North Carolina Republican switches to Democrat, writes a blistering assessment of the GOP

A Republican congressional candidate is renouncing his party and switching his affiliation to Democrat writing, “Enough is enough’ in a statement released today.

North Carolina Republican Jason Thigpen, is challenging Republican U.S. Rep. Walter Jones in the 3rd Congressional District, and wrote a detailed assessment of the GOP, saying his shift was precipitated by the tea party push for a government shutdown, the NewsObserver reports. 














His statement reads in part:

I simply cannot stand with a Party where its most extreme element promote hate and division amongst people. Nothing about my platform has, nor will it change. The government shutdown was simply the straw that broke the camels back. I guess being an American just isn’t good enough anymore and I refuse to be part of an extremist movement in the GOP that only appears to thrive on fear and hate mongering of anyone and everyone who doesn’t walk their line. We’ve received some wonderful support by numerous leaders and members within the NC GOP, as the vast majority of Republicans are wonderful, hard-working people that don’t agree with those radical nut-jobs either but unfortunately the extremists in the party, with their ‘burn it all down’ philosophy, appear to be the ones turning out the majority of voters in the primaries and mid-term elections. And I want the people to know there is a choice.”

Thigpen further explains, “I didn’t go to war to defend the liberties and freedoms of one Party, race, sex, or one income class of Americans. Whether white, black, Hispanic, Asian, man, woman, gay, lesbian, straight, rich, or poor – we fought together as equals, side-by-side for the benefit of every American in the same. So, to come home from serving our country and see North Carolina legislators using their super-majority status to gerrymander districts and pass a law to deliberately suppress and oppress the voting rights of Democrats but more specifically minorities and college students, is absolutely deplorable.

This same group of spineless legislators piggybacked a motorcycle safety bill with legislation intentionally geared to shut down women’s health clinics because of their ‘right righteous’ beliefs on abortion, while then cutting funding to the programs which help feed and provide healthcare to the babies they invariably forced the same women to have. Sounds like the Christian thing to do, huh? These legislators, acting under the guise of the religious right and morality believe themselves to be the divine judge but according to the Bible, there is only one judge.

They say they’re for a smaller government and individual rights while pushing legislation for more government intervention and regulation usurping our right to choose for ourselves. They take money away from the public school system so they can call it broken, only to give the money to their charter schools that are really private schools, just so our kids don’t go to the same school as theirs all the while giving some great speech trying to convince us it isn’t segregation. Right. But all along, they seemingly want you to believe that you have a choice – like ‘cake or death.’

What took him so long?

Read the full statement here.

More at the NewsObserver  

  • not_buying_it


  • rjcarter

    So the choice is… Republican and Democrat? Wait, that’s the same no-choice that existed before. Go independent and then maybe I’ll buy the whole “choice” spiel.

    • Anomaly 100

      Like Bernie Sanders.

      • Rebecca J Lutz

        I love Bernie Sanders! He’s the people’s Senator.

        • Anomaly 100

          He’s the best and loudest voice for the people.

    • tsktsktsk

      I’m a progressive Dem, but I have to agree with you. He should have gone indie.

    • garry lafferty

      I think a independent vote is a wasted vote it splits the vote then the wrong people get in.

    • Anomaly 100

      I know it had to kill you to upvote my Bernie Sanders’ comment. You’re welcome!:-)

  • mea_mark

    As middle of the road as democrats have become recently that is probably a good choice for him. On the flip side though the democratic party is losing some of its progressive momentum. Soon I fear the progressives are going to start defecting the Democratic party for another truly left leaning party and that may push the Democratic party right of center. Of course this is more or less dependent on the GOP suicide continuing its present course to fulfillment.

    • Raeann Thomas

      I think the Democratic party has already been yanked sharply to the right.

  • jimmylightfoot

    Tea party ship is sinking. The rats are jumping overboard.They have destroyed the G.O.P. and i couldn’t laugh any harder. Credit to the guy that just switched, he might not be G.O.P. dumb.?

  • StraightGrandmother

    PREACH IT Brother Thigpen.
    He is right about everything. Taking money from Public Schools to give it to private schools.

    Where you can bet they ARE DISCRIMINATING.

    He is right about everything.
    I hope he wins!

    • Haskell Nixon

      How about taking food away from the poor to give tax breaks for millionaires.

  • morgan520

    Finally a voice of reason – if I lived in NC you would have my vote!!

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    Why would anyone trust Jason Thigpen? No Republican can be trusted, so I do not believe for one second that this guy would abandon the insanity of right wing politics. Republicans are liars, and it is insane to think that just because he says he is now a Democrat, that he isn’t a stealth Republican.

    • LC3203

      That’s the spirit. You are exactly what is wrong with American voters. You don’t listen. You’ve already made your preconceived, indoctrinated decision and so close yourself off to any kind of healthy, educated growth. Way to go, you.

      • Republicans_are_Evil

        How do you know I do not listen? Do you believe you have God’s ability to know everything, or are you hearing voices?

        You do not know if I listen or not, and claiming I don’t bears false witness against me. You say I am what is wrong with American voters, yet you lack the morality to even know claiming such a thing is wrong. You are what is wrong with all right wingers. You have abandoned morality for a fascist ideology.

