Democratic leaders ‘apologize’ to a House Republican in the funniest way possible

Following a public temper tantrum by Rep. Martin Stutzman (R-IN), the top four Senate Democrats jestingly apologized Thursday after the congressman said Republicans were not to be “disrespected” and must win something in return for keeping the government open. He was even offered a group hug.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) told reporters,”I want to apologize for anything I may have said that disrespected Marlin Stutzman.”



















Sahil Kapur of Talking Points Memo reports, “Similar apologies were offered by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who then called on Stutzman to stop disrespecting Americans harmed by the shutdown and agree to reopen the government.”

Sen. Patty Murray offered a “group hug” if it would help console the congressman.

The Democratic leaders brought a poster of Stutzman’s quote, which he said during an interview with the Washington Examiner. After the quote made the usual rounds in the media and on the Internet, Stutzman walked it back.

TPM took the photo.

  • fantagor

    On the flip-side is an image of a credit card for Tom Coburn to tear up in a photo-op tizzy.

    • Ellen Backke

      If he wanted his credit card cutting ceremony to mean something, he would have cut up his government issued credit card. Seems that if the credit cards were suspended for the members of Congress, the shutdown would end very quickly.

      • gramiam44

        Remember when Romney cancelled the credit cards of his staffers on ELECTION NIGHT, so they had to pay for meals, air fare home etc on their own nickel? Their job was to get him elected President and they blew it. Congress is there to do the people’s business and they blew it, so they should suffer!

  • Linda1961

    Congressional gopers seem to be either clowns, crybabies or both.

  • mea_mark

    How thoughtful, a group hug, I think, I think I am going to cry.

  • TEDjosa

    istillcant figure out why the government ws shut down hell eventually you guys are going back to work and have to pay the bills cause you already spent the funds and funds have to be replaced with more funds

  • Rebecca Fisher

    Stutzman thought up the idea to the separate the food stamp program from the federal Farm Bill. He hates welfare handouts; except for the $1,000,000 plus his family farm has received in agricultural subsidies since 1995. But, like he said, “it’s not possible for me to decline that money.” Fellow Hoosiers, please help vote him out!!

  • juicyfruityyy

    Why apologize for something that the Congressman actually did say to the media? It was already printed and circulating on the internet and tweeter. Maybe, the next time he should think before opening his mouth.

    • Tom Butler

      Juicy, that would imply he HAD a BRAIN!

  • UsedtoBE

    Indiana hangs it’s head in shame.

    • brokencrystal

      Indeed, it does!

  • Mike Mc Millian

    I think the Democrats wanted to show the true ignorance of the Republicans by issuing an ‘apology’ for something they had’nt even done. But,then again this is the Republican’s way of getting their way,but always trying ti flip things around on the other party to make it look like they were the ones that did something wrong,when the truth is,it’s usually the Republicans that are getting shit started by saying or doing outrageous crap.

  • Laura Meier

    Love it!!

  • TheeGrimmReapper

    LOL! Group Hug!

    • Bad Bob

      Maybe a round of “Kum By Ya” would help.

      • Carolyn Morrow Long

        I’m not scolding you, Bad Bob, because you obviously don’t know that Kumbaya is a sacred song of the Gullah people of the South Carolina and Georgia Sea Islands, in which they’re calling on God to “come by here.” I don’t like the way it’s been trivialized to mean something “touchy-feely.”

        • Billy Farmer

          Miss carolyn not to scold you either but here is the real definition of Kumbaya

          “Kumbaya” or “Kumbayah” (Gullah, “Come By Here” — “Kum ba yah”) — is a spiritual song from the 1930s. It became a standard campfire song in Scouting and summer camps, and enjoyed broader popularity during the folk revival of the 1960s.

          The song was originally associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion, and it still is, but more recently it is also cited or alluded to in satirical or cynical ways which suggest false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic views of the world and human nature.[1]

          So miss Carolyn, yes a round kum ba ya would help with rep martins stutzmans need for more closeness and compassion, after all he said he didn’t feel as if him and his fellow republicans were being respected after they shut down the dov and put 800.000 people out of work so we need to help him feel that lost respect he needs to feel. come on miss carolyn, lets all get around a camp fire with rep martin stutzman and feel the LOVE.

          In the words of mr rodney king,

          cant we all just get along

          • Macias

            Nothing Carolyn or you have said is wrong. What Carolyn has taken offense to is the satirical use of the phrase. Which you mention in your post and then go on to do yourself at the end of it…. Lol!

  • Barry Roope

    I can see Fox and Fiends, turning this around to show their ignorant followers, See the Democrats have finally accepted blame for the Shut-down, or they will say Wow the Democrats have time to play games while America, falls to pieces. We all know the Republican led House of Reps. directly caused this shutdown, but the low information voter, is either to stupid to see the truth or they are living in blissful ignorance, due to their Racist preconceptions. It is obvious that most Republicans have no idea about the way a law is made, they think the President can order the Government to open, The reality is Congress has to authorize the Government to open and spend money, not the President. All he can do is sign the legislation given to him, the Congress has not send him anything to sign, Nothing.

