Texas Republican Lawmaker charged with felony in airport gun incident

According to reports, Texas State Rep. Drew Darby is facing a felony charge after he attempted to take a weapon through a security screening at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport this month. Darby tried to take a .38 caliber Ruger and six rounds of ammunition in a magazine during the security screening and was subsequently flagged by security.












Darby issued a statement saying he regretted the incident. He now faces a felony charge for taking a weapon into a prohibited area, according to an arrest affidavit.

The Austin-American Statesman reports, “The weapon was found to be in Darby’s brown leather carry-on bag and detected during an X-ray screening and subsequent search of Darby’s luggage, the affidavit said.

A Transportation Security Administration worker flagged an Austin police officer of the discovery, who then confirmed the weapon and ammunition was in the luggage, the affidavit said. Darby told the officer the weapon and magazine belonged to him and he was a concealed pistol license holder, the affidavit said.”

According to the affidavit, Darby “stated he forgot his handgun was in his bag.”

Darby was booked into the custody of the Travis County Jail, where he waived his rights to meet with a judge at the jail and was able to expedite his release. Jail records show he was released within a few hours. His bail was set at $5,000, according to the Statesman.

Image: Trailblazer Blog

  • Cosmic_Surfer

    So he had one of those little tiny, peepee guns that look so cute and hide so easily. What’s he afraid of, Wendy Davis? What a Jackass

    How anyone can forget they have a gun is beyond me. I doubt seriously that he did or else he needs to be retired and checked for Alzheimer’s

  • wildclover

    If you can forget where your gun is, you have no business conceal carrying or even owning a weapon.

    • Axeman1009

      Best comment yet. In his carry on? He forgot? And it was LOADED. I hope they treat him like anyone else who’s screw up in that fashion…

      • Vivian McPherson

        What do you want to bet he’ll just get, “Bad boy!! Don’t do it again” And then he’ll ask the judge and his wife to dinner!!!!

  • infectious_d

    wow what a moron, glad he got busted for it and will hopefully have to pay the price ;)…though considering the bail cost he’ll be out soon sadly, still atleast he’s got a felony charge on his record now

  • Dave Lanson

    Oh the high level of intelligence of gun nuts. I hope he serves some time.

  • tiredoftea

    Gee, I guess Obama is trying to take their guns away from them!

  • Republicans_are_Evil

    If he is found guilty of the felony, he won’t be able to own a firearm any longer. Good riddance. Right wingers are not responsible gun owners.

    • Mister_Mean

      We can only hope.

  • Pixie Schrimpf

    How responsible can a gun owner be if they forget they have a weapon on them at the airport of all the places in the US. Did he also forget about the TSA and the security and oh yea, the law?

  • neworleans878

    How awful! Trampling all over his 2nd Amendment right to endanger the rest of us!

  • Paul Browne

    Republican, by any chance?

    • Pixie Schrimpf

      Why yes he is.

      • Paul Browne

        Who could have possibly foreseen that?

  • BanditBasheert

    Of COURSE he is a “conservative” Republican who is SOOOO stupid he forgot his gun and tried to take it through security…..


  • paulmckc

    Must be afraid of an angry constituent, why else would he need to carry!

  • Vivian McPherson

    Just another repiglican thinking he is above the law!!!

  • Mike

    How irresponsible is a gun owner when they forget where the damn thing is?

  • Burke Pray

    Forgot my tail end. Another political hack that tough he was above the law, why that law is only for the common Folks like you & I.

  • Burke Pray

    Mr. Darby must think that law doesn’t pertain to law makers. why it’s only for the common folks or so
    he thought

  • BryceButler1

    He didn’t forget it was in there… I’m sure he thought he could use his position (as a state Rep) to be able to carry a firearm on a flight.

  • A Waz

    how come you never see democratic legislators carrying pistols through TSA checkpoints?

    • Paul Browne

      Maybe because they have I.Q.s over 100?

  • Lisa Todd Sutton

    I find it hard to believe he forgot it was in his case. He probably just thought he could get away it. Sort of curious. Was he flying out of state where he wasn’t licensed to carry a concealed weapon?