officials at work. Say what you really feel behind closed doors, and then have your cleaning team come in to make the lies sound believable…because it’s all about getting elected…NOT governing, NOT leading, Not moving forward, NOT accomplishing anything, other than being palatable to potential campaign donors, and hoping the rest of the “stupid” voting public is “fooled” by your crappy candy coated covered racism.

    • DaddyO_969

      It’s about feeding at the public tit. Of course it’s behind closed doors because our bodies and minds are ugly, ugly, ugly. It must be in the water. Deaf Smith county residents have no carries, I guess the rest of the state (excluding Austin) gets this ignorance and hatred from drinking the water or breathing the air. NO thinking, rational human being can feel this way nor say these things.

  • David Starkey

    I think it would be a funny news story if she were hospitalized.
    She’d have strangely shaped bruises all over, after being attacked by a group of men wearing pink fairy costumes & carrying signs that say:
    “We’re here, We’re Queer, Get Used to it, OR ELSE”
    & they beat her with dildos.

  • DaddyO_969

    “I am a sick, twisted, ugly, excuse for a human being and I’ll lie and say anything I can think up on the spot, because, I’m also ignorant, stupid and do not want to think about what my fellow men and women are and do.” BTW: anyone past the sixth grade level of education knows what ‘trans’ means. This sub-human has no business in human society and thank you to the ex-staffer for outing this ugly, ugly person. Just goes to prove that stereotypes have exceptions.

  • CORoadie

    The guy seems really obsessed about marrying animals. Wonder why?

  • Adam J. Reizner

    The comparisons are idiotic. We are talking about same sex unrelated couples. Not incest, not beastiality, not what the bible says, not what laws used to be. We’re talking about allowing two unrelated, of age individuals to be afforded the same rights as everyone else in a civilized society. Truly the party of stupid.

  • Elizabeth Jenkins Kuhn

    It is a shame that these people are “elected” officials! We live in America, the idea that Gay is anything like ‘beastiality’ or incest is ridiculous! These people need to be replaced with more common sensed individuals! Separation of church and state people, remember? The ‘bible’ is a book of myths and legends, a lot like Grimm’s fairy tales!