On Fox: Sarah Palin weighs in on the "nucular" option and appears to be speaking in tongues

Sarah Palin weighed in on the filibuster rule changes on Sunday, suggesting that Senate Democrats are involved in a conspiracy to distract from other issues during Thanksgiving dinner. Or something. You be the judge – the translation is lost on me.

On Fox News, host Chris Wallace pointed out to the half term Governor of Alaska that President Obama has faced more than twice the filibusters on nominees than his predecessor.











Wallace asked, “Doesn’t any president, Republican or Democrat, have the right to be able to name his team unless a nominee is just wildly outside the mainstream?”

Sarah Palin calls it the ‘nucular option.’

Palin said, “As for this rule change that some people are calling the nuclear option under Senate rules, you know, I guarantee, this week, Thanksgiving Dinner, people sitting around their tables were not going to be talking about the president blessing this thwarting of a balance of power in Congress with new Senate rules. People are going to be talking about our failed big government policies that will bankrupt this country.”

“So, this distraction” she continued, “this new talking point in the media and with Congress and with Senators and with the president blessing this action, it’s a distraction and it’s a lot of, you know, double standard and Democrat hypocrisy because just a few years ago they were so anti, anti-nuclear option.”

Palin continued, “So American people, they don’t care about distractions like that. They’re not in the inside baseball Senate rules stuff. They want government to be back on our side. They want it to get out of our lives… So, this new rule change, it stinks.”

Which makes sense to no one.

Watch courtesy of Raw Story:

Read a different translation on Raw Story. 

  • DJD11

    She’s a freaking idiot.

    • Catherine Maxwell

      I think that is an insult to real idiots — she is much less capable than they are….

  • Donald Wolc Jr

    I do not talk politics on Thankgiving day for that day is meant for family time, football, parades, and of course the meal and giving of the blessing.

  • Aruana Zeelie

    Wow, the stupid is strong with this woman. She has about 2 statements that she just repeats over and over.

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      It looks like her ghostwriter only gave her a singular talking point but she had to fill up space. In order to do that, she made up a long string of nonsense to sound like she was actually saying something

      • Aruana Zeelie

        Word Salad Palin :)

        • Cosmic_Surfer

          The Alaskan Word Salad Shooter

  • mea_mark

    Ahhh, what a refreshing perspective from the wise and scholarly Palin. It is like she is channeling directly with the GOP GOD. The world is far better because of her great insights. She will be remembered for all time for her greatness.

  • Catherine Maxwell

    too bad Ms. Palin doesn’t read postings like this because if she did she might get a much-needed reality check. Go away, Sarah, go away — shoo, shoo! No one cares what the village idiot thinks about anything.

  • http://plus.google.com/+OleOlson novenator

    comment deleted by me

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      I agree – Everyone should know the basics:

      1. It calls for stockpile of enriched uranium to be diluted to less than 20% down to 5% (too diluted for weapons grade) and “neutralization” of its medium-enriched uranium, which is considered a threat because it can be readily converted to bomb fuel. Iran will be allowed to continue producing low-enriched uranium, suitable for energy generation, and it won’t be required to send its nuclear material out of the country

      2. Calls to halt progress at nuclear facilities at Fordow and Natanz and the partially built heavy-water reactor at Arak and scale back their programs and can not install any new centrifuges, start up any that are not already operating or build new enrichment facilities. Iran agreed not to install any additional centrifuges, and not to begin operating any of the thousands that are not yet operational

      3. More intrusive inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities

      4. Allows Iran to accumulate more low-enriched uranium, to eight tons from the current seven. But it also provides that by the end of the six-month period it must turn that extra material into an oxide form that makes it at least temporarily unusable as bomb fuel.

      5. Sanctions on the use of gold and other precious metals in trading will be lifted, as will sanctions on insurance and the transportation industry. United States agreed to provide $6 billion to $7 billion in sanctions relief. Of this, roughly $4.2 billion would be oil revenue that has been frozen in foreign banks. The easing of sanctions could be reversed if Iran failed to reach a final agreement or reneged on the terms of this one.

      6. Agreed upon by the nations represented (United States, France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia plus Iran) and in attendance – it gives 6 months for further negotiations and more terms to be developed

      But, immediately John Cornyn (R-Fuckwit neo-con corporate whore, TX) tweeted “Amazing what WH will do to distract attention from O-care,”



  • Bradley Forward


  • Rico A Saxton

    Dumb Bitch…….

