Michele Bachmann “very excited” about the government shutdown, “It’s exactly what we wanted”

September 30, 2013

Republicans have wanted a government shutdown since before President Obama took office and none epitomize that as much as Michele Bachmann, because she’s crazy that’s why. Before it was reported tonight that House Republicans voted once more to defund Obamacare, while risking America’s economy, Michele Bachmann said she was “very excited” about the prospect.

She further said, “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.”









And she wasn’t alone.

Rep. John Abney (R-Texas) said, “It’s wonderful,” while clapping his hands to emphasize the point. “We’re 100 percent united!”
Culberson added, “Ulysses S. Grant said, ‘Quit worrying about what Bobby Lee’s doing and let’s focus on what we are doing,  We are focusing on what we need to do and not worrying about what the other guy is going to do. .?.?. That’s how Ulysses S. Grant won the war.”

The Washington Post reports, “Outside groups that lifted many of these lawmakers into office praised Saturday’s move as the kind of action that had originally drawn their support. Jenny Beth Martin, national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, on Saturday applauded Republicans “for their courage and their refusal to be cowed by the Senate and the president.”

More on Bachmann.

In an interview published today on the conspiracy-theory-happy website WorldNetDaily, Rep. Michele Bachmann likens President Obama to a crack dealer, accusing him of trying to “get Americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on more government health care.”

Right wing watch reports, “The Minnesota congresswoman, who has alleged that Obamacare denies healthcare to conservatives, implements death panels and “literally kills” people, even tried to link health insurance exchanges to supposed ACORN-esque voter fraud in which non-existent people will sign up for insurance to make money.”

That’s a small example of today’s Republican Party. Their pathetic display of juvenility will harm others. The lunatics are running the asylum.

The GOP: Party first, country last.

Remember this in 2014.

There’s a lot more here. 


  • Jezebelj Ferrentino

    Congress also makes enough money that they can afford to pay for their own insurance either way… soo your argument is kinda invalid.

  • Rockycomet

    You don’t have to. Nothing will change if you already have your own insurance. If you don’t you pay a premium for using emergency room services……

    • toodog

      Thats not true, if I choose to not have insurance I get fined. So I don’t have a choice.

  • Rockycomet

    Republicans don’t despise democracy they see it in a different way than reality. Democracy for them is them being in power and imposing their skewed vision of existence on the masses. They abide as their corporate masters decree. They use the same tactics that despots have historically used through out history to gain or retain power. Harry S Truman quotes provide a view of the republican mentality that obviously hasn’t changed:

    “Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home–but not for housing. They are strong for labor–but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor minimum wage–the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all–but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine–for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing–but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.”

  • Jim Hill

    Actually, I’m pretty sure it was Lee Hayes who was in The Weavers with Pete Seeger.

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