North Carolina: Two year-old girl finds loaded gun, shoots herself dead

October 19, 2013

Fayetteville, North Carolina police say they are investigating a shooting in which a two year-old girl was killed early Saturday morning. According to the police, the little girl found the gun and shot herself.

Police said the victim was discovered after they responded to a shooting call around 12:39 a.m.

Image: Virtus Online

Image: Virtus Online













According to WGHP,  No one else at the house was injured.

Which is a relief that the household full of people did not pick up guns, strewn about and just start firing randomly for no reason. What I’m saying here is, get a gun safe. There is no mention of arrests or accountability but we can assume that since ‘guns don’t kill people’, then it must be the party who owns the gun that should be held responsible. And apparently toddlers are more dangerous than guns because lately they’ve been shooting themselves frequently, and it always comes down to irresponsible gun ownership.

The little girl was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

Watch courtesy of WRAL:

H/T: Good guy with a gun @ComgenKDT who you can follow on Twitter here. 

  • David Hedricks

    And this was the guns fault? No. Whomever left it unattended and available for the child to find is at fault, not the gun. Lock ‘em up if you have children.

  • David Fredrickson Jr.

    If you are worried about the serial numbers; Don’t buy from the crack dealer down the block, buy from a FFL. Fucking dumbest thing I have ever read

  • Ken Soderstrom

    Yep. More clear violent tendencies from a gun control extremist. It is OK that you don’t trust yourself to be armed. You need to learn not to assume that the rest of us are like you.

  • Ken Soderstrom

    Are there other rights that you would like to be subject to the prior restraint of psychiatric evaluations or just the one to bear arms?

    But I do agree that the policy of deinstitutionalization has been a failure and we need to return to a system for dealing with mental illness that works.

  • Jay Hanig

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think so?

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