  • jdubhub68

    I see she’s bringing the word salad dish to Thanksgiving dinner.

    • MarcoZandrini

      Yeah, but no one will dare eat it! Yuk, I’d rather have the duk!

    • motorfingaz


  • alan carter

    I guess they don’t have IQ test in Alaska. And this is the last post I’m reading about the genius.

    • mea_mark

      You will be back. It is like looking at a bad wreck, you just can’t help yourself. You feel so happy it is not you.

      • infectious_d

        i know i do lol, its just so much fun to see her ruin her ‘career’ further everytime she makes her circus appearences

      • alan carter

        Your probably right.

  • Guest

    Not one civilized educated person cares about what that illiterate Tea Taliban Troglodyte media whore has to say about anything.

  • Guest

    Not one civilized educated person cares about what that illiterate Tea Taliban Troglodyte media wh0re has to say about anything.

  • infectious_d

    she just has to continue opening her mouth…and for some reason morons keep allowing her on tv…the best solution is to just ignore her at this point, she’s inert and worthless, any ‘fight’ she supposedly had in her has left long ago…just a husk of a previously hilarious joke

    • Skip Patterson

      “she’s inert and worthless”

      She’s been that from the beginning but still a lot of these RW morons keeping acting like she is some sort of intellectual who has something to say that has meaning. Which a sane person only needs to listen to about 3-5 minutes of her,(on anything), to know that’s not true.

  • Glenn Clayton

    If you really want to thanks
    us Veterans, the GIs and stand up for America VOTE the republicans out of
    office,, Remember G. Ford let all the Vietnam draft dodgers back into the USA,
    gave them jobs over veterans then cut the GI Bill!!!! Under little bush the
    republicans cut VA funding!!!! That how the republicans thanks us veterans!!!
    Republicans HATE veterans and the USA!!!! They have said that the Disable Vets
    are getting to much money to live on not enough of us living on the streets!!!

    And the tea baggers keep
    trying to de-fund the MASH unites,, Not enough wounded GI dying on the battle
    field costing to much to care for them!!!!


    And after cutting food stamps for
    military families they want to cut their pay by 20 to 30%!!!!

    You have to love the right wing republicans they will hire a
    Vietnam draft dodger over a veteran!!!!!

    • Patryck F. Buckley Smith

      You must remember, ‘birds of a feather, flock together.’ Most Republicans are draft dodgers themselves, so that’s why they seem to cater to the draft dodger.

  • NC_lady

    She just parrots talking points and has absolutely no clue what she is talking about.

    • MarcoZandrini

      But she read them in a magazine, dontchano!

  • Skip Patterson

    Sarah: “I understand the Senate rules.”

    I highly doubt that.

    • motorfingaz

      Omg gosh, I wish he would have asked her which ones does she agree with LOL

      • Skip Patterson

        It would end up like it did when Katie Couric asked her what previous Supreme Court ruling did she like and dislike and why. Sarah went into direct word salad mode.

  • MarcoZandrini

    Well, at least she didn’t pronounce it “nucular”!

    • gznyc

      She did! (unless you were being sarcastic…) LOL

    • Colleen C. McGill

      At 1:04 she does say ‘nucular’, she just can’t help herself!

    • Sarasotan

      She pronounced it “nucular” every time.

  • jill


  • ktrav

    Is it me, or has she aged about 15 years since 2008. Must be hard trying to keep the money train rolling when all you have are stale overused and dishonest slogans that appeal to a shrinking fan base. She must really hate Ted Cruz – he’s pulled most of the crazy people away from her.

  • tiredoftea

    Wallace’s father must be spinning in his grave!

    • motorfingaz

      Actually, he’s rolling around laughing

  • gznyc

    Wallace’s laugh at the end SAID IT ALL!!! I think even he is DONE WITH HER!

    • motorfingaz

      Oh no he’s not $$$$ lol

  • Fox In The Hen-House

    Untruths forthwith, that is the nature of the beast. Ask her about her Big Money Puppet-masters, then watch her lies. She’ll say,..Unfair and how dare you! She only knows bits of her own game and unfit to rule,… Her short-tern term governorship showed her emails were written with skills of an 8th grader.

