NRA Lobbyist who shot an Elephant in the face compares his critics to Hitler

NRA Lobbyist and NBC Sports Network host Tony Makris defended shooting an elephant in the face on an NRA-sponsored hunting show during the September 26 edition of NRA News by claiming that opponents of elephant hunting have a philosophy similar to Hitler’s.

After Makris shot the elephant in the face, he drank champagne in celebration.










The video of the biggest asshole in the world shooting an elephant in the face:

Media Matters reports, “Makris has longstanding ties to the NRA. According to the Los Angeles Times, “he helped install Charlton Heston as president” of the NRA in 1998. Makris has also been previously identified as an employee of Ackerman McQueen, an ad agency employed by the NRA for decades that was responsible for a controversial ad that politicized security measures that protect the president’s children.

On the NRA News show Cam & Company, Makris offered a number of rationales for shooting the elephant, including suggesting that people who oppose elephant hunting but accept other forms of hunting are practicing “animal racism.” He added that he would respond to someone who said elephants should not be hunted because of their size, scarcity or intelligence by saying, “Hitler would have said the same thing.”

Watch his defense courtesy of Media Matters.