  • EaDiot

    We really shouldn’t be poking fun at the House (I know I am only fooling myself) but the best post I saw on FB was shared by Tracy Knauss. “In the interest of cost saving the administration should cancel all limo services for the House and send around a short yellow bus!”

    • joecooling

      Wouldn’t that be a sight, a full load of window lickers.

    • Anomaly 100


    • Nancy Gomez

      Good one!

  • Amanda Cheatham-Hurd

    Stutzman ought to be happy to be serving his country and constituents instead of looking for personal glory.

  • Rob Warthen

    YOu may want to review your facts. While I disagree with shutting down the government, the house has sent several bills. The one just before the shutdown was a normal Continuing Resolution. However, it had two riders on it. One postponed the penalty for not having insurance for a year. This did nothing else, but simply kept the government from fining those who didn’t have insurance for one more year. The other canceled a new tax on medical supplies that democrats and republicans agree to.

    • littlelizard25

      They sent two bills they knew would never have a chance of being passed. They wanted them to be voted down. If they were truely concerned about the shutdown they would have sent a clean bill. It’s odd how Repubs equate a clean bill as ones that have strings attached. And if the Repubs didn’t want the shutdown, why is it that Michelle Bachman is on video proclaiming the shutdown is exactly what they were wanting, and how they were very happy to get it? Why did every reporter that was there report that the Repubs were “absolutely giddy” about shutting down the Govt? Maybe you should review YOUR facts.

      • Billy Farmer

        the problem while not a big problem is you can’t tell those people that because facts mean nothing to them when they’re so full of hate for obama because to them in their narrow minds,Obama is a black muslim who is going take their guns away lol
        and the sad thing is obama is not 100% black or a muslim. 1 His mother was white and 2 even if he was a muslim who cares though he is not.

        those fools are so stupid when it comes to Obama it amazes me how they can get out of bed and get dressed with out help from the right wing media, but if the right wing media did help them dress, i bet the RWM could say put your pants on your head and they would lol

    • Andy Kinnard

      Correct; therefore, not a “normal” CR. Those two changes effectively pull money out of the ACA program and would tend to tilt the tables toward it failing financially (which the CBO says it won’t do [otherwise]). Here’s a clue: Obama and the Democrats aren’t going to shoot the ACA in the foot.

      • BanditBasheert

        Agree – the Dems are now “on top” .. the TeaBaggers are being exposed for the crazies that they are. CalGaryCruz has basically torched his political career for the future – and Mike Lee is discovering that Utah isn’t his #1 fan anymore.

        Everything has consequences … No way is Obama going to do anything with the ACA – he’s come this far.

        The terrorists in the TeaBagger Party are going to LOSE.

    • BanditBasheert

      THAT is NOT a “normal” CR….
      The GOP is going to have to pay the very large and nasty political price for being gynormous douchebags. It’s already happening and we are laughing over the fix they find themselves in.

      Obama did the right thing. He “stood his ground” and refused to negotiate with the Suicide Caucus.

      And why has the story taken such a different turn today?
      Because of two things.

      First – that horrible poll that indicates the GOP is trashing itself. (no one cares but they seem to at least have read it). Everyone blames them – for their stupidity.

      Second, Wall Street and the Big Businesses have basically told them to “knock it off” … these people know what the result will be if these idiot dingbats default on the debt ceiling. If the “real” GOP doesn’t take charge now – all the money dries up.

      And the little #3 – The Tea Party is tearing the party apart (YAWN). When the GOP chose to listen to nutjobs, racists and douchebags, they got what they asked for. The American people are still centrist….on a lot of things. The TeaBaggers are simply nutjobs…no one cares about them and their stupid rants and raves.

  • BethDunham

    What made America so stupid ?

    • Billy Farmer

      the koch brothers

    • David Cann

      high fructose corn syrup

    • Raz Lemons

      Fox News !

    • Kim

      I could think of a lot of things that made Americans so stupid, but one for sure that is KEEPING a whole lot of them stupid is Fox News, the mouthpiece of the Republican party.

      • BethDunham

        thats 4 sure

    • oxco

      ummm, people like you

      • BethDunham

        wrong one more time Tea Bagger clown

  • Billy Farmer

    awww stutzman I have some good news for you, you got some crazy truckers , I hope that make you feel better to know insane truckers are being insane because you got no respect. how dare the american people disrespect you and not go your way and defund the ACA ( aka obamacare )

  • Daniel Leyva


  • Bad Bob

    I agree with both Carolyn and Billy. And yes, it alluded to my dislike that the Republicans have denigrated one of my favorite religious songs, while claiming to be superior Christians. That is exactly why I made the comment I did.

  • joe ebbitt

    does money really influence people to look at the GOP platform and say “yes ,this is for me?”. We gotta quit defunding education, .

  • Shirley A Woods

    Do I understand this correctly? You start a fight and get your ass whipped. Then you beg not to be disrespected, because you lost the fight you started in the first place. Also you want to get something from the fact that lost the fight you started? Your point is what? What the hell do you think you deserve another ass whipping? Because shutting down something, or breaking to destroy is not a way to say, give me what I want because I did take a measure to make you notice me. *:) REALLY ?