T-Shirt Designer for Wikileaks/Snowden store sells Obama Dart Board with bullseye between the President’s eyes

The man who designed Edward Snowden t-shirts for the Wikileaks store sells some extremely right wing merchandise. If he leaned over any further to the right, he’d fall off the crazy cliff. Little Green Footballs reports: A story today in the Wall Street Journal, Edward Snowden Talks With His Father, reveals that Wikileaks has opened a store which also includes Edward Snowden merchandise.”

WSJ reports, “WikiLeaks also recently began selling Edward Snowden merchandise, including T-shirts and coffee mugs, via its online store. WikiLeaks didn’t respond to questions about the fund or allegations made by with Lon Snowden’s legal team.”

Behold: An Obama dart board with a bullseye right between the President’s eyes.
















Bob Cesca reports, “By the way, the Wikileaks store, which tells “Big Brother is Watching You” shirts, contains web bug trackers from PRISM collaborator Google.”

(my bold)

He sells merchandise such as this and many other lulzy items.

I’ve said this before here: Choose your heroes wisely and determine their motives before supporting them. I can see no new revelations in Snowden’s ‘leaks’ that weren’t established before.

No wonder Sarah Palin seems to support Edward Snowden. They have much in common.




















To see tweets from the t-shirt designer, Little Green Footballs has them embedded here.

Thanks Bandit Basheert!

  • BanditBasheert

    Wait – they stole the target motif idea from Palin’s targets over Gabby Gifford’s district! It worked so well that time.

    • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

      He’s not even original? Damn.

      • BanditBasheert

        You have email.

        • http://FreakoutNation.com/ Anomaly 100

          I’ll go check now.

  • http://www.CriticalBlast.com R.J. Carter
  • juicyfruityyy

    So, I guess this means that Snowden, has settled comfortably in Russia. Be curious to see, who buys his products.

    • BanditBasheert

      He must be finding it hard to pack around all those 3 ounce bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Of ALL the places in the world, an airport would be one of the last places I’d want to spend time.

      • rjcarter

        I wonder if he’s figured out the quarter system of returning the carts.

  • BanditBasheert

    So I guess that we are all supposed to feel guilty about something that happened back in the 1960’s then, right? 45 years ago? Seriously? I have NO idea what this was even about.
    People’s faces with targets over them aren’t Kool. That includes this one – and it especially includes Gabby Giffords.
    It seems we have enough hatred right now that we don’t need to go back almost 50 years to try and stir up bad history.

    • rjcarter

      Well, I was trying not to have to put up *every* President. I thought that by showing the Bush one in the first link, and the Johnson one in the second (thanks for making it appear as an image, if that took any extra work), one could infer the gap.
      The point is that WHOEVER the President has been, there’s been a market for dartboards. Every single time. I shouldn’t be a bit surprised if there were pubs in Virginia with images of James Madison and John Adams drawn on cork for the patrons to take shots at. (Then again, in the days of Burr and Hamilton, they took REAL shots…)