Ted Cruz enjoys pricey health plan coverage through Goldman Sachs, his wife confirms

Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife confirmed that her husband, the most vocal, bombastic, egocentric opponent of Obamacare, has a pricey health plan through investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Heidi Cruz said, “Ted is on my health care plan.” She has worked in the firm’s management division for eight years. Democrats have prodded Cruz into acknowledging what heath care plan he enjoys, to which the Texas Senator deflected onto another subject.

But now we know.












The New York Times reports:

 “I have to say, honestly, I’m not involved with any of those issues at our firm,” Mrs. Cruz said. And if her husband was evasive about where he got his health coverage, Mrs. Cruz was blunt.

“Ted is on my health care plan,” said Mrs. Cruz, who has worked in Goldman’s investment management division for eight years.

The Huffington Post reports, “Cruz’s plan through Goldman appeared to be an uncomfortable fact for the conservative senator as he lambasted the health care reform law and helped drive what would become a two-week government shutdown. In an exchange during Cruz’s 20-hour anti-Obamacare marathon on the Senate floor in September, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) tried unsuccessfully to get Cruz to admit where he gets his own coverage.”

Durbin asked, “Will the senator from Texas for the record tell us now — and those who watched this debate — whether he is protected and his family’s protected?”

Cruz changed the subject.

I do not like Obamacare, said Tea Party Ted, No fan I am of  health care for all. Destroy that egg! Today! Today I say! Without delay! Defund that health care plan for the little folks, it’s only  for those insured by Banksta folks. 

  • redastcyr

    The fact is Senator Cruz has Health Care coverage for himself an his family but would deny others that same advantage an offer nothing as a replacement How stupid can people be?

  • CaptCorona

    so he is covered by his wifes private insurance at her work and this is a problem how? At least the tax payers aren’t footing the bill for his cadillac coverage like the majority of Congress and their staff.

    • mrsgunka

      Wasn’t G-S one of those companies we bailed out? Ol’ Teddy might have lost his Golden Plan and due to a chronic sinus problem that makes him talk like an old cowboy on the trail, he might not have been able to ever get coverage! He’d be begging for Obamacare! But alas, we bailed him out and are supplementing his plan. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

      • majii

        Yes, yes, we did, Mrs. G. I think it is why Cruz wouldn’t respond to Sen. Durbin’s question. Cruz reminds me of Paul Ryan. Ryan lied about the stimulus and the ACA in public but was working hard behind the scenes to acquire stimulus and ACA funding for his district. I do believe the same thing will happen to lying motor mouth Cruz, and I plan to enjoy every instance when he’s revealed to be the big liar and bigger hypocrite that he is.

    • Sally

      Hey Capt. the Congress chooses a plan from their employer and pays premiums. Just so you know.

    • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akinsc Carla Akins

      I’m pretty sure no one has an issue with him choosing the best plan available to him – the issue is that he wants to deny healthcare to everyone else that doesn’t have this option. Funny, but sure this comes close to being an elitist – definitely sure it meets the definition of douche bag.

  • tiredoftea

    No wonder he’s pissed about the ACA. Their Cadillac plan will be taxed to support the credits for lower income subscribers!

    • jkarov

      More like a Rolls Royce plan, that covers dental, vision, and no co-pays

  • fantagor

    Ted Cruz, Santorum guzzler.

  • Linda1961

    No one is surprised by this, but it amazes me that anyone defends Calgary Cruz. I don’t blame him for accepting his wife’s health care insurance; that is what married couples do – accept the best plan offered by their employers if both work. If he really had the courage of his convictions, he would have answered Dick Durbin’s question instead of deflecting it, and offered something better to replace Obamacare to help those without insurance.

  • Darque Wing

    Do you remember when Republicans loved to say that Democrats were “elitist?” I remember that. I wonder why the “I Got Mine And The Rest Of You Peons Can Eat Cake” party doesn’t do that any more?

  • CaptCorona

    Being forced to purchase Health Insurance from a few Giant Corporations is not the same as actual Healthcare nor has it proven to be affordable. Actually the opposite. This farce has now hurt the same people it suposes to help and millions more. Please left wingers, stop trying to help. Your cures are always worse than the disease.