GOP Lawmaker on Obama: “You got to go up there, and you just impeach him”

December 4, 2013

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary met to consider the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama just because.

The Washington Post reports, “They didn’t use that word, of course. Republican leaders frown on such labeling because it makes the House majority look, well, crazy. ”

It is, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said, “the word that we don’t like to say in this committee, and I’m not about to utter here in this particular hearing.”












A few examples courtesy of Dana Millank via Washpo:

One of the majority’s witnesses, Georgetown law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz, encouraged the Republicans not to be so shy. “I don’t think you should be hesitant to speak the word in this room,” he said. “A check on executive lawlessness is impeachment.”

This gave the lawmakers courage. “I’m often asked this,” said Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) “You got to go up there, and you just impeach him.”

Wait a second here. Don’t you need Articles of Impeachment first? Not in GOP land. You can just impeach that Kenyan usurper out of office!

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.), who has said there are enough votes in the House to impeach Obama, added: “We’ve also talked about the I-word, impeachment, which I don’t think would get past the Senate in the current climate. .?.?. Is there anything else we can do?”

The Republicans in the House know there is no chance of throwing this president from office. Yet at least 13 of the 22 Republicans on the panel have threatened or hinted at impeachment of Obama, his appointees or his allies in Congress. They’ve proposed this as the remedy to just about every dispute or political disagreement, from Syria to Obamacare.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the committee chairman, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), accused Obama of “picking and choosing which laws to enforce” and of being “the first president since Richard Nixon to ignore a duly enacted law simply because he disagrees with it.”

Contributed Smith: “The president has ignored laws, failed to enforce laws, undermined laws and changed laws, all contrary to the Constitution.”

The majority’s witnesses added to the accusations. George Washington University’s Jonathan Turley said Obama had “claimed the right of the king to essentially stand above the law.”

This excited Franks, who embraced impeachment back in 2011. Obama’s actions, he said, “could be considered royal prerogatives, which is, if my history’s right, what we had that little unpleasantness with Great Britain about.”

Yikes! Why bother with impeachment? They need a revolution.

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In Milbank’s article he offers a list of Republicans who have used the ‘I word’ in order to rid them of our twice elected President.

Sen. Jim Inhofe once aid Obama could be impeached over the attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Have you noticed Republicans stopped talking about Benghazi lately? I wonder why that is.

  • Mark Schmidt

    These republicans should be in fucking prison. They do NOT belong in a decent country.

  • teapartyidiots

    I think they should do this. I mean it helped them a ton in 1998. ; )

  • nidur

    I think they have forgotten one thing. If Obama were forced to leave office who would be president? Joe Biden. I don’t think they like him either. In their magical world Romney would be president.

  • vetch

    I laugh when I read comments by locals to my representatives in support of impeachment… brilliant folks with pitchforks yelling “Empeach!” I guess they think he’d make a great peach cobbler? (Education is not high on their list of priorities.)

    • majii

      ROTFLMBO, vetch! I see the same thing here in GA. It makes reading the LTEs and opinion pages a very vexing task because none of the writers have any idea what an actual impeachable offense is. A guy wrote a LTE the other day with the title, “To Impeach or Not to Impeach?” Nothing in the letter offered anything claim which would be an impeachable offense. It was filled with Fox News and right-wing radio talking points. The stupidity and ignorance of these individuals pisses me off.

      • vetch

        I used to get angry, but now, it’s just pathetic. One Bible thumper screamed hatred and called for impeachment, but when I called her on her hypocrisy, she threw OT Bible verses at an agnostic that knows her Bible better than she. She added, “want more Bible quotes?” I countered with the opposite – gentle words from the red letter edition. Threw her into a hysterical rant full of misspellings, either no punctuation or lots of !!!!!’s and no content whatsoever. I smiled and knew my work was done. They only hear and remember talking points that they think justifies their hatred and fear of anything they don’t understand.

  • Sapphire Possible

    The eye-word will fizzle out just like everything other trap door thrown in from of President Obama. Everybody with common sense can see right through it.

  • Kirsten Landon

    Michael, I’ve asked the same question many, many times: “Stop saying he’s committed a dozen impeachable acts. Why don’t you give me a list?” I’m still waiting…

  • Kenny

    You can’t impeach the President for being black.

    • Sharon

      WELL, you might as WELL, given the nonsense that THEY’RE TALKING. =P Heh. =P I dunno about these Republicans. =P Heh. =P “OHH WE DON’T LIKE OBAMA – LET’S IMPEACH HIM, JUST BECAUSE WE DON’T LIKE HIM!!!!!” =P THAT seems to be what this is about, to me. =P Heh. =P

  • SheltieJim

    Wow! What a well thought out, well articulated comment. I’m sure you’ve persuaded many people with your intricate attention to detail and logic.

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