These Tea Party truckers are so patriotic they’re wrecking their trucks for our freedom

October 11, 2013

These Tea party summabitches are patriots, willing to wreck the source of their livelihoods for our freedoms. (I need a tissue. I’m tearing up as I type. These good ol’ boys just love our country that much, hallelujah). In Hanover, Virginia, a three-vehicle crash closed all southbound lanes of Interstate 95, creating major delays.

Before we get to that (because we have other enlightening news about the truckers to point and laugh at in this post), According to the Washington Post, In Virginia, the trucks were traveling in the right lane of the Beltway earlier in the morning, keeping pace with other traffic — around 40 to 45 miles per hour, due to the wet road conditions, said Virginia State Police spokesman Corinne N. Geller.

Washpo spoke with Zeeda Andrews, the founder of the extreme right wing group and chatted with a truck driver who was going by the name General Lee (otherwise known as Ernest Lee from Bullhead City, Ariz.), and other organizers.

Image of Lee with truck named “General Lee” from Twitter:
















After that or at the same time, according to NBC 12,  A tractor-trailer, a RV, and a pickup truck were involved in the accident at about 11:00 a.m.

Two of the people in the RV were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

According to VDOT, traffic was backed up nine miles due to the crash.


Nothin’ says freedom like trying to get that Black POTUS out of the White House, amrite? Can I get an amen brothers and sisters?













Of their list of demands Via the Blaze (seriously):

“Among them are suggestions that “Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama,” is a fake president because “his documents” are “forgeries.”

From the document:

From 2003 to 2008, several members of Congress introduced legislation, attempting to change Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution on eight separate occasions to make it possible for Barack Obama to meet the eligibility requirements for the office of president. Of which, a legal investigation has proven that his documents provided are forgeries, which is a felony offense.”

The truckers are birthers!

Sit the fuck down.

Image: Blaze

Research done by our amazing reader @Mea-Mark who you can follow on Twitter here. 

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  • nogeeksadmin

    Was the truck involved in the accident the General Lee?

  • Tracey Bates

    Did you say Ernest Lee, or Ernest T?

  • Sandy Button

    It’s like watching Wylie Coyote except it’s not funny.

  • William C Stahl

    As said many times. You can’t make this shit up, and you can’t fix stupid.

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