  • Diane

    I’m stunned that she could become more and more and more ridiculous every time she opens her mouth and the idiocy in her brain spills out. She is a one note jackass.

  • Phil S.

    she’s still a bit flakey….. What John McCain saw in her still eludes me.

  • Dan Hales

    She should have her own show. On Comedy Central. She’s a laugh riot!

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      She had one on TLC – Think it lasted 8 episodes and was cut for lack of interest or lack of comprehension

  • Pam R

    Jesus Christ on a pogo stick? What the hell was she talking about? Did she really need 90 seconds to say “this stinks” Much like your hair and make up, less is more hun.

    • Cosmic_Surfer

      She had one on TLC – Think it lasted 8 episodes and was cut for lack of interest or comprehension

  • motorfingaz

    The Ding Bat is a Comedy Central gold mine……LMAO

  • nogeeksadmin

    “the half term Governor of Alaska”


    • CherMoe

      Half term or half wit? Or both?

      • Linda1961


  • BahlSanchin

    Schizophasia is such a terrible disease.

  • CherMoe

    Why would ANYONE in this country ask THIS AIR-HEADED WOMAN to “weigh in” on important matters in this country? Simply because men think she’s easy on the eyes does not make her a person of intelligence or integrity. She was a MISTAKE from the very beginning and I’m sure Mr. McCain has long since realized it. But the Republican party, being who they are, saw their opportunity (as always) to use a FEMALE and her looks and body to try to sell their product, all the while SUPPRESSING women and treating them like 2nd class citizens to be manipulated, used and controlled. And this silly blathering woman falls for it. I guess MONEY is the focus for this chick who no one apparently ever paid attention to … and Republicans have given her a microphone to satisfy all her childish cravings.

  • Mick Rusk

    Dumb Da Dumb Dumb,,,,Dummmmbbbbbb!

  • Linda1961

    I’m not listening to Quitter’s word salad. I made the mistake of listening to some of her audio book – the parts released early for publicity and it hurt my ears. My doctor has given me strict orders to never listen to Quitter again, or I run the risk of losing my hearing.

    • Mister_Mean

      Sarah is stupid. I have dealt with stupid people before. It must give them a head ache to be that stupid.

      • neworleans878

        And they give the rest of us a head ache too if we have the misfortune to hear them.

  • Mpls_Me

    Again, she says nothing of value. I must say that I hate it when people pronounce the word ‘nuclear’ as ‘nukular.’ But coming from an idiot, I guess you can’t expect her to have the brains to know how to pronounce big words, let alone understand their meaning.

  • Patricia Stidham-Burns

    Blah blah biti blah blah I am a blah blah blah nuculer blah biti blah blah! Amen

  • Doug Williams

    She is way past beauty queen stage…and yet she still talks like a teen beauty on stage getting a random question regarding something they know NOTHING about and is just vamping.

    Considering she’s close to 50, there is little chance she will EVER become actually informed on any important subject. At least the teen beauty queen has a shot at learning SOMETHING. Ladies and gentlemen, that woman is an idiot.

  • tipper3

    What is she talking about? Didn’t she get the common sense memo?

  • fantagor

    People, according to Sarah, will be talking about “our failed big government policies.” Yes, that’s how real people talk, Sarah, in sweeping generalization, no specifics.

    “Hey, Mom, pass the potatoes before I lose my appetite thinking about our failed big government policies.”

    “Can you name one, Son?”

    “No, but I know they are failed policies, because a woman with the intellectual capacity of a chicken liver told me they are.”

  • Marcel M. Pfister

    Amazing that this stupid creature was selected to be the VP candidate by John McCain.

    • cathleen davis

      No, not amazing. I respectfully disagree. Frightening is the word I would use.

    • jkarov

      Female? Check.
      Mouths Christian platitudes about rill ‘Merica? Check
      Been a Governor of a state for at least 5 minutes? Check
      Appeals to the white male oldster crowd on scooters? You’re HIRED!

  • roz

    stupid is , as stupid does

  • JDRhoades

    The scary thing is, her followers actually think and talk in this kind of disjointed gibberish, spewing a veritable santorum of buzzwords. “Failed big government”, “bankrupt this country” “double standard”, etc. As long as they hot the buzzwords, it doesn’t really matter to them what comes in between or whether or not the whole makes any sense.

    • risingphoenix

      BINGO !!

