NRA Lobbyist who shot an Elephant in the face compares his critics to Hitler

NRA Lobbyist and NBC Sports Network host Tony Makris defended shooting an elephant in the face on an NRA-sponsored hunting show during the September 26 edition of NRA News by claiming that opponents of elephant hunting have a philosophy similar to Hitler’s.

After Makris shot the elephant in the face, he drank champagne in celebration.










The video of the biggest asshole in the world shooting an elephant in the face:

Media Matters reports, “Makris has longstanding ties to the NRA. According to the Los Angeles Times, “he helped install Charlton Heston as president” of the NRA in 1998. Makris has also been previously identified as an employee of Ackerman McQueen, an ad agency employed by the NRA for decades that was responsible for a controversial ad that politicized security measures that protect the president’s children.

On the NRA News show Cam & Company, Makris offered a number of rationales for shooting the elephant, including suggesting that people who oppose elephant hunting but accept other forms of hunting are practicing “animal racism.” He added that he would respond to someone who said elephants should not be hunted because of their size, scarcity or intelligence by saying, “Hitler would have said the same thing.”

Watch his defense courtesy of Media Matters.


  • BanditBasheert

    Is he related to Andrea Makris? The woman that won that HUGE sexual harrassment lawsuit from Bill O’Reilly?

    This is such a disgusting thing – with this story breaking on the same day it came out that poachers had poisoned 85 elephants at a waterhole. And of course anything and everything that fed/drank at that waterhole was also killed.
    Hope he got a really nice umbrella stand out of the elephant’s leg. How very manly of him.

  • tiredoftea

    The instant Nazi justification. Let’s remember that it was the Nazis who committed atrocities, not their victims. a point lost on this idiot.

  • Dave

    Can someone shoot HIM in the face?….paging Dick Cheney……paging Dick Cheney……

  • mea_mark

    If only it was the GOP he had shot in the face.

  • Richard Rowe

    Fascinating point. And…you’re still a douchebag.

  • Jacqueline

    When he gets caught in the line of fire by some idiot exercising his NRA given rights to own and kill with an assault rifle, I hope all the elephants know and cheer. As a gun owner, married to a gun owner, who does intend to keep their guns, I hope someone shows some common sense and gets rid of the assault weapons in private hands, and that somehow they get the nut jobs in the NRA to stop promoting death and destruction. Because, yes, that is what they are doing, and that’s because it’s where the big bucks are. REAL MEN don’t have to kill to prove they are real men. No REAL MAN hunts with an assault weapon. Assholes.

  • rjcarter

    Where exactly is the sweet spot on an elephant for shooting one?

    • Anomaly 100

      You don’t shoot one.

  • Tamara Birdsall

    Words are hard to come by. With all the challenges our society faces, with all the threats to our precious planet, we have morons like this who are supported by a confederacy or morons. Please NBC, start acting like you have a shred of integrity. Take this dirt off your network and do something right by the elephants, a key species that will not be here in 10 years if we don’t act. I suggest you publicize the March For Elephants happening in 39 cities across the world. Oh and as for Makris’ association with the consistently out of touch and heartless NRA, gee what a surprise.

  • Judi Reynolds

    Please take this gun toting murderer of elephants off the air! Shame on NBC for airing a show that was about killing an elephant who was defenseless and is on the brink of extinction!!

  • Judi Reynolds

    I am so disgusted with NBC for airing this horrific video of Tony Makris murdering an elephant! The elephants are on the brink of extinction and you film this loser cruelly killing one!! SHAME ON YOU, NBC!!! I think you need to make amends to the elephants with a big donation to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to insure the future of the 33 milk dependent orphaned elephants they are raising!! Sponsor all the 39 marches being held worldwide on Oct. 4th to save elephants!! Do something to HELP ELEPHANTS before it’s too late!!

  • Neytiri Tskaha
  • Frank Salatti

    As far as Hitler goes …. Killing innocence is muck closer than any kind of activism .

  • Hal Mason

    what A SHITEATER

  • jess123

    Yes, as Hitler and the Nazi party were staunchly against the killing of elephants as a form of penis enhancement.