Caption call: If ever a picture was screaming for a caption, it’s this one

We haven’t had a caption call here for awhile. Aside from the last time, which was never. With the shutdown debacle caused by Republicans clinging to some sort of  leverage while our economy dangles off a cliff because, Obamacare, we need some levity.

This picture is just screaming for a caption. Warning: Do not read any further if you’re hypersensitive, or you’re offended by the word ‘dick’ in a post. D’oh! I just typed it.














FreakOutNation’s admin @ComgenKDT is going to start this off:

House Speaker John Boehner to President Obama: “Honestly, my dick is this big right now.”

Obama to Boehner: “Wanna see mine !?!”

Your turn because I just can’t top that.

Image: Huffpo

  • ComGen

    I’m innocent…just in case this goes south :-) — NOT FON admin … wait…go south caption…..oh I have another…..resisting though

    • Anomaly 100

      Resistance is futile.

      • ComGen

        If no one comes close I’ll unleash my ” down south bomb “. Jody fared well but no ” cigar “

        • Anomaly 100

          Our economy is dangling off a cliff and you are making dick jokes?

          Good job!

          • ComGen

            Beats ! the current Congress solution / action !

          • ARealHousewifeInOC


          • ComGen

            Masochist? actually just asking for personal reasons! :-) [ Single ]

          • mrsgunka

            Beats crying!

          • Anomaly 100

            Damn skippy. You need a sense of humor with politics.

        • mrsgunka

          I’m afraid to ask, but what is the “down south bomb”. I don’t get off the ranch much! :-)

          • ComGen

            Secret :-)

            But it will / would ( some of our FB FON guys honestly topped it ) involve: sexual reference to ” going south ” come on Women helps me here ! John in the 90’s shutdown and cigar reference.

  • mea_mark

    Miley Cyrus we need your help where are you?

  • tiredoftea

    John, you gotta stop boning Michelle Bachmann.

  • SoCks::DevTara::AgnosticMonkey

    House Speaker John Boehner to President Obama: “well Sir I haven’t been down south in a while”
    Obama to Boehner: “Perfect time of year my friend”

    — Jody by proxy for teamspy

  • molly_malone2

    John: All we’re asking is … you know … just give us a little bit to save face.”
    Barack: Been there, done that. Ain’t buying that crap again, man.”

  • juicyfruityyy

    BoneNerd to President Obama: Do you think that I would ever be as great of a leader as you?
    President Obama to BoneNerd: Hell No!!

  • mrsgunka

    Can’t top the admin! You know, every time I see those two together I will think of this! Thanks a lot! :-)

  • mea_mark

    John: I can only get this much. Obama: Let me show you how to get more.

  • John Cronin

    John: Yeah I’ve got this much dick.
    Obama: Let me show you why I’m going to win the measuring contest…

  • StraightGrandmother

    Obama: Tell the Koch brothers I said, “hi ya’ll” ;p
    Obama: “Oh John, now don’t believe the polls, they’re always wrong”
    Obama, “Did you drunk Dial me last night? Was that you?
    Obama, “Cool, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to play some B-Ball. See you same time tomorrow with the clean CR then”

    • Anomaly 100

      Anthony Weiner, “Can I get in on this drunk dialing thing?”

  • ComGen

    From Facebook FON:

    ” Melinda Goldman 5% approval rating huh … My approval rating just went up to 51% . ”

    Adding: Yeah! not a myth Boehner

  • Anomaly 100

    Obama, “Are you trying to work out the budget using your fingers John? Wanna use my calculator??”

  • ComGen

    Obama: seriously? I have 12……”……………….clean budget bills in reserve, bazinga!

  • Bullies For Romney

    “Don’t bother describing it, John… I know it’s small… so, to quote “Blazing Saddles”… excuse me while I whip this out… and show you what a real man looks like… then I’m going to beat you with it to within an inch of your life.”

  • Dean Jones

    boner: this is the thumb i suck. obama: really i heard you were a koch sucker.

  • ARealHousewifeInOC

    potus: i see you’re still putting your thumb up your ass…
    jb: how did you know?
    potus: because you still have shit under your nail.

  • fantagor

    Obama: Let me just whip this out here…
    Boehner: I love Blazing Saddle references.
    Obama: Never heard of it.

  • Linda1961

    Not a caption, as I’m not clever enough to come up with even a bad one, but I’ve enjoyed reading everone’s submission. Gave me some good laughs on a Friday morning!

  • ftlaudjohnny

    So, Johnnyboy, how big is this pickle you’ve gotten yourself into?

  • William A Finch

    Boe-ner- ” I’ve got a hemi, that’s .. I swear it’s this big, hanging out of my ass”
    Obama- “I told you, to stop taking it up the ass from the tea baggers and the Koch brothers”

  • Montag

    Hey John… This shutdown?…. You built that

  • Susy Crandall

    House Speaker John Boehner to President Obama: “Honestly, my dick is this big right now.”
    Obama: “Honestly? Because mine keeps popping out the top of my slacks.”

  • oldngrumpy1

    I hate long meetings, but if I hold my hand like this and pretend there’s a scotch and soda there it helps a lot.

  • oldngrumpy1

    President: “You are measuring across that bad boy, right John? John??”

  • Nsaney