    • jkarov

      HUGE extra points for using Santorum in a sentence not about the Catholic supremacist droid with the campaign against birth control pills

  • Kathy Mayo

    Gawd!! She’s just so STUPID!!!

  • Tom Harder

    I think Sarah heard some new big words this past week and then tried to put them all together in one sentence.

  • mambocat

    At my aunt’s house — in her 90’s and still hosting the major holiday dinners for an extended family — I can guarantee the Thanksgiving conversation will revolve around 1.) food … 2.) memories of people no longer with us… 3.) football… 4.) updating one another on jobs, educational milestones, other life events… 5.) cuddling little ones. I don’t expect “failed big government policy” to enter the conversation at any point during the meal. There are grandkids, new jobs, a triple bypass, hip surgery, kids entering college, and “oh my gawd, what did you put in this wonderful oyster stuffing” to discuss. And whether or not my aunt should plant her tomatoes and eggplants in full sun this summer. And whether or not the dog should get table scraps “just this once.” And … well, NOT “failed big government policies.”

    • dasboot

      We’ll be speaking exclusively about Benghazzzziiiii, death panels, victory mosques, govt. takeover of heathcare, Sharia law, and Obama’s $300 billion per day Taj Mahal vacation. But, I live in an insane asylum, so it’s just a typical day.
      Oh ya, and I almost forgot…THE WAR ON X-MAS!!!!!!

      • Sarasotan

        $300 Billion/day, really? What are you smoking? And… there are no death panels, no takeover of health care, no Sharia law and no “war on Christmas.” Otherwise, you’ve nailed it.

        • Cosmic_Surfer

          I suspect you missed the sarcastic tone in his post :)

          His description is exactly why I do not do big family Thanksgiving. We have orphan Thanksgiving…or one for those friends who do better not going to dysfunctional family (dys)functions.

          • jkarov

            Tell me about it. I have one relative that is so depressed he can talk about nothing other than his woes and creates his own misery daily.

            One sister who rarely attends any gatherings at all, and has a long list of “I won’t come if so-and-so is there”

            Another relative who is a true sociopath, and might blow up in a screaming fit at any minute

            Fortunately there are a few folks attending that make it a good time, and it’s only for a few hours a year, so in spite of the nuttiness, I continue to hang out with the fam

  • AlaskaCodPiece

    Alaska is celebrating because for the 4th year running, $creech Paylin did not claim residency in Alaska (she lives in AZ now and uses AK as a prop) – but Todd the Pimp and “her” Down Syndrome child Trig did claim residency.
    $arah Paylin (R-Facebook)
    More hypocrisy and lies from the half term half wit. $he is delusional enough to believe that people “rilly” want to hear what she has to say – instead of the sad reality that people tune it to be amazed at the nonsensical spew that can always be counted on a la Paylin. It gets lots of clicks – and that is why the $arah $how will continue for our amusement … or it would be amusing if her words were not so hate filled and divisive.

  • Budhag Rizzo

    It’s Nu-CLEE-ar, you idiot! God, you and Dubya!

    • Dianne Hornick

      I was thinking the same thing…

  • dontgiveafuckasourus

    At the end Chris Wallace is laughing at her not with her.

  • Dianne Hornick

    Does she ever say anything that makes sense?

    • cathleen davis


  • dasboot

    For the love of Allah, IGNORE HER!!! She’s proud to be an 1d1ot. Her and the Westboro Baptist Church are no different. They WANT to piss you off. Westboro’s motive is revenge for being ignored. Her motive is greed.
    Neither are worthy of your attention. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Barbara McCormack

    Nucular?!!!!!!!!! Has she read how many times the Republicans changed things up? So now that the Dems showed some chutzpah they are percieved as doing all manner of evils to this country. I’m glad the Dems surprised them with that move because all the Republicans are doing is playing games.

    • Robert Spiess

      This is the same party that are tampering with voter laws in Red states and now they cry foul at a procedural change…

  • Deborah Murphy Ross

    aha ha h a ha ha

  • Tommy6860

    For Pete’s sake, why in the hell did I attempt to read this? That hurt my brain! 😛 It was as if she was reading from a magic eight ball, trying to get lucky with with what little clarity of speech she has.

    • KCMOfan

      The famous “Sarah Palin Word Salad”.

