Birther, Rush Limbaugh fan, busted for threats to kill President Obama

81-year-old Elwyn Nels Fossedal, from Wisconsin, was arrested yesterday and charged with threatening President Obama’s life, according to federal court records. Fossedal was in a post office near his Wisconsin home last month when he announced, “If President Obama was here I would shoot him right there and kill him right now” according to prosectors.

Fossedal is a ‘birther’ and a Rush Limbaugh fan, playing into the myth that America’s first black president can’t legitimately hold the highest office in the land.

Wrapped in the flag:














Secret Service agents paid Fossedal a visit about about the threat–which was relayed to law enforcement by witnesses– but he “repeated the threat using different words. He also made a number of additional threats towards the President,” according to a felony complaint.

The Smoking Gun reports, “A Secret Service investigation determined that Fossedal’s wife Margaret Ann–to whom he had been married nearly 57 years–died in early-October and that “he is displacing his grief on her loss with anger towards” Obama and other public officials being protected by the Secret Service.”

Which brings a whole new issue to ‘Blame Obama’ with.

According to an investigator, Fossedal “is proficient in the use of various firearms.”

Via The Smoking Gun:

Pictured above, Fossedal this morning made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Madison, where a magistrate judge ordered him detained. If convicted of the threat, he faces a maximum of five years in prison.

Fossedal, a retired Pfizer employee, appears to be a “birther” based on comments he has posted online. A Rush Limbaugh fan, Fossedal has also called for Obama’s impeachment over the Affordable Care Act and declared that, “We need to throw the Muslim in the White House, OUT.”

(my bold)

While the Secret Service is at it, they should check out a Facebook group which states, “We now have authority to shoot Obama, i.e., to kill him.” Our friends at the Political Carnival wrote about the group and reported it to no avail.

The group is called the ‘United Patriots to Restore Our American Republic (UPROAR).’

Image: The Smoking Gun.

  • Linda1961

    What a sad man.

  • mea_mark

    If they start arresting everybody that wants to kill Obama, it’s going to be time to open up the Fema camps. Rush has been stirring up a whole bunch rwnj’s, we got to put them somewhere.

    • neworleans878

      I agree. But the problem with Rush and his ilk is that they’re continuing throwing gasoline on a fire whose growth they help expand daily with their rhetoric.

      • tiredoftea

        With big mouths comes no responsibility.

    • diegueno

      Let’s get sane here: there is a process for getting rid of a POTUS that does wrong – it’s called impeachment. if these people were serious, intelligent and had no personality disorders they would be able to form a movement to at least get the House to vote on and pass articles of impeachment for deigning to be legitimate enough to hold the office while being of African descent.
      They aren’t that smart nor disciplined, so they do unlawful things like this. I have no sympathy for them and would like to see more arrests of clowns like this because it is due them.

      • Michael Graham

        Are you saying an African American can not legitimatly hold the office of POTUS??

        • isome

          I believe he’s saying what they’re thinking. 😉

          • diegueno

            You’re the only person who understood what I meant on the string. You Win!

      • Aimee Barfield

        Your post confuses me, to impeach a president there has to be evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, governing while black is neither. To consider this an impeachable offense in Congress is a sign of lack of intelligence. It’s not a sign of being smart or disciplined.

        • Joe_the_Troll

          Sure sounded like sarcasm to me, given the rest of the comment.

        • modera8

          Uh, sarcasm. Relax.

          • Aimee Barfield

            That’s why I prefaced with the confused part. 😉

          • diegueno

            No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. If Obama has committed a crime, it would be a war crime with the drone attacks in Pakistan – but that wasn’t what I was suggesting.
            I was trying to make the point that Fossedal and his political confederates lack the sense or the temperament to apply the methods prescribed to them by The Constitution because they a] don’t care about The Constitution and just want to get rid of Obama in the manner they prefer, b] aren’t smart enough to remember what they were taught in secondary education about the Constitution about what it takes to remove a POTUS or c] they know but they are too paranoid to trust the Constitution because in their minds (sic) that is the system that failed and let a black man get elected POTUS.

      • Bellathedog

        And, just exactly would my president’s impeachment charges be? Pray tell?

