Shutdown news: How two companies respond differently to a crisis

The bankruptcy trustee handling the Furniture Brands International, Inc. (FBI) case filed papers with the bankruptcy court that asks to court to deny a request to pay about $3.4 million in incentive pay bonuses related to efforts to sell the bankrupt company’s assets, especially with a significantly underfunded pension plan, about $200 million short of what is needed. One objection was that the executives’ goals were too easy to reach. The company also decided on Sept. 4 to terminate medical, disability, life insurance and death benefits for retirees and former employees. Wow, run a company into bankruptcy and get a bonus! How American is that!











On a better note, Food Lion is donating $500,000 to several North Carolina food banks to help people who lost federal food vouchers because of the government shutdown. The money will be donated in the form of $5 gift cards to food banks in Asheville, Charlotte, Elizabeth City, Fayetteville, Raleigh and Winston-Salem. Republicans are proud of the shutdown, but should be really ashamed of what it did to programs like WIC.

One company trying to pay bonuses and republican efforts cause a government program like WIC to shutdown. Both are examples of mismanagement.

But, at least we have companies like Food Lion stepping in to help with food. There are also other examples we’ve read about where companies or individuals are stepping in to help those hurt by the government shutdown.

Republicans are holding this country hostage with unreasonable demands and need to stop now. Republicans need to remember that the political fallout will hurt them in the future, but the other down side is that all Americans will have to live with the economic fallout for years.

Republicans, you are nuts!

  • mea_mark

    If you ask me, this clearly shows why people should avoid taking jobs with republicans if at all possible. Find a job where the owners are democrats, they aren’t as likely to stab you in the back for money.

    • BanditBasheert

      Sounds good but what if you live in an all RED state? Or mostly Red? Not everyone has options or choice – it also depends upon what field you are in.

      • mea_mark

        All we can do is try. If more people tried, the republicans wouldn’t have as much power. If enough people tried, at some point republican business owners would be forced to pay more for help than democrats and that would be a good thing.

  • alan carter

    Amazes me why people continue to vote against there own LIFE. They draw lines in the sand extorting how great business is for them. How CEO’s deserve the million dollar salaries. How greed is the American way.
    They see how people are mistreated and somehow twist look the other way as long as it is not them. When it happens to them they blame Democrats for enacting strangling regulations. smh!!

    • BanditBasheert

      Fear … lots of gobs of fear .. especially afraid of the black man in THEIR White House. That is at the bottom of a lot of craziness…they woke up and discovered that this is NO LONGER an all white country and they are terrified. They have babbled for years about “equal rights” but those rights only apply to “the whites”.
      They never stopped hating .. they just realized that over the last 30 years, no one wants to hear their blind hatred for people based on color.

  • juicyfruityyy

    It is always nice to see people helping each other.