  • Patrick James Bayham


  • kris folden

    Is she on the crack??

  • LinusToo

    Maybe someone dropped her cue cards. Maybe the ink ran on hand notes. Maybe she just woke up from her nap. Maybe… Maybe… Oh, he[[, it’s Sara Palin, no further explanation needed.

  • Debbie Day

    Why does anyone give her any air time?? It’s for a laugh, right?

  • Phyllis Maskarina

    She looks like she’s on drugs!!!

  • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

    Excellent thread.

  • Betty Caron

    I’m surprised Chris Wallace asked her such a good question. But she didn’t really answer it.

  • Quan1

    She lost Chris there at the end. He could not follow where she’s taking him, so he just sat there dumbfounded. And the masterful intellectual Sarah ends: It stinks !!! after a no punctuation rant for 48 seconds.

  • A Waz

    “They want government to be back on our side.”

    The same government the GOP has tried to dismantle over the last three decades?

  • KCMOfan

    He could have ended that tirade with one simple question. “Which judicial nominee deserves to be filibustered”? End of discussion. She wouldn’t have a clue.

  • Fa_fe_fi_fo_fu

    A real classless dunce.

  • Fa_fe_fi_fo_fu

    She looks (and talks) like she just dropped the mop in the corner.

  • gailillly

    This idiot never has an answers. She circle jerk talks herself around making no sense at all as to what was asked of her just like she did here. The woman is a moron. And our family is not going to be sitting around at the Thanksgiving day dinner talking about the shit she said people would be talking about. AGAIN CLUELESS

  • mambocat

    Teen beauty queens get college scholarships so they CAN learn something besides, “I think we should all be patriotic and support our troops and love America and work together for a peaceful world, and blah blah.” She obviously missed the scholarship.

  • risingphoenix

    More Caribou Barbie word vomit. Always the quintessential idiot.

  • Robert Spiess

    Every time I hear Caribou Barbie’s word salad it takes me a week to be able to look at lettuce and tomatoes…

  • Ste Bunches

    noo-que-luhr, Batshit Bonzo Barbie? Pff, she’s so frelling stupid…

    • jkarov

      I’m convinced that people like Bush and Palin purposely say Nuke-You-Ler because it makes them “one of us”. You know, one of them good ‘0le folks from down South, or out West, or in flyover cuntry.

      Cuz, we don’ need to now how to talk two good, an if our pols ken talk jes like us, , why then dontcha know that means they is like us, ‘en they is good ‘0le folks like Tea partey rill ‘Mericuns

      • Ste Bunches

        hehe well, good in theory, but truth? Prolly not.. I saw a study a few years ago about how many nuclear scientists say ‘noo que luhr’. broken down by demographic, it seems white old guys from less than stellar colleges, north or soouth, say it that way. And there ya go. ;-D

  • Ste Bunches

    no, she’s the darling of the right. Same guys who watch TV with their puds in their hands the REST of the time.

  • Robin Ford

    what a total moron.

  • Dee Dee

    Does she ever???

  • Jeffery A. Thompson

    Sarah Palin has been great for the democrat party. Each time she speaks the polls shift to the left a bit more.

  • jkarov

    I dunno if it was on FOnation or some other blog, but someone said:

    “It’s like Palin has an entire head full of Scrabble tiles, and she grabs a handful, and spews out
    their content in no particular order”

  • John

    What “stinks” is her mouth spewing out total nonsense.

  • nidur

    I know I’m going to be talking this Thanksgiving, not about big government programs, but about how a person with such limited ability continues to be in the public eye. Remember who gave us this gift that keeps on giving.

  • ARealHousewifeInOC


  • marykay52348

    OMG, WHY is she getting so much press. Anything that comes out of her mouth is totally crap and double-talk. The media is doing this. If they wouldn’t report, we wouldn’t be subjected to this jibberish from an ignorant imbecile. Did she even finish grade school?

    • Ste Bunches

      Because she’s a spokesperson for the right. the right LOVE her. She REPRESENTS them. And the left love her too. No, really, we do. LOL.

  • Larry Dillon

    And kashla roshaka sheleeka malkasee to you too you brain dead religiously deluded Jesus Junkie…Irrelevant Teanut

    • Ste Bunches


      that just made me giggle in a meeting.

  • Red_Ruffensor

    Baseball? BASEBALL?!?