Former Pennsylvania GOP official charged with 19 counts, including drugging, raping a woman multiple times

The former chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee in Pennsylvania who resigned last week after being accused of sexual assault on an employee from his law firm, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with 19 counts, including rape and drug charges. According to sources, 66 year-old Robert Kerns had gotten drunk and assaulted a woman following a GOP dinner in October.











The Raw Story reports, “On Tuesday, Kerns was taken into police custody and charged with rape of an unconscious victim, rape of a substantially impaired person, sexual assault, aggravated assault without consent, aggravated assault of a person unaware penetration was occurring and 8 other forms of assault.

He also faces charges of possession of an instrument of crime with intent, possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.”

A blood test of the victim revealed she had been drugged with Zolpidem/Ambien which, according to the press release, the victim did not willingly take.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman said at a press conference that the Grand Jury found that Kerns had “delivered a controlled substance and sexually assaulted a woman multiple locations.”

Watch courtesy of Raw Story:


  • mea_mark

    This is starting to look like it was a premeditated rape and assault. Robert Kerns days as a GOP official are now forever tarnished.

    • tiredoftea

      I’m pretty sure that’s the least of his problems now.

    • KishinD

      Time to bring in the next rapist GOP official.

  • infectious_d

    wow and they claim the left is outta control…GOP: “cause if it’s not rape, it’s not right” *thumbs up jacka**

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    The GOP giving new meaning to the Old White Men’s Club – rape is rape…

    More from the list of GOP perversions (pedophilia among other horror stories)…The outrage of Abu Ghraib should keep Rummy and Cheney on the list and should put them in prison for the rest of their lives – authorizing the rape of children in front of their parents…My friend Eli, a medic, did his 1st tour at age 19 at Abu Ghraib – orderd there right before the story broke. He was putting the children ( the youngest he saw was 2) and women back together after the US military contractors got through with them×1709387

  • Guest

    But you know he’s an anti-gay, “pro”- family, “traditional” marriage “Christian” Republican ya’ll. He puts the CON in CONservative.

  • Tommy6860

    He’ll be needing pain medications for the violations he will experience in the pokey.

    • jimmylightfoot

      Rich white Jail? lol He’ll never see jail. That’s only for poor and minorities. There is No Justice..

  • Mister_Mean

    Typical GOP scum bag. Another chapter in the war on women.

  • Chum Lee Jr

    G – gross

    O – obscene

    P – perverts

  • jurassicpork

    B-b-b-but… Weiner!

    • nreese

      Weiner was a fool. But he didn’t drug nor rape anyone.

      • KishinD

        His scandal was completely non-criminal.

    • conect2u

      Again, conservative’s criminal, sexual violence, illegal drug abuse equated to liberal’s perverted/immoral behavior. No comparison of rational thinking can exaggerate Weiner’s disgusting internet behavior to Kern’s abhorrent level of criminality, not even close.

    • Vain Freeman

      Are you kidding me? You guys have gotten so far away from reality and logic that you actually think everyone else should also! You equate the immoral behavior of sending bad photos over the internet to the criminal activities of drugging and raping a women! Get a life, doesn’t your sense of common sense even alert you that does sentiments only exposes a fool?

  • Luis Alfredo Martinez

    But you must not forget the GOP and the tea party is all about Christian family values, what a load of crap.

  • jimmylightfoot

    what a disgusting low-life. A typical Repuke..

    • MillRun

      there are rapists in both parties, moronic comment by you.

  • Orland724

    I guess since the GOP believe that their so Christian that they can do anything they want and get away with it because to them it’s GODS will.

  • jurassicpork

    Dude, it was sarcasm. Relax.