      • Diane

        You can’t impeach because someone is of African American descent. What a ridiculous statement.

      • PinkMoore703

        They have absolutely no grounds whatsoever to impeach our President.

      • singingsoprano

        you know the other way? elections.


      the private prison system can handle them.

    • Bellathedog

      Sounds good to me. I’ll donate. These jack asses should be put away forever!

  • Russell Kurson

    At his age he doesn’t realize what a ridiculous ass he is. I guess there is “no fool like an old fool”.

  • david

    If you listen to talk radio, Glen Beck, Limbaugh, Huckabee, Larz Larson,etc. it’s all about hate. So sad.

  • infectious_d

    this guy must be extremely bored waitin’ for the reaper, just had to send out death threats to pass the time i guess, since listening to rush clearly didn’t kill him off like he originally planned

  • Al Campos

    The hate mongers are finding the crazies and making them crazy enough to do stupid shit.

  • LawMom3

    Another addle-pated, angry racist reaping the benefits of his socialist social security and Medicare, and blaming the black guy in the White House for his misery. Pathetic.

    • Teapubliturd Hater

      Check out the a-hole’s Facebook page. He’s doing pretty well for someone that has a problem with the President.

  • GoodGuy

    Please watch this documentary if you haven’t already

  • samspad


  • cptbob

    Tenn. man lived aftermath of JFK assassination as Secret Service agent

    “,,,Oswald’s anger

    “The thing that intrigued me about Oswald is that we could not find a single friend he had in his entire life,” Carter said.

    He had no friends in school, and when he joined the Marines at age 17, they made fun of him and thought he was weird, Carter said.

    While Oswald was in Russia, he met and married Marina Prusakova in 1961. They moved to Dallas in June 1962. They had two children, but she left him in 1963.

    “When she rejected him, he lost everything,” Carter said. “He went out to see her that Thursday night (a day before the assassination) and begged her to come back to him. I firmly believe … he went there thinking, ‘If I’ve lost her, the only thing I’ve ever had that meant anything to me, then I’m going to bring my rifle back and I’m going to shoot somebody and lash out.’

    “I think those shots were fired at society, were fired at everybody who ever mistreated him all his life … He was mentally ill as a child. He hated society. He never fit in. He never succeeded at one single thing in his entire life … He put his wedding ring on the dresser and most of the money he had, got his gun and went down and shot the president.”

    Did the CIA or Russians hire Oswald to assassinate Kennedy, as many believe? No way, says Carter.

    Hired assassins are not kooks, but are “well trained, very well disciplined, intelligent people,” he said.

    “They don’t go hiring a Lee Harvey Oswald to carry out those assignments,” Carter said. “I don’t think he had any connection with anybody.”

    • tiredoftea

      OK, so I’m really trying to understand what this has to do with the moron who’s the object of the article.

      • cptbob

        “…The Smoking Gun reports, “A Secret Service investigation determined that Fossedal’s wife Margaret Ann–to whom he had been married nearly 57 years–died in early-October and that “he is displacing his grief on her loss with anger towards” Obama and other public officials being protected by the Secret Service.”


        “While Oswald was in Russia, he met and married Marina Prusakova in 1961. They moved to Dallas in June 1962. They had two children, but she left him in 1963.

        “When she rejected him, he lost everything,” Carter said. “He went out to see her that Thursday night (a day before the assassination) and begged her to come back to him. I firmly believe … he went there thinking, ‘If I’ve lost her, the only thing I’ve ever had that meant anything to me, then I’m going to bring my rifle back and I’m going to shoot somebody and lash out.’”

        • tiredoftea

          Umm, OK. This means something?

          • cptbob

            Give it up…it is over your head.

          • tiredoftea

            I doubt it.

          • cptbob

            You should really loosen up the velcro on your shoes before posting here, tiredoftea…

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    As the approval ratings for the US gov’t drop, we see the increase in hostility but nothing comes close to the blatant hate generated by RWNJs constantly fed a diatribe of unadulterated crap from FOX, NewsMax, WND and the GOP pundits that hate everything remotely close to Obama.
    I saw it right up close and personal during 2008 DNC convention (of course, I was on the other side of the “free speech zone” – another attempt to kill 1st amendment rights a la Bush and kept under Obama). Denver saw extremist fundamentalists, RW “Libertarians” (in a state that actually has real libertarians, these guys aren’t even a boil on the ass of former Governor Dick Lamm – a real Libertarian) Survivalist Militia types and just plain idiots calling for the destruction of Obama

  • Madolyn Hayne

    It is about time these people who threaten the President are arrested.

    • Glenn Clayton

      And why was that republican form CA not arrested for saying that the president needs to be killed and so does he whole family!!! I forgot republicans are above the laws!!!

  • roxymartin

    I am sick of hearing this same crap on Facebook. I don’t understand what is wrong with people. I hope every single one that publicly threatens the President gets locked up for good.

    • Glenn Clayton

      Why is not Ted I shit my pants to get out of the draft Nugent not in prison!!! O that right when the SS investigated him he shit his pants and cried like a baby!!!

  • Glenn Clayton

    Ad why is not Rush L not in prison he does the same thing as Charles Manson did telling his people to go out and kill others !!

  • Teapubliturd Hater

    Imagine how this guy and UPROAR will react if Hillary Clinton is elected President! WOW!

  • Teapubliturd Hater

    Elwyn Nels Fossedal also has a Facebook page. Not much on it, but worth noting.

  • Sapphire Possible

    What a beastly, hideous devil. He plans to “restore” the republic with violence. These people that war and murder won’t solve anything. The last they want is a fight with Obama’s Supporters.

  • fantagor

    In America, the correlation coefficient between the number of flag shirts in your wardrobe and potential assassin is 1.

    • Anomaly 100

      He should have been arrested for that shirt alone.

  • Christina Taulbee DeLaigle

    From all I’ve seen and heard there are more out there that need to be prosecuted. The ones who have an arsenal at home would be at the top of my list, though there is not supposed to be a list, this is good cause to have one.

  • jericho

    81 years old. Not likely, gramps.

  • ItStartedWithAWindmill

    Facebook has a post with two threats to President Obama. These are reported to Facebook and the Secret Service with no action taken. I suspect threatening to harm the president has become quite popular with the Reicht.

    • Anomaly 100

      The comments under that link are disgusting.

      “He Hates America…Kill Him!”

      “Someone needs to break his legs”

    • trenaherringtonchapman


  • mimsamz

    Just watched JFK memorial all of yesterday and then to read something like this, this guy is disturbed and needs to be institutionalized or incarcerated… His hatred for the President and love for Rush is freaky to say the least…

    • Mister_Mean

      If he is institutionalized in a mental hospital then there would be less of a chance of him getting out.

  • nidur

    These guys like Limbaugh stir up people like this guy, but if, God forbid, something terrible happened they would say “who me? I’m just an entertainer.”

    • Viv Arney

      And of course the ugly fat bast#rd will never get charged for inciting these freaks to do stupid things.

  • janiez

    The post on FB was horrible.

  • Pixie Schrimpf

    There is also a facebook page named Christian American Patriots who posted to their 1400 members today that they are authorized to kill Obama as he has broken constitutional law. They said they expect Obama to leave DC today or he will be killed. I have tried to find the post again but can’t and they have made their page private now. They need to be arrested too. This is what happens when all these right wingnuts with guns are left to listen to Fox News and the lies that Fox News deliberately and knowingly airs. There will be more.

    • mea_mark

      And I thought I was being snarky about opening Fema camps for all these people. Maybe…

    • RubysGirl

      The language of the “CAP” is very similar to the hate-filled pontificating of radio talk host Mark Levine. I cannot believe he has not been arrested . He is clearly trying to motivate violence against the President.

      • Pixie Schrimpf

        Even if they are arrested for threatening the life of the president; the punishment is only five years. These freaks know it too, I saw on his page that he posted to his followers exactly that. It Should be more for inciting others than for an old man who just says it to another person.

  • Tommy6860

    What a vile POS this man is. In reference to that FB post, I reported it to no avail as well. It’s odd that threats of death and vile racism is a community standard for FB admins, but breast-feeding images, natural bodies are indecent and don’t meet community (prude) standards. I wish there was another social site that could take on FB. But I admit I have too many good friends there to leave it. I also love FON on Facebook. Anyway, in case those who don’t have FB can view the site, I made a screenshot of the Politcal Carnival reference made at the end of the article.

    • tiredoftea

      What an incredibly delusional bunch of christian fucks!

      • singingsoprano

        Pseudo-christian. antichristian.

    • Skip Patterson

      These kinds of people wouldn’t know how to figure out what the Constitution means if their worthless life depended on it.

    • Elizabeth Chubbuck Funny he went to high school in Iran. And he shows total intolerance of “foreigners” while he was welcome there?

    • damspam

      Facebook’s community standards are cool with assassinating a sitting president, as long as there’s no breast feeding. Murrica.

  • Joanne Riker

    I reported that group (Uproar) to The Secret Service on Thursday.

  • motorfingaz

    More right wing racist trash sent to the prison dumpster!

  • A Waz

    hank, this is about your boys. where’d you go?!

    typo first paragraph last word “prosecutors”

  • LiberalConservationist

    Good start, now go after Rush for inciting these idiots and the Koch Brothers for their seditious actions.

  • lindamermaid

    Soon that generation will be gone and hopefully my generation will show a bit more intelligence than this guy – who was of my father’s generation. I used to cringe every time dad referred to a black person. Guess what he called them all?


    what a shame we’re hating each other and other countries are eating out lunch…..America has been down graded…..THE HATE HAS TO STOP!!!

    • Skip Patterson

      Most of the world already considers us as a second world nation.

      • Elizabeth Chubbuck

        Yeah thanks to Bush’s embarrassments and destruction of our foreign relations that he ruined and Obama has been rebuilding.

      • Dan Lovingood

        And indeed we are now a 2nd class / 2nd world country because of the religious fundamentalist American Taliban dictating our political future. This has to stop.

        • Skip Patterson

          The American Taliban, as disgusting and loathsome as they are, are just the useful idiots in this game. And I have to admit they play their part very well. But we are really being buried by the corporatist that are using them to create a ruling fascist oligarchy that rules the country.

  • Skip Patterson

    It is sad to see how over the years a certain portion of the American public has become so full of hate and willful ignorance. It didn’t use to be that way, sure we had our kooks but 98% of the public saw them as just that, Kooks. Now, being a hate filled nut case has become mainstream, even patriotic for some. Truly sad.

  • jkarov

    Meanwhile Genius boy Fossedal is collecting SOCIAL secuirty, and most likely is on MEDICARE.

    I wonder if his pea sized brain has yet grasped the hypocrisy in accepting SOCIALIST health care and monthly compensation

    These are exactly the people that Limbaugh, Cruz, and Palin need to take responsibility for.

    Mentally deficient, lunatic, or suffering from dementia, they’ve got nothing to do all day but watch Fox noise, get all ginned up on birther and anti-black and anti-immigrant lies, and go huntin’ them somebody to kill or maim.

    Watch it come out that hey’s got a concealed carry permit too, so just in case that commie Muslim Obama comes to his burg, that he can be a hero like Oswald

    • Brian Gregory

      Medicare isn’t socialist. It is a single-payer insurance system. Tricare is socialist. The Veteran’s Administration is socialist. Firemen, policemen, civil service at all levels is socialist.

    • CherMoe

      You forgot to throw in “anti-woman.” But also, the jury is still out and the truth will someday bear out the facts that Oswald wasn’t the only shooter in the assassination of JFK. I think we all pretty much know that it wasn’t just “nut-jobs” who went out and killed people like JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and even (reportedly in some circles) JFK, Jr. We can even throw in there people who were assassinated such as John Lennon (too anti-war and pro-peace). Or what about attempts on the Pope’s life (previously). And I think there are so many disgruntled Republicans out there that so disagree with the apparent “liberalism” of the new Pope, that it is frightening to think there are factions out there that might dislike Pope Francis for his generous and humble and accepting nature enough to cause harm or death to him. People who don’t play by the corporate greed and religious fanatic rules in this country seem influential and probably responsible for doing great harm.

      • Donald William Iannotti

        Ironic that George Herbert Walker Bush was head of CIA then!

        • Dan Lovingood

          George Herbert Walker Bush was only head of the CIA from January 30, 1976, to January 20, 1977, but during which time other atrocities certainly occurred: eg, Panama;s Progressive leader, Omar Efraín Torrijos Herrera (February 13, 1929 – July 31, 1981), was warned by then CIA Chief Bush in no uncertain terms that if he followed through with President Carter’s plan to honor the long standing treaty between Panama and the U.S. to turn the Canal Zone back to the Panamanian People that he would be assassinated. In 1981, Torrijos was assassinated by the CIA with a bomb that was placed in his airplane. I was a goof friend of person whose brother was Torrijos’ Chief of Staff during that time.

          • Dan Lovingood

            Carter was furious about these sneaky dealings between the CIA and Latin American leaders and fired Bush.

    • Magystelling

      As much as the Republican Party would like for people to assume that Social Security and Medicare are government payout to low life freeloading liberals, they are very wrong. The moment one starts to work payments are made to both these federal accounts and are not payed back until the person reaches 62 or 65 years of age. There is nothing of a socialist or communist nature in these programs.

      • Jaybird248

        True. These are insurance plans financed the same as long term care insurance. You pay now and collect later.

        • mothernatureearthmom

          But that is not the lie that the Republicans are pushing. I sigh for these people.

      • Dan Lovingood

        I disagree. These are what we call GOOD SOCIALISM.

  • heather

    I feel sorry for this old man because he was brainwashed by the likes of Fox and Limbaugh. Now he’s in jail. 81 years old, probably living off Medicare and SS. It’s not Obama’s fault his wife died. He’s bonkers! Flush Rush’s Bust:

  • damspam

    So if someone publicly threatens to kill POTUS, the Secret Service acts, but if some goon uses Facebook to do the same, nothing happens? WTF?

    • Donald William Iannotti

      I am sure they would make a visit if they felt the threat was probable… don’t think if you write something with Obama in it that it’s not being filtered….

      • Carolyn Stine

        I doubt.

  • Dale Mulkey

    he should be hung in front of his house with a sign that says traitor hung around his neck. and do it on national tv for all republicans to see what should happen to them

    • Carolyn Stine

      And then be put in jail for a long, long time!

  • bamcintyre

    I also reported this site to FB and got a polite refusal response.

    • Magystelling

      You reported to the wrong agency, use the Secret Service next time.

  • Ignatz

    Let me make sure I’m understanding this:

    The Secret Service paid this guy a visit and said: “We understand that you threatened to kill the President.”

    And he said (in effect), “Yeah, that’s right, and I would.”

    Sounds like the IQ I’d expect from a Rush listener.

  • Donald William Iannotti

    This is all that could come of the Republican Tea Party hate mongering! Get some ignorant person to buy your lies and it just takes ONE! All of them should resign from political office since they are unable to work with a black president!

  • Jaybird248

    It’s only a matter of time before a Limbaugh lover actually tries it. But that fat bastard continues to incite hatred for three hours a day…and 50 million bucks a year.

  • thomasbone63

    He needs jail time.

  • Patrick Nance

    Hopefully the first of many who will finally understand you CANNOT threaten the POTUS without ramificiations. Time to close down UPROAR and its site and arrest the founder who made the comments…

  • JonBritain66

    He broke the law…. Put him in JAIL!!!

  • Carolyn Stine

    One down, many more to go! These haters need to obey the law.

  • Dean Langwiser

    I am really embarrassed at how ignorant our nation has become.

  • glasgal
    • David Camin

      Oh my God that obit is so sad. He is just inflating his ego and making things up about himself. His poor wife. I bet she was a closet liberal though. lol

    • Nothingbutthetruth

      He is not mental ill, he is just plain evil!

  • Dan Lovingood

    I hope he dies in prison,

  • Dan Lovingood

    I would bet good money that this man’s hatred and bigotry far preceded this event by many years, probably all his life.

    • Diane Sawtell


  • WellhungHippie

    Lion’s club, gluten free diet??? Wow, who wrote that obituary?

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    Mush Limpballs should be arrested & charged with conspiracy to overthrow the Gov. & Treason

  • Nick Wride

    Pigboy Limbaugh and the others of his hateful ilk provoke this type of crap.

  • Gary D. Vaughn

    Amazing resemblance to Earnest Borgnine. With a name like his, how can he be that critical of anyone period?