If Republicans treated their spouses like they do the economy, they would be in a battered women’s shelter

I’m continually amazed at the number of people, educated people even, that have no idea how government works, but point the finger of blame right to President Obama. Consider the following analogy.

If you were in a romantic relationship, and the other person said “I want your full commitment, in exchange for six weeks of my commitment, and I will then re-negotiate my part in 6-weeks but your commitment is set in stone.”











Would you accept such a ridiculous offer? No, surely not.

Why would you expect our President to accept a crappy arrangement where they can hold our country hostage every 6 weeks? I would be disappointed if he accepted such an unbalanced situation. I WANT the entire country funded, I don’t want it pieced together like broken patchwork, funding for programs decided upon by extremists with a vendetta. It is the job of the US Congress to pass a budget and they are failing America in an attempt to retaliate for the loss of the 2012 Presidential election. Nothing more.

  • mea_mark


  • juicyfruityyy

    I agree. We need to move forward; without frequent interruptions
    BTW: I bet that we do have a number of Re-thug wives in battered shelters.

  • mrsgunka

    They treat America just like they treat their wives…..pregnant and barefoot. Control the bedroom activities, pay no taxes, only wars of convenience, no laws that constrict anything I do. Think the Tea Party are all closeted Libertarians…..leave me and my money alone……liberty and freedom for me, me, me! And God blesses only WHITE Murica!

    • rjcarter

      Anger issues?

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    Uh, actually, maybe not…Women’s shelters have been hit hard by the shutdown…No room at the inn or money for food.

  • jdubhub68

    “Oh, your husband beats you and said that if you leave that he’ll hunt you down and kill you? He keeps you locked in the house? Well, it’s your fault for staying.”

    Republicans have all the traits of an abuser. From the victim-blaming to the manipulation, while doing the equivalent of telling all your friends (media) that you fell down the stairs or slipped in the shower because you’re so clumsy.

  • Anna Rather

    The government getting shut down is the fault of the House of Representatives ONLY! The House stopped the government because the GOP don’t want the poor uninsured, underinsured and blacklisted to get affordable health insurance. So, these GOP was to screw over the USA economy which screws over the world’s economy, because the GOP want to not allow Americans affordable healthcare. Now, why would the GOP want to not allow Americans Health Care? I haven’t heard the GOP having an idea on how to fix America’s health care problem! WHY NOT? So, the GOP don’t want Americans to have affordable healthcare, they stop the government, then they complain about not getting paid! AM I MISSING ANYTHING? VOTE OUT THE GOP SO THEY CAN’T HOLD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HOSTAGE ANY LONGER!

  • rjcarter

    “I want your full commitment to MY SIGNATURE LAW OF THE LAND, in exchange for six weeks of my commitment to talk to you about A MINOR DEVICE TAX, and I will then re-negotiate my part in ONE YEAR but your commitment is set in stone.” — I changed it a little to make it more applicable to the speaker.

  • TurboKitty

    There are two relatively unknown stories, circulated about First Lady Laura Bush. Once each term, she fled the White House to take up residence at the Mayflower hotel, after having sustained serious injuries at the hand of a drunken spouse …