Arizona Republican denies ‘De Fuhrer’ comment was referring to Hitler, then compares Obama to a tyrant

Arizona state Rep. Brenda Barton (R) released a statement on Wednesday denying that a recent Facebook post in which she described President Obama as “De Fuhrer” was a reference to Adolf Hitler even though just two days ago she claimed it was not an insensitive or controversial comparison.

While attempting to walk back her initial defense of her name-calling, Barton now states she was NOT referring to President Barack Obama, she was simply using the term “Fuhrer” for “emphasis”  and certainly not implying any characterization of the President as Hitler.  









She writes, “What I did suggest, rather directly, was that the National Park Service enforcement personnel (referring to them as ‘thugs’ for their reported behavior) were simply following orders of ‘their leader’ – and I used the German phrase for emphasis, Der Fuhrer. I am referencing the Presidents behavior as indicated by his actions. The Merriam-Webster New Collegiate Dictionary defines ‘Fuhrer’ as ‘(2) a leader exercising tyrannical authority.'”

However, an online dictionary which is easily accessible if you know how to Googles, will show the definition to mean “the leader” in German, which was the “title assumed by Adolf Hitler.”

Attempting to further muddy the waters, Barton continued “As many are aware, some recent comments of mine on Facebook have touched a sensitive nerve with many people. Additionally, many have simply taken my posting out of its contextual environment.  Had I chosen my words differently, or had the President offered to use the power of his office to lessen or mute the public impacts of this impasse in Washington, we might not be having this discussion.”

“Contextual environment”?

She also suggests that it’s appropriate because leftists did it during Bush’s presidency, however, she’s an elected official.

She adds,”For the record, I was suggesting that President Obama was behaving as a tyrant. Didn’t the Founders of our country call their king a tyrant and worse?”

And yet, Our country does not have a ‘king.’ We have a twice elected president.

President: The chief executive of a republic.

  • tiredoftea

    Stupid is just ugly whichever direction it goes!

  • Eunice Marchacos

    We have quite a few of these elected Doofuses in AZ.

    • juicyfruityyy

      I quit counting when I reached 95%. Too many to go on.

    • Doug Tschopp

      a lot of them it seems startng with governor office and that racist sheriff

  • juicyfruityyy

    Was she referring to O’Hitler?

  • dogstar7

    In American English the use of foreign words or phrases usually indicates a contextual link to the subject. Furthermore, the use of common nouns, such as in reference to a German ‘fuhrer’, are made distinct from the appropriation of proper nouns (such as an official title of state, ie Der Fuhrer) by the use of capitalization. Otherwise, to show off her command of middle-school German she would have said ein fuhrer.

  • mea_mark

    She is making us Texans look smart in a certain contextual environment sort of way.

    • juicyfruityyy

      Sorry, but Texas and Florida still holds the #1 spot. AZ and NC are neck to neck for 2nd place. LOL

      • ComGen

        NC here, we are gunning for 1st place….at the rate we are going under GOP control should surpass 1st and reach -10th place soon! We can do it!

        • juicyfruityyy

          And a mighty good job you are doing! LOL

          • ComGen

            Thank you! we are trying hard to turn NC into….well….a giant void of humanity!

  • Darrell West

    She maybe the reason why we need to stop electing racial official in office.

    • cvryder2000

      Be speaking English, please.

  • cvryder2000

    Well, let’s see… the first place, it’s *Der* Führer… I need to go on?

  • Linda1961

    Typical: wingnut makes an inaccurate and offensive comparison as a way of dissing a Democrat, then tries to walk it back a little when called out on the inaccuracy and offensiveness, but still tries to defend what was said or posted.

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    She needs to just quit while she can still form a sentence. Does she not remember that the public elected this President TWICE? The fact that she didn’t agree doesn’t make it any less legal. If she wants to see what a real tyrant looks like, she can go live in Iran.

  • David Harpe

    She needs to get some help with that melanoma. A good place to start would be, let’s say, fifty or sixty radiation treatments to her face.

  • AlfredLehmberg

    _This_ day-walking harridan, faith crippled authoritarian, and impacted psychopath? Naturally.

  • merr7242

    So, Rep. Barton, were you blaming President Obama for the mess in Washington, DC/government shutdown. You are totally out of the loop as to why this actually happened. You need to do some reading other than watching fox noise, rush or some other such conservative idiot.

  • kd92mesa

    She goose steps right along with the rest of the Arizona Republican Party. They are all Koch-suckers and are willing to say whatever they are paid to say. The Republican Party, and their Brown Shirt offspring Tea Party, Should just be listed and the Tin Foil Hat Party. Mandatory mental evaluations needed.

  • CherMoe

    Well, since it is HER party that has closed down the government and CAUSED the closing of the parks, etc., I think the terms would be BEST used to describe the Republicans. MS. “Hoity Toity” Barton knew EXACTLY what she was saying.