Eric Cantor releases schedule: Our do-nothing Congress to work even less days next year

Since there’s been so much talk of ‘entitlements’ let’s look at that. Imagine having a job that pays $174,000 per year with spectacular benefits, and you only have to work 1/3rd of the year. During that 1/3rd of the year, all you have to do is impede progress. Your job is secure because you were elected into office and the taxpayers pay your salary.

The taxpayers which afford you a generous salary, are demonized by you as ‘lazy’ if they receive benefits from a necessary program.

Cue: Eric Cantor.












According to CBS Miami, House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the Congressional schedule for 2014 and your elected representatives will only work 113 days next year. According to the Huffington Post, the House worked 126 days this year, but only worked 107 in 2012.

Those poor hard workin’ summabitches. I don’t know how they can handle the hardship.

CBS Miami reports, “Breaking the numbers down further, members of the House of Representatives will make approximately $1,539.82 per day or, given an eight-hour work day, roughly $192.47 per hour.”

Add to that:

The Jobs Bill was not passed.

50 attempts to repeal/destroy Obamacare.

A Republican-led government shutdown which cost our economy $24 billion.

After the aforementioned is done, it’s ‘blame Obama’ time.

Now imagine that you did all of the above in a different job. You would be fired.

Get out the vote in 2014.

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Image: Business Insider

  • mrsgunka

    If they are so hell-bent to do nothing, maybe they need to retire permanently. They all need a dishonorable discharge of their duties, stripped of their bars, loose their rank and salary – including benefits and retirement plan. They need to repay us for all the time they did not attend to their duties and the cost of the shutdown. Other countries can elect their officials in a few weeks so no reason we can’t too and cut out all the money elections cost. Everyone gets the same amount of money to work with and they must pass a psychological test to get your name on the list. One person/one vote. That person can not be a corporation or any money from a corporation! One month minimum vacation/electioneering time off. When two years are up, you leave and go home! Everyone pays taxes and the poor and elderly will be taken care of. SS and Medicare can not be touched.

    • Linda1961

      What Mrs G said!

      • Carla Akins


    • Sally

      I do think that is exactly what the Founders intended…a couple years of ‘service’ to the people, a nd then back to work at your real job. These guys who spend 12 terms in the Congress (yes, you, Dave Camp) need to get a life and leave ours alone.

      • infectious_d

        lol yeah Dave Camp, congresses’ latest crypt keeper in training

        • BanditBasheert

          He sounds like an absolutely charmer.

    • BanditBasheert

      I agree. They all need to go … We absolutely must get the money out of politics.

  • fantagor

    Leaves Eric Cantor more time to whittle Obama voodoo dolls, for sale on Amazon dot com.

    • BanditBasheert

      I doubt he has the skill to do that. So far I haven’t figured out anything he CAN do.

      • Frank Slate

        when he opens his mouth to speak he that very persuasive southern genteel speech that moves many.. and he would have a rebel flag behind him if he could

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    This is a pretty good example of what Republicans consider to be fiscal responsibility.

  • infectious_d

    this is priceless, oh yeah cause it takes a group of lazy bast**ds to know another group(or nation, apparently) of so-called lazy bast**ds…please if you can’t be bothered to sit in a chair, twiddle your thumbs and yell “i approve/disapprove of that!” on whatever subject matter is at hand at the time constantly, then you may as well shut your mouth n’ just go back to sleep and never bother waking up again, you’d save us alot of money we could be using on stuff that actually matters, instead of wasting it on this guy’s(as well as many others) hairgel, houses they can’t even fill even if they put their current existing family tree in there n’ those tacky repetetive suits that they may as well be buried in since they’re so damn fond of ’em

    • BanditBasheert

      I hate Cantor – he’s slimy. He “oozes” .. when he talks.
      He needs to go …

      • Frank Slate

        I wonder if we looked real hard we might find a boy friend in his life

    • Frank Slate

      you forgot another favorite comment on a vote.. those of us in the eleventh district have noticed that our REP(such as he may be) Nugent use “I ABSTAIN” far to many times. surely that is really thinking of the taxpayers who elected him and better yet those that live in his district and depend on him to support this district….

  • mea_mark

    It seems to me that since congress is performing at a minimum level, then minimum wage should be the same as what people in congress make. Either congress should make $7.25 or everyone else should make $192.47 an hour, it only seems fair to me.

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    As Congress continues to do nothing, they plan to work even less next year…but expect the same pay and benefits (and, as history has shown, will probably spend the bulk of their time trying to overturn ACA as well as rename a few post offices). Next year is an election year – of course we cannot expect them to work. They have to go shore up their corporate positions with their masters and prostrate themselves to the holy gods of Wall St.

    • BanditBasheert

      It isn’t JUST Wall Street – it’s the “New People” – Corporations!!!! Anyone and everyone who wants something shelling out gazillions of dollars to buy their votes.

      There is something wrong here people …

  • paulmckc

    I’d love to sit and play video games on my phone while some politician is giving a speech on the floor, and do it for about half of $192 an hour.

    • tiredoftea

      No, if the going rate is $192/hr, I’m taking it!

  • BanditBasheert

    Ah yes – the esteemed Mr. Cantor – one of the sleaziest slimiest entitled Swamp Things that ever crawled out of pond scum.
    None of these guys wants to work. They want to be paid to NOT work – considering they do nothing … perhaps we should just pay them to stay home. They certainly aren’t doing anything for the country. If we just pay their salaries – and don’t let them on the Floor of the House, they couldn’t do any more damage than they do when they show up.
    I am amazed he got off of his fainting couch in the conservatory in order to make his announcement.

    WHY do WE continue to PAY these nimrods?

    • Frank Slate

      if on a fainting couch who was fanning him and feeding
      him grapes I bet they are all gay men scantily clothed and those would include SEN Lindsey Graham

  • tiredoftea

    I feel sooo much safer when these clowns are not working!

    • BanditBasheert

      We all do.
      The GOP Clown Car has been especially classy this year. It’s hard to even imagine that they get paid to be so good at doing absolutely nothing.

  • Frank Slate

    hoping that he is reduced to nothing in mid terms

    • Dane

      I hope, but american voters can be pretty stupid.

  • cwazycajun

    and they scream that Obamacare is a train wreck…Obamacare is doing wonderfully compared to the republicon congress