        • LC3203

          I love what you did there. That jump in logic…my call for healthy, educated growth = Abandoned morality and fascist ideology. That’s adorable.

  • Buzz Ansley

    Holy smokes, I used to say that I would become a Republican when I could afford it, but now that I can, have created businesses and jobs, I would be embarrassed to be affiliated with a party that feeds on hate and fear. Bless this vet’s heart! My son is a two tour combat vet and doesn’t know what to believe from the lies and deception of the GOP toward the military. I truly hope that he can find the truth amongst the astounding duplicity of the far right.

    • Kariann Hart

      Bravo and thank you to your son for serving his nation.

  • John Heretic

    Now there’ll be a tea party GOP candidate versus a Republican Democrat. Jumping ship so you have an easier primary is not an honorable thing Mr Thigpen.

    • mea_mark

      Who cares, the ship is sinking, time to live or die.

    • Matt

      That’s a good thing. Would you rather have a hopeless Dem running against a Tea Party psycho with no chance of winning?

      Of course, we could always alter our electoral system so districts have multiple seats that represent the ideological diversity of each district – as essentially every other democracy in the world does . . .

    • Terry Mahoney

      the bigger the tent, the better. Remember, the side that controls the gavel sets the agenda

      • jondaris

        Terry, I have the worst time explaining to people why I vote straight Dem. “I vote for the person, not the party” is just stupid.

  • Matt

    Then why not have alternative voting methods that allow preferential voting – and rid the system of the spoiler effect? It’s so simple it just might work . . .

  • Terry Mahoney

    Wait, is he WEARING his purple star? That’s POGish

  • Mason

    Democrat and republican, use to mean something. You didn’t switch sides unless you gave up those beliefs and proved that you believe in truly what the other side stood for. Now?….not so much. So do these titles mean anything anymore.

    • markfey

      When Republicans no longer support America, but only support narrow interests, it is time to call yourself something else if you are patriotic.

    • Raeann Thomas

      Personal beliefs don’t change, generally, however, political parties have most certainly changed over time. The republican party of today is no longer the “party of Lincoln”. It’s not even the party of Eisenhower or even Barry Goldwater. The extremism of recent years has been a very big turn off for many people.

      • michaeljorangemikelowrey

        It’s not even the party of Barry Goldwater anymore; he wouldn’t be psychotically conservative enough for the Teabaggers of today.

  • CaptCorona

    So he couldn’t win the GOP primary and for political opportunity switched to Dem….OK by me, let the RINO purge continue!

  • jkarov

    THAT is a great summation of the hatred and bigotry that is espoused by the Christian right in politics today, but it really only scratches the surface. Many in the extreme right are evangelicals working towards dominion, in which only their kind serves in state and Federal legislatures, and the goal is a virtual theocracy.

    Bottom line: if you are not an evangelical Christian who passes their conservative :”purity” test on abortion, immigration, killing social security and medicare, tax policy, and worshiping Limbaugh, Cruz, and Hertiage foundation, you are a traitor Rino and must be punished.

  • LC3203

    My favorite part about the comments section is seeing how many people dismiss this out of hand simply because he identified as Republican. You don’t want change. You LIKE having a villain to blame. You LIKE the fear mongering. Lol.

  • Kariann Hart

    I hope more and more moderates leave the GOP behind; however, they must be sincere.

  • Brad

    If Jason Thigpen has any integrity at all, he had no choice! Only absolute human garbage would defend or support the cancer that has consumed the Republican Party!

  • EdwardWJones

    He does not like that the KKK, NRA and White S. group (the tea party) have taken over the republican party and then blackmailed the American People by not paying its obligations, and threatening to do even worse if they do not get their way, like children in the sand box.

  • Slc624

    Congratulations for making the switch. I came to your page to look into what you stand for and decide whether to send money, and looked at your Facebook page for the same reason. You have a serious problem with whoever is running your Facebook page and making really inappropriate responses to posters there. I don’t agree with what those posters are saying, but if you have no more understanding of a political campaign and staff discipline than to allow that, you haven’t a prayer of winning. Please check this thread and get back to me when this problem has been addressed. Thanks and good luck in any event.

  • Michael Mcardle

    No the sad part about all of this is both parties are crap. I think its a money grab and all the talking needs to end. DC is not Hollywood you are elected to do a job not provide for votes. This country that so many died for is run by idiots. Get off your azzes and do your job. You take money from people that work and give it to lazy mother phuckers. I don’t mind helping the poor with no jobs but them mother phuckers should have a community that looks like a golf course. 3 hrs a day to keep up a yard.

  • John_St_John

    And slap goes the board of education i.e. figurative 2×4, upside the heads of the NC GOP and their sycophantic hangers on.

  • Kiki Fogg

    A vote is only wasted if it’s not used.

  • sapereaudeprime

    More like this.

  • marshalladame

    Mr. Thigpen Is a Republican two days ago and is a Democrat today and he thinks he is the one who Democrats should choose to lead them??? Really??
    The 3rd District already has a Democrat… a life long Democrat who is a retired US Marine running for Congress.

  • Chris Gibbs

    Marshalladame! Thank you! This POS (Potentially offensive Senator0 is the epitome of the crap we have representing us in Washington! He sent threatening emails when we questioned his decision to allow illegal “immigrants” to